Five things to buy after signing up for a swim class

If you are done reading sundry articles about the amazing benefits of swimming, it is certain that you must be excited about incorporating swimming as a part of your daily routine. Merely enrolling yourself at a swimming club is not enough, you must make a list of all the things you need to pack for making your swim session a success. Let us help you with some essentials that you must have in place before you go for your swim.

No points for guessing indeed, swimwear is the most obvious clothing that you would need. Why it is worth mentioning, however, is so that you know your swim wear meets the guidelines laid down by the pool authorities. Before you go on a shopping spree to buy your perfect pool costume make sure you have checked with the pool on what fabrics and styles they allow. Some pools have reservations about certain swim wear and you wouldn’t want to regret putting all that money on a swimsuit you wouldn’t ever use.

Another obvious necessity, towels are important for you to dry off after your swim. What is important here is that you consider taking more than one towel with you. These come in handy during unforeseen circumstances.

If you do not want to walk around and outside the pool only in your swim wear, buying a robe may be a good idea. Robes also help keep you warm right after your swim.

Swimming Cap
Some pools do not let you enter the water without caps. It is therefore important you buy a cover for your long hair. Caps not only help keep hair intact neatly, they also protect them from potential chlorine/chemical damages.

Goggles may not be an absolute necessity; however, it is a commodity that makes swimming more comfortable. Adding goggles in your swimming kit ensures that your eyes stay protected from the chlorinated water. If you are a newbie in the swimming sector, carry a pair of goggles to avoid any allergic reactions. Nose clip and ear pin is another optional accessory you could use based on your

In addition to the above you may also want to carry a bottle of water to ensure you are hydrated before, during and after your swim. You could add toiletries, flipflops, locks and even snacks depending upon how you would want to go about your swim ritual. Once all these things are in place you are ready to plunge into the pool and let go! Happy Swimming!