• Have you ever thought of how your life would be without your cell phone? These days cell phones have become a significant part of our lives. These smartphones come in handy, from making calls to listening to music and carrying on with your work. But buying a new smartphone can be tricky as there are many brands and options to choose from. Listed below are five of the best cell phones you can consider buying: 

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    This cell phone is one of the smartest, sleek, and stylish devices. This cell phone is the first Galaxy S with a built-in S pen, and its 6.8-inch display is the best-in-class. It features the fastest processor ever and a nightography camera that is the most advanced camera system yet. It comes in exclusive, sophisticated, and elegant colors to broaden your choice and amplify its sleek design, such as burgundy, green, phantom black, and phantom white. The good news is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S-Pen are IP68 rated. 

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
    This cell phone offers exceptional performance and may be considered a convenient and practical cell phone. Its 120 Hz display and longer battery life are some of the reasons that make it an ideal choice. Its advanced sensors and a new photographic style feature make its camera the most advanced and improved. The new macro mode of the camera also allows you to shoot amazing close-ups.

    Apple iPhone 13
    This phone has a bright 6.1-inch OLED display. It features best-in-class cameras that offer excellent picture and video quality. Its brilliant display and longer battery life are the other reasons that may lead you to decide to buy this cell phone. Its availability in multiple colors such as blue, green, starlight, red, pink, and midnight enhances its versatility. It has 128GB of internal storage and is compatible with all 5G networks. 

    Google Pixel 6
    It is one of the best cell phones for that ultimate and ideal Android experience. The most significant advantage is that this cell phone is powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, which makes it lean into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for something new and advanced. It has a 6.4-inch OLED display and comes with fabulous photo-editing features and powerful cameras. Its sleek and intriguing design is a bonus. It comes in bold color choices such as green, black, and two-tone red. 

    Samsung Galaxy A 53
    This is a cost-effective phone for all Android fans. It has an incredible 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and offers remarkable software support. This smartphone is available in multiple colors for versatile choices such as white, black, blue, and peach. Its screen resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels and comes with Corning Gorilla glass for the ultimate screen protection. The battery type is Li-ion, with a capacity of 5000 mAh. This phone’s storage capacity is also high, with 128 GB of built-in storage; plus, there is room for more, up to 1TB.

    Buying a cell phone is tricky and can be difficult as there are multiple factors to consider, such as budget, features, etc. This post has explored the five best cell phones in the market. Compare the features of your preferred cell phones and choose one that best suits your requirements. 

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  • Computers have evolved from being ugly grey boxes to colorful all-in-one systems that are capable of multitasking. And today, there are several top brands that manufacture desktop computers keeping in mind the end user. However, with a plethora of options comes the added pressure of shopping, especially when you have a tight budget. This Black Friday sale, shop for new or refurbished computers and enjoy discounts ahead of the holiday shopping weekend.

    Dell desktops
    Dell is one of the leading brands when it comes to desktop PCs. This Black Friday sale, avail the best of discounts and promos on the latest Inspiron 5000 series. The All-in-one series is also one of the better compact desktop PCs, ideal for work and leisure. Get up to $150 discount on the Inspiron 5000 series. If you prefer a more powerful configuration, the latest computer in the Inspiron series features 256GB storage and a minimum 8GB RAM powered by the 10th generation for just $849. Alternatively, you can buy the Dell OptiPlex Micro desktop and get up to $500 off on this deal. Isn’t it the perfect upgrade to your workstation?

    HP desktops
    The HP EliteOne 800 G2 desktop computer is another alternative you can consider during the Black Friday sale. Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM available at your disposal, the all-in-one desktop computer is a real space saver due to its design. Despite having a compact design, the desktop PC is designed to handle all the performance tasks without the core overheating. You can save up to $420 on a refurbished perfectly working computer assembly and save yourself a ton of money. Another grade A refurbished HP desktop you can buy this shopping season is the EliteDesk 800 G1 series available for a massive discount of $300.

    MSI desktops
    If you are looking for a desktop with basic configuration, MSI is a better choice over other brands. The company’s flagship Cube N 8GL is powered by an Intel Celeron N4000 processor running 1.1GHz with 4GB RAM to spare for computing tasks. For storage, you can either buy the 64GB SSD version or a high capacity 64GB SSD+500GB HDD version. Starting at just $189 for the base configuration, MSI’s Cube can be plugged into any existing display setup.

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  • With all the festivities in full swing, the sale season is finally here. This is officially the best time to make the most of a number of retail deals. While there are exciting deals on all home appliances, we have our eyes on the Black Friday TV deals. Which one to pick from a pool of so many, you ask? Fret not, we’ve done the groundwork for you. Here’s a list of some TV models that you can snag as Black Friday 2020 deals.

