Popular Products Offered by Levis

Levi Strauss & Co. is the clothing company that is famous for its denim jeans products. This brand was established in 1853 by a German immigrant, Levi Strauss. The headquarter of this company is located in San Francisco. Levi’s company brought an era of blue jeans with its casual look and comfortable fit. Now, Levis is one of the most popular brand names in the clothing industry. You can also find different types of offers and deals at Levi’s stores around the year. These products are treasured by kids, men, and women. Some of Levi’s jeans that are utilized by everyone are described below:

  • 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans
    These slim fit jeans are that product which will always be in fashion trends. This product is utilized by men and it will give you option of thirty-three colors. The material of these jeans is 99% cotton and 1% of elastane. That’s why these jeans are stretchable so that you can move easily while wearing it. It has a closure of zipping with a button at the top. It comes with the styling of five pockets. The option of the narrow leg also contributes in great styling.
  • Wedgie Fit Skinny Jeans
    These jeans are the boldest jeans for any women to wear. This product comes with a straight leg look. These jeans are inspired by the vintage jeans of Levi’s and are made in a way that they will properly fit at your waist and hips. The material utilized to make these jeans are 93% of cotton, 5% of polyester and 2% of elastane. The denim used is a low stretch one. These Levis jeans also come with a styling of five pockets and button. These jeans are made in three color shades.
  • Toddler Girls 710 Jet Set Jeans
    These super soft and skinny jeans are specially made for toddler girls. These jeans are made with ultra-soft and stretchable sateen that makes it the most amazing fit for toddlers and they enjoy their whole day without any complaints while wearing these jeans. These comfortable jeans have three materials utilized for their production and those are 62% of cotton, 36% of viscose, and 2% of elastane. These jeans come in one pretty color and that is pink which is the most loved color by girls. There is also five pocket styling and a loop for the belt.

These are a few Levis products that are cherished by all generations.

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