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Regular toys for kids are a thing of the past these days where technology has replaced every single aspect of our lives. Today, exclusive kids’ electronics have become very popular in the market, and are being used for both entertainment and learning purposes. They are instrumental in shaping the childhood of kids through an interactive way of gaining knowledge. Some kids’ electronics that are being purchased all over the world include the following products:

  • Kidizoom Camera Pix
    Your children will not ask for your phone for clicking pictures if they get their own specialized camera in the form of this device. VTech has designed it for children aged up to 8 years and works like an ordinary camera where images are stored on a memory card. Other specifications include selfie provision, effects, and zoom. It also includes certain small time games that keep kids glued to this device. This is one of the best kids’ electronics that brings their creative side out.
  • Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar
    The most unique aspect of this product is its caterpillar shape that attracts kids toward it. The caterpillar is composed of multiple parts that need to be arranged in order to move it in a particular direction. It inculcates innovative abilities among kids by allowing them to think and create new patterns and paths. This challenging toy from Fisher-Price is again one of the most sought after kids’ electronics.
  • Touch and Learn Desk
    This comes in the list of comprehensive kids’ electronics since it includes a screen, touch pad, and radio, all designed to provide an interesting learning atmosphere. Kids can learn numbers, alphabets, basic geometry, and other interesting subjects from this desk from VTech while also listening to different tunes and songs that are played side by side. It also comprises of a digital chalkboard that provides the opportunity to doodle and write.
  • Overdrive Starter Kit
    Robotic cars have always been very popular among children and capitalizing on them, Anki has revamped them with a new concept. The Overdrive Kit allows kids to take charge of their cars and control them using phones. To lend a more realistic ambience, the two cars, apart from running on the track, can also attack one another using weapons. This toy comes in a two player mode and AI mode where kids can either compete with their friends or with a computer controlled vehicle. It intends to make kids more competitive and also motivates them to use their brain to launch different attacks.
  • Star Wars BB-8 Droid
    This one is for all the Star Wars enthusiasts and comes in the shape of a droid similar to the one in the super hit movie series. The toy can be moved around the area either through a tablet or on its own using the Patrol mode. Kids can also watch various Star Wars movies on the Sphero Droid where the toy acts as a companion and responds to various incidents in the movie.
  • Dash Robot
    This toy takes the initiative of teaching your child coding at an elementary stage in a fun way. The electronic product from the house of Wonder Workshop incorporates STEM as a learning mechanism and instills basic coding skills in kids. The toy can always be programmed with the help of tutorials which contributes to the learning process altogether. Dash Robot is equipped with puzzles for developing problem solving abilities and also maintaining the interest of children.
  • Kids Tablet
    If your kids are fond of using your tablet, then they will be more than happy to receive one of their own. The Fire 7 Kids Edition Toy introduced by Amazon can be controlled by various locks to limit the exposure of kids to the device. Keeping in mind the rough lifestyle of kids, it has been built with sturdy material so as to maintain durability. Moreover, with a warranty of two years, the tablet can be replaced in case it gets damaged.
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