Top 5 free international conference calling services

Development in technology has brought us all closer than ever. We can stay connected every single minute, irrespective of where we are located. This luxury brought about several services and networks all of whom have been competing to bring to us the best possible services including fast, cheap and strong connections. The best of this came about with the introduction of VoIP (voice over internet protocol). With VoIP came the era of free calling. This is the ultimate boon. However, this does not exactly mean free calling. The person needs to have an active internet connection. Once established, you can seamlessly connect to the person on the other end. Due to this, there are businesses developed depending on communicating with international clients. This was only possible because of the internet. Conference calls are not just used by businesses. They are also used by people to connect with many at once. There are tons of apps out there which allow you to make free calls.

The best of them are listed below.

1. Google+ Hangouts
Who does not have a Gmail account today? After that, it is just one simple step to get your hangouts started. This is really easy to setup and really fast too. The connection is excellent with several audio and video features that have to be enabled to establish a call. The call can be made from the chat itself. More people can be added to the call through the email id. It is one of the most used conferencing services.

2. Skype
This is an app set up purely for video conferencing. It also allows you to make phone calls over the internet. Skype is available in most of the systems or can be downloaded from the play store. It is a free service. To enable this service, you are required to create a skype ID. Through this id, you can add others through their id. The Skype service is used by business organizations. They use it to conduct long-distance interviews or meetings. It also allows you to easily add more people while on a conference.

3. Free Conference Calling
This is a cleverly named service that allows you to make free calls nationally or internationally. Once you create an account, you can make calls to over 57 countries. They have features that record the call. They develop statistics based on how the call went, active participants and the members on the call. The best feature is that it allows a conference with a 1000 people.

4. Openvoice
Open voice allows you to connect with 500 people on the call. It is also known for its statistics and features like making calls to a specific group of people. Open voice allows toll-free calling to international numbers and has a free call recording feature. The advantage of this app is that it has an app. Once downloaded, you can make conference calls on the go.

5. FreeBridge
It is a conference call service that allows you to make around 100 connections in the conference. It is more popularly used by major conferences in their business activities. It is commonly used to conduct board meetings, sales, and interviews.

They allow you to save money and time. Business processes take place faster as information is communicated hassle free via FreeBridge.