Hyundai Ioniq – The best fuel efficient car

Hyundai Ioniq: The most fuel-efficient car

Fuel-efficient cars are the most preferred cars in the USA as they save a lot of money spent on the gasoline as well as in preserving the depleting natural gas resources.  One such fuel-efficient car is the Hyundai Ioniq.

Hyundai Ioniq is a fuel-efficient hybrid car which runs on both gasoline and electric charge. As the car runs on the electric charge, it reduces the consumption of gasoline. The best part of this vehicle is that it is eco-friendly with 0 grams of CO2 emissions.

The hybrid Hyundai Ioniq is full of amenities which makes the vehicle a user-friendly one. The safety features and the ingenious design make this car the best among the hybrid fuel-efficient cars.

The innovative features in this vehicle which include power-and-slide sun roof, heated front seats, 7-inch touch screen color display, Apple Car play audio, Android Auto, a rear-view camera make this vehicle a consumer-friendly vehicle.

This vehicle is cleverly designed using aluminum and high strength advanced steel which makes this hybrid car a light one with rigid body structure. The combination of steel and aluminum makes this possible. The lesser the weight of the vehicle, the more mileage it gives. This car proves to be more fuel efficient than all the other vehicles.

The features of the hybrid car such as automatic energy braking system with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, etc. make this car a user-friendly one. The blind spot detection, smart phone integration, wireless charging, smart cruise control etc. add to the efficiency of the car. The car is designed with a handy holder for a tablet which adds to the comfort of the car.

The aerodynamic design of the car makes it a luxury car. The sleek design and the coupe type exterior make it a beautiful car! The safety features such as hill start assist control, the seven airbags, the rearview camera makes it a user-friendly car. The tire pressure monitoring system which can indicate the individual tire pressure makes this car the most comfortable and easy-to-handle car.