Factors affecting the cost and installation of mailboxes

A mailbox plays a crucial role in an American household. This small box outside your home is the recipient of all your letters and couriers. So, if the mailbox gets damaged or needs replacement, you need to carefully plan if you should look into a cheap mailbox that is durable as well. Two factors can affect the overall cost; the cost of the product and the method of installation, which is whether you do it yourself or assign a person to do the job for you.

The following factors influence the price of the mailbox.

  • Type of mailbox and its quality
    You can opt for a cheap mailbox that is made of plastic boxes and steel. The pricier types include copper and stainless steel boxes. A few of the hand-painted metal and handmade wood mailboxes are also very expensive.
  • Supplies
    Supplies for the installation of a mailbox mostly constitute the steel post that is set into the ground. For this, you will need a bag of concrete and a wooden post. However, you might have to buy tools like a saw and posthole digger if you do not own one already.
  • Type of post and quality
    If you are looking for an economically priced post, pressure-treated pine is your best choice. Metal posts with wrought-iron designs or good-quality PVC posts are costlier. If money is not a concern, choose a stucco pillar and box or similar builds that can be installed over a steel or wooden post for support.
  • Accessories
    Letters for your name and house number stickers are some of the least priced items you need to purchase while installing a new mailbox.
  • Installation cost
    You will have to pay approximately USD 125 if you are replacing or installing a new mailbox without any outside help. However, seeking help from a handyman can take the cost to around USD 285. When a handyman is hired, the person charges on the average time needed to complete the work. He or she will check how much work is required in terms of the assembly and installation, digging needed, and the distance to your home. You can try to look for retirees who sometimes offer handyman services at lesser prices. Choosing an independent handyman will cost you less as opposed to big handymen service companies; however, the companies provide insurance coverage.
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