Five different types of freezerless refrigerators

A refrigerator with built-in freezer may not be necessary for every household. Freezerless refrigerators are available in different sizes and styles, right from compact to a full size one. Then there are pull out drawer style units as well. They are suitable for dorm rooms, hotels, offices, medical centers, etc.

the following are different types of freezerless refrigerators that you can consider buying for your home or workplace.

  • Compact
    You can go for compact freezerless refrigerators which are small enough to be placed on a countertop. There are larger models available as well which can be used under the counter. Both the varieties can be used in a media room, dorm room or in a small office setting. There are specific models which are designed primarily for home bars to keep wine or beer at the perfect temperature.
  • Chest
    Chest style freezerless refrigerators that open from the top does not lose much air when the door is opened each time and thus are more energy efficient. It is also the best option for houses that lack the space to accommodate a swing out door. These are available with several features to suit any of your storage needs. It is good to know that chest-style refrigerators rely on baskets that can be removed or moved for the smooth and efficient organization of the contents.
  • Full-size
    Full-size freezerless refrigerators are big free standing units. These are incredibly suitable for commercial and household use. You can get them in both double and single door styles.
  • Drawer
    The drawer style units feature pull out drawers and are best for under counter usage. They are available in two and three drawer designs, which allow handy storage of vegetables, meats, and beverages.
  • Glass front
    This one style is mostly seen in restaurants and food stores. The glass front style refrigerator allows you to see what is inside the refrigerator. Thus, you need not open it if you do not need anything from the fridge. This makes the fridge more energy efficient since you are not opening it unnecessarily which is not possible with a regular refrigerator.

Freezerless refrigerators must be chosen based on the layout and size of your own room or office and as per your storage requirements. Choose a refrigerator that goes well with the dcor of your room as well. Set a budget for purchasing the fridge and ensure that you buy something that is just not cost-effective but also of excellent quality.