Prominent features of the LG G6 

When LG revealed its latest smartphone called the G6, a range of new features came into the limelight. Some of these features include a bold new display format that is fully complimented by a screen to body ratio that is nothing short of exceptional, a great cinematic viewing experience and a wide angle camera. The story behind the phone goes that it was designed as a direct response to customer feedback and solid opinions of users who wanted a basic premium smartphone with added features like a screen that is big enough for easy viewing yet that can fit in one hand.

The 5.7-inch screen is topped with QHD+ resolution,  a FullVision display and the first of its kind for a smartphone, an aspect ratio 18:9. This format offers a much larger viewing area and an in depth viewer experience for playing games and streaming and watching videos.

For gamers, this phone has content for a retail value of $200 for six games that include Spider Man unlimited, Temple Run 2, Sim City BuildIt, Genie and Gems, Crossy Road and Cookie Jam, all of which are free of cost as a part of the package. The ease of using the phone with a single hand has further made the gaming avenues of this phone very exciting.

A smartphone that is easy to hold and has a large screen is no doubt bound to be a hit, and that is what the LG G6 focused on. The phone has managed to give users an experience of a big phone without the cumbersome problem of it not fitting comfortably in one hand.

The LG G6 comes in three color variants that include white, platinum and black and is made of aluminum and glass sculpted into a sleek design. A solid look is provided with the help of a metal frame that wraps snugly around the sides while a soft matte finish further elevates the look.

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