Two different types of carpet cleaning services 

Hardwood floors have become a rage these days, but carpets will never go out of style for most households, as they introduce a sense of comfort and elegance in a space. To maintain this interior charm, carpet cleaning is essential, so that the dirt and dust are always at bay. It will also help you to evade specific kinds of health problems. Although cleaning carpet is not an easy task, especially when you got kids around. In such situations, carpet cleaning services are your best bet.

Which carpet cleaning service to choose?
Carpet cleaning services not only ensure clean carpets but with the right cleaning agents they prevent any wear and tear to the material. Based on the services chosen, these services save time, effort and money as well. 

There are two primary types of cleaning services mentioned below. Understanding your choices will help you make the best pick. So consider the type of your carpets, budget, time constraints and other additional preferences before making a final call.

  • Dry carpet cleaning services
    Also known as low moisture cleaning service, it is suitable for materials that should not be soaked in water and also for people who need a carpet cleaned quickly. This involves the encapsulation method, where in the dirt, bugs, spills and microbial matter gets encapsulated. A dry foam is worked into the fibers of the carpet and once cleaned, the carpets are vacuumed after drying for a couple of hours.
  • Steam extraction cleaning services
    This is suitable for carpets that have been highly used and even soiled. Controlled pressure, gentle effective cleaning agents and hot water is used in this method. This type of carpet cleaning services removes bacteria and dirt that is deeply rooted. This method is the most recommended by carpet manufacturers.

You can also find many carpet cleaning services that use eco-friendly methods. This could be especially useful if you happen to have any kind allergies.