    LG CX 55-Inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV
    Fancy electronic toys? It’s the best time of the year to upgrade home appliances. This impressive 55-inch TV can be all yours at just $1,499.99.

    LG UN7000 65-Inch 4K TV
    If you’re not ready to settle for anything less than a 4K TV, then this 65-inch LG TV is available at $499. This is the best medium-ranged TV in the market, with the original price being $549.

    Samsung 82-Inch QLED Smart 4K TV
    Are you a fan of big screens? Avail flat $600 off on this 82-inch 4K TV. We say, it’s a sweet deal at just $1,399 for a screen as big as 82 inches.

    Samsung 43-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV
    Are you on a budget, yet want a feature-laden 4K TV? Then avail the best offer of $279.99 on this 7-series 43-inch Ultra HD TV by Samsung. This TV can be the perfect adornment for a bedroom or formal living area. It supports many streaming platforms, so you don’t have to look at additional options.

    TCL 65-Inch Class 8-Series 4K QLED TV
    This smart TV with Dolby Vision is priced at $1,299, slashed from $1,999. If you’re someone who likes viewing things on a bigger screen, then this 65-inch TV can be a perfect fit for you.

    Insignia 24-Inch Fire TV
    Originally priced at $149, you can bring this Fire TV home for just $79. You can stream your favorite shows on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Prime Video, and do so much more, on this TV. Now there can’t be a better deal on TVs than this.

    Toshiba 50-Inch Fire TV
    If you’re wishing to bring home a bigger screen, then this is a pretty decent deal, which you can snag at $279. It’s originally priced at $379; that’s a flat $100 off on this 50-inch screen.

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  • The Black Friday sale season is the best time of the year to shop for electronics and appliances. With such heavy discounts, one would be a fool to pass up the opportunity. Considering the price slash and lucrative deals on electronics, the Black Friday sale is an opportune time to purchase a laptop. To help you, here are some things to consider while perusing the Black Friday laptop deals.

    • Compare deals

    The price tag is one of the first few things to check while buying a laptop. However, while browsing through Black Friday laptop deals, one tends to focus more on the discount rather than the pricing. Therefore, to avoid being misled by lucrative deals, check the price of the laptop you intend to buy, both offline and online. This way, you ensure that you get the best deal on the laptop.

    • Look beyond the prices

    Don’t rush your purchase process simply because you spotted a website with unbeatable Black Friday laptop deals. However, there are things beyond the price tag that deserve serious consideration. Before you make the final decision, ensure that you have checked the make, model, hardware, and the possible upgrades of the laptop you intend to buy.

    • Research laptop brands

    One often forgets the brand of the device as Black Friday laptop deals provide a wide array of options to select from. Some of these brands are renowned, and others are not. In one’s bid to save on the purchase, it is possible that they would consider buying a laptop from an unknown brand. However, one needs to research the brand, look for the brand’s ratings and reviews before finalizing on the laptop.

    • Check for warranty of refurbished goods

    A rabbit hole many fall down during the sale season is considering refurbished goods. No one is saying that you should not get a new refurbished laptop from Black Friday laptop deals. However, it is recommended that one should go for this option after considerable thought. One should avoid it, if possible, and, if not, opt for a laptop with a warranty. A good warranty will protect you against any sudden repair expenditure.

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  • Black Friday may still be a few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped brands from offering early deals on all kinds of products. A few of these offers, especially the ones on laptops, caught our attention, and you should check them out if you’re in the hunt for a new lappy. Below, we’ve summarised the best early Black Friday deals we could find.

    Lenovo Yoga C940 (14-inch)

    This super intuitive laptop is right now being sold at a discounted price of $1199. Powered by the 10th-gen Intel Core i7 processor, which is based on Ice Lake architecture, the C940 performs reasonably well even under heavy load and has excellent graphics to go with it.

    Given that it’s an Intel Project Athena device, the system is extremely responsive and might make you wonder whether it’s a laptop or smartphone. Like every other Lenovo product, the C940 also boasts substantial battery life that can last for more than 11 hours on heavy streaming.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7

    If you’re after a robust and dependable model on a budget, the Pro 7 is the one to go for. The Microsoft product is being sold at a discount of more than $250 from its original price ($959).

    There are many reasons why the device makes sense for most types of users on the technical front. It runs on Intel’s 10-nanometer (nm) processor, which processes tasks much quicker and works seamlessly on HD.

    Dell XPS 13

    Even though it’s been more than a year since it came out, the XPS 13 still stands strong as one of the best-selling laptops out there. The popularity is more than justified as it gives you robust performance and has a steady look.

    It runs on the 8th-generation series of Intel processors, which are super fast and extremely effective at the same time. Right now, the laptop is selling at $999.

    Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

    The Plus V2 is a complete package that combines power, performance, and durability. You can buy it at a discounted price of $487, which is quite reasonable given what you’re getting.

    The Intel Core M3 processor and 4GB of RAM are standout features that are hard to find on other Chromebooks. The full HD 12.2-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 is perfect for streaming movies and videos.

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  • After Apple announced the launch of the new iPhone 12 smartphones, Apple users cannot wait to get their hands on it. While all the lastest models, namely iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Max, have something unique that they bring to the table, they also have a lot of similarities. Aside from some specific features, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are almost identical.

    Let us look at some similarities between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

    • Color
      The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will be available in five colors, namely blue, green, black, white, and red.
    • Water resistance
      Both models of the iPhone 12 have a water and dust resistance rating of IP68, which is known to be the highest in the industry.
    • 5G connectivity
      All the iPhone models that are set to be launched this year are built to support 5G coverage worldwide. The devices sold will also support mmWave 5G, which is the fastest 5G technology out there. However, this may not be available globally.
    • Display
      Both models of the iPhone 12 will feature Super Retina XDR OLED displays with smaller bezels and a larger edge-to-edge display. The displays for both these phones will offer the Face ID notch in the display and impressive resolution to provide a vivid and ambient display.
    • Design
      Apple has also decided to bring back the flat-edged displays this year, similar to those seen in the iPad Pro.The iPhone’s front screen is made with a new Ceramic Shield cover to replace the standard cover glass. This addition makes it more durable and sturdy to use.
    • A14 Bionic
      This year, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are both installed with the new A14 Bionic chip, which is known to be the first of its kind to be built on a 5-nanometer process. It has the fastest CPU and GPU, with speed 50 times faster than other leading chips in the market. This chip includes a 16-core Neural Engine that increases the performance by 80 percent in machine-learning tasks.
    • Camera
      The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are both installed with an advanced, dual-lens camera system that is said to perform better than the iPhone 11 cameras in low-light conditions.
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  • Apple just dropped the release date for the latest and absolutely stellar iPhone 12. But that’s not all. With this model, they’ve managed to discount all their older models. Here’s how the not-so-latest iPhone 11 compares with the new flagship iPhone 12.

    The iPhone 12 comes with 5G connectivity
    All hail the new iPhone 12 that has managed to reign in a new era with style. The iPhone 12 comes with 5G connectivity while the 2019 iPhone 11 works on 4G LTE cellular.. 5G connectivity in the iPhone 12 base model and variants will ensure that you experience improved speeds, faster downloads, easy browsing, and a whole lot more. Not to mention, the most iconic feature is that you can access 5G connectivity worldwide, not just in the US.

    The iPhone 12 has better video recording
    The iPhone 12 comes with major upgrades on the in-built camera like the Dolby Vision HDR video recording up to 30 fps. The camera specifications for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 largely remain the same. Both have the same Ultra Wide and Wide camera lenses, except that the Ultra Wide camera on the iPhone 12 comes with lens correction.

    The iPhone 12 comes with a Super Retina XDR display

    Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 have a 6.1 inch (diagonal) display, but the iPhone 12 has a greater resolution that allows the user a much better viewing experience compared to that of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 comes with a Super Retina XDR display whereas the iPhone 11 comes with a Liquid Retina display. The iPhone 12 has a resolution of 2532×1170-pixel resolution at 460 ppi whereas the iPhone 11 has a resolution of 1792×828‑pixel resolution at 326 ppi.

    The iPhone 11 now has the fastest processor chip

    The iPhone 11 has an A13 Bionic chip and a third‑generation Neural Engine. The iPhone 12 has an A14 Bionic chip and a next‑generation Neural Engine. This A14 Bionic chip is a step ahead of the competition. It is the first chip in the smartphone industry that is built on a 5-nanometer processor. It is the fastest processor chip in the market right now.

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  • iPhone users from around the world were overwhelmed at Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event on October 13. And who can blame them? Everyone was eagerly waiting for the iPhone 12 line-up for long. The event featured Apple’s best and latest innovation, the iPhone 12 series, the HomePod Mini, cool new cases that snap right on, thanks to MagSafe magnets blended inside the latest iPhone 12 line-up, and a leather wallet.

    Many might still wonder whether the new iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G is a worthy upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ve put together a comparison to help you understand why it’s worth the buy.

    The new display

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with the all-new Ceramic Shield display over the Gorilla Glass on its predecessor. The screen is infused with nano-ceramic crystals to improve toughness and drop performance by 4x. It also features a 6.7-inch display as compared to the 6.5-inch display on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    The chipset

    Apple tends to introduce new chipsets with each of their new smartphone lines, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not disappoint. It features a new A14 Bionic (5 nm) chipset as compared to the older A13 Bionic (7 nm) chipset. If you’re into heavy gaming, video editing, or such, the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is a perfect buy.

