Pet friendly indoor plants

Indoor plants don’t just make your house look beautiful but also make the environment peaceful. There are many reasons for that. Plants are known to spread positivity in the space they are in. That is the beauty of nature, to immediately create a happy and peaceful environment.

Plants help you relax. Some plants and their flowers stimulate the release of adrenaline in you as you see them and that increases your energy levels and help you relax. They are also natural humidifier, and have healing powers. They absorb 90% of the toxins in a room and hence minimize allergies. Studies have also revealed that plants help with concentration and decrease stress.

Now there are plenty of reasons to have plants in your home. However, if you have pets and more often than not you leave them at home by themselves, you are probably worried about the toxic leaves and fruits some plants have. Below are some plants you can have in your house to without worrying about their toxic effects on pets. Some of these plants are not only pet-friendly, but also detoxify the air in your home.

Areca Palm
Removes toluene and xylene from the air and purifies air over all. Asthma patients can have it in their homes as it can be a great help for them.

Money Plant
Great for polluted cities exposed to smog. Good for people who have lung conditions.

Spider Plant
There are many health benefits associated with spider plant. They clear out the carbon monoxide from the air by absorbing it. Also pet friendly.

Bamboo Palm
Also helps remove xylene and toluene from air and acts as a natural humidifier. Great for people living in cities with pollution.

Phalaenopsis Orchid
One of the most common orchids are know to be animal friendly. However, be careful if you pet loves to chew the potting mix as it usually contains a large amount of bark.

Friendship Plant
Scientifically called Pilea Involucrata. They have very unique and attractive leaves even to animals. If your pets are drawn to this plant, you do not have to worry about them getting harmed.

These are easy to grow plants and require minimum maintenance. They are medium sized with colorful foliage. Interestingly, leaves close at night like hands folded in prayer. Hence, they are also called Prayer Plant. And animal friendly.

Plants that you can avoid if you have pets at home are:
Anthurium; Calla Lily; Chinese Evergreen; English Ivy; Philodendron; Schefflera; Dieffenbachia; Oleander; Spathiphyllum. You can look up more plants that you can avoid for pets.