• The 90’s was one of the most amazing decades when the iconic kids’ toys came into the picture. Popular options like the RUBIK’S cube, silly putty, and some of the most advanced tech including the Tamagotchi surely managed to capture both the parents and their kids’ attention.
    Here is a list of popular kids toys that were a huge success towards the end of the millennium.

    Easy bake oven
    Probably one of the best selling kids toys for little girls. The easy bake oven allowed kids to bake their own cupcakes and it was a perfectly safe toy to gift. Little girls loved to open up their make-believe bakery shop and play for hours pretending to be a pastry chef.

    Many of us have the fondest memories with a slinky, one of the simplest and yet most sought-after toys in the market. At the end of the day, all of us were just playing with a giant compressed string that would roll over down the stairs in a slow irregular motion providing hours of entertainment.

    The Tamagotchi might be one of the most technologically advanced kid’s toys back in the nineties. You could have your very own keychain-sized virtual pet right in your pocket. The Tamagotchi was also very popular among adults back in the day as there was virtually no age limit to have one.

    Silly putty
    One of the messiest and undoubtedly also among the most fun kids toys to have back in the day. The silly putty was nothing more than a pink, stretchy, and malleable clay with a lot of adhesive strength. Named aptly after the concept that influenced the development of this toy, the silly putty was a definite crowd favorite.

    American Girl dolls
    Although Barbie Dolls pretty much managed to capture little girls attention and potentially a large chunk of the market share in the toy manufacturing industry, American Dolls still remain a classic and are better in many ways than Barbie. The franchise has expanded over the years with smartphone apps and games featuring its products. Perhaps one of the most important features making these dolls a crowd favorite is the customization option that allows you to make your very own doll.

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  • Wooden toys are not just meant for any particular generation, rather they have been a part of all generations. No matter how many high-tech toys are available these days, there is something special about wooden toys. They are so simple, sturdy, and traditional that they remind you of those simple days back in your childhood. Here are some of the most popular wooden kids’ toys that your child will surely love-

    Wooden Toys Stacking Train Blocks
    This pull toy is bound to ensure that the child enjoys and learns at the same time. This toy is an example of when learning meets fun. This toy inspires plenty of adventure and fun. This toy usually comes with a train head, two carriages and around twenty blocks that are in different colors and sizes. This keeps the baby interested as his curiosity ignites seeing so many colors and shapes. These toys are bright in colors with non-toxic paint, so it does not harm the kid if in case he puts it in his mouth. Usually, this toy is recommended for kids who are 18 months and above.

    Charlie All-In-1 Kitchen
    This is one of the most popular kids’ toys of all time. Instead of buying different kitchen pieces, this set had all the appliances your child needs to cook whatever their creative minds think about. This wooden set is not only sturdy but stylish as well. It is made from solid oak and fancy nickel hardware. It is recommended for all the little chefs who are three years and above.

    Hape Rock and Ride Kids’ Wooden Rocking Horse
    This is one of the most classic and old-school wooden kids’ toys that never go out of trend. This toy has one of the simplest designs and won’t be eye catchy to the guests if left anywhere in any room. With the back and forth rock and roll, the kid eventually learns coordination skills. This toy is recommended for kids only above 10 months old. Also, the finish of this toy is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your child being around toys that would harm them.

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