    The network

    The latest iPhone 12 Pro Max has 5G built-in functionality, while the older iPhone 11 Pro Max is only 4G capable. The new line-up is built for the intense future of high-speed uploads and downloads.

    The camera

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max features a 2.5x optical zoom, sensor-shift OIS, an ƒ/1.6 wide-angle lens aperture, a groundbreaking LiDAR scanner that enables night mode portraits, and Dolby Vision video. The bumped up camera setup from the predecessor iPhone perfectly syncs with the photographer in you.


    The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a bigger battery that renders 20 hours of video playback, 12 hours of video streaming, and 80 hours of audio playback.

    Now that you know the treats you’re in for, you can pick one of the three variants of the elegant iPhone 12 Pro Max: 128GB for $1,099, 256GB for $1,199, and 512GB for $1,399. It comes in eye-catching graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue colors, and pre-order goes live on November 6.

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  • Apple’s much anticipated October event was indeed worth waiting for. With its newly launched iPhones, this hugely popular phone manufacturer has notched up its game to another level. One model that stands out the most is the new iPhone 12 Pro 5G. However, this isn’t the first Pro phone from Apple. The iPhone 11 Pro was launched last year, and many will be wondering if it’s worth buying the new one. Here’s a brief comparison to help you decide.

    Display and design

    The design of the iPhone 12 Pro is different and somewhat leans toward iPhone 4 in terms of looks. Its screen size is 6.1 inches as compared with the 5.8-inch screen of iPhone 11 Pro. But the sharpness and picture clarity is identical in both the phones. iPhone 12 Pro, apart from having a stainless steel frame as iPhone 11 Pro, has a new ceramic guard glass.

    Processor and battery

    The iPhone 11 Pro has an Apple A13 Bionic processor, which isn’t slow whatsoever and works flawlessly. The new iPhone 12 Pro, on the other hand, has an A14 processor, which is perhaps the fastest of its generation. It was last seen in iPad Air 4 and works at lightning speed. According to the Apple website, iPhone 12 Pro will have up to 17 hours of video playback compared with 18 hours of video playback of 11 Pro. This can only be tested once the phone is out in the market.


    The iPhone 11 Pro set a new standard when it debuted with three 12-megapixel cameras. Now, the iPhone 12 Pro weaves a whole new story. It has the same triple cameras, but this one is armed with 4x optical zoom, Dolby Vision HDR video recording, which can go up to 60 fps, and a LiDar Scanner for night-mode portraits. This feature will autofocus much quickly in low light and ideal for people who are into phone photography.


    iPhones are generally fast, and both iPhone 11 Pro and 12 Pro run on iOS 14. Tons of new features have come up with the software upgrade on both phones, including Face-ID, artificial intelligence, Animojis, and Memojis. However, the main thing that makes iPhone 12 Pro stand out is its 5G connectivity.

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  • Apple has finally launched the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, to much fanfare, and they are phenomenal. Each one of these phones contains brilliant features that will enable you to make almost all aspects of your life easier. In case you’re wondering about the similarities between the 12 Pro and Pro Max, this article lists them briefly for you to be better informed about the launches.

    Superfast 5G: Both iPhone Pro models are equipped with superfast 5G to provide you with an authentic Apple experience. You can now browse videos, upload, or download data, and play games at great speeds. They feature Smart Data mode, which allows users to manage their battery levels and carefully analyzes your 5G needs to balance your data speed and usage in real time.

    Pro camera and realistic AR: The iPhone 12 Pro devices are equipped with a high-quality camera that is powered by an image signal processor (ISP) and enhanced by the A14 Bionic chip so that you can shoot cinema-level videos and take high-resolution pictures every day, on the go. They also consist of a feature called ProRAW that allows you to have an enormous amount of control over editing the snapshots. The LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 12 Pro devices provide you with a more realistic AR experience.

    A14 Bionic chip and OS: Both devices are powered by an ultra-efficient A14 Bionic chip. It speeds up the functioning of the device as well as provides you with high-quality gaming, photography, and overall experience. It drastically enhances performance, making both these models efficient and powerful. The latest iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are also equipped with the newest iOS.

    Design and display: Both these devices are designed by putting together premium quality materials. Their gorgeous look can be attributed to a highly durable Ceramic Shield front cover and a sleek precision-milled matte glass back cover. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are resistant to water even when submerged for up to 30 minutes and up to a depth of 6 meters.

    Adaptable to innovative accessories: The iPhone 12 Pro models are adaptable to the MagSafe series that allows you to seamlessly charge your phone as you take on the world. The easy-to-attach accessories beautifully complement the phones and use magnets around the wireless charging coil to ensure alignment.

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