• Buying a refrigerator at any price point has become more tricky with so many features that are available. These features help to make the kitchen more organized and easy to find things in the refrigerator. Popular refrigerator brands that one can choose from include LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Kenmore, and GE. There are various models that these brands provide that have amazing features based on the price. Listed below are the five trending features to look for while buying a new refrigerator.

    • Freshness first
      Dual evaporators are needed to maintain higher humidity levels as well as prevent freezer odors from migrating. A refrigerator that contains air purifiers is great in eliminating the bacteria and mole spores. The vacuum-sealed crisper drawers help to keep the food fresh for longer.
    • Through-the-door ice and water dispenser
      This feature is most requested by buyers these days. It is one of the most convenient features as one can drink water many times a day without repeatedly opening the refrigerator door. The popular refrigerators that offer this feature are the GE PFE28KMKES and Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. However, the drawback of this feature is that one has to compromise on the storage space, and, usually, this convenient feature requires the high maintenance.
    • Door-in-door storage access
      One can grab the beverages and condiments that are frequently used without opening the entire door of the refrigerator with this door-in-door storage access feature. This feature also helps to save energy in the long run as the entire door is opened less frequently, thereby reducing one’s electricity cost.
    • Temperature controls
      On the basis of the things kept in, one can vary the temperatures in the different sections of the fridge. For example, the temperature will be set as cooler as compared to the rest of the fridge in a drawer that stores meat, fish, and cold cuts. Some popular models that offer temperature controls are refrigerators like the GE GNS23GMHES 22.7 CU. FT. French-Door and Samsung RF34H9960S4.
    • Better shelves and drawers
      One can now rearrange split shelves to different heights independently and adjust the doors to fit taller items. There are many refrigerators that have deep storage bins that are specifically meant for storing eggs