Top American football equipment providers

American football is one of the most played games and is also considered as their favorite pastime. The sport is not limited to an age group, as it is played by the kids to the grown adults as well as slightly older adults. The game is of utmost value even in the professional field and has a massive fan following. The super bowl, which is the final game between the winners of AFC and NFC, is one of the most awaited games of the season in all of America. However, the safety of this game on a local level is a causing concern as there have been some fatal injuries in the past few years. The professional level, however, is well equipped with the safety gear for the player. Let us look at some top American football equipment providers.

  • Adidas
    Founded in 1924, Adidas has made more than a name for itself by becoming one of the premium sponsors for sports equipment required for American football. They are a German company and manufacture sports goods under the brand names like Adidas, Reebok, and Taylormade-Adidas.
  • Amer Sports
    Amer Sports is a sporting goods company that has been around for a while, providing equipment to a variety of sports. The sporting goods company includes brands like Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Mavic, Suunto, and Precor. The company’s goal is to make equipment that helps in improving the performance as well as double the enjoyment of the sport.
  • Schutt Sports
    Schutt is a sports goods company that majors in sporting good for American football. It is based in Litchfield, Illinois. They believe in the safety of the players and that has been their primary goal in the manufacturing of the products. Schutt’s ION 4D, vengeance, AIR XP, and DNA football helmets are the only helmets that have a TPU cushioning, which is the same material that has been used by the US armed forces for the fighter pilot and paratrooper helmets.
  • Douglas Sports
    Douglas sports was a small sporting goods manufacturer that has grown over time, it is a family owned and operated business in Eldridge, Lowa. They first started with industrial fabrics and then moved onto sports goods. They have been involved in a significant amount of high profile projects across the nation and the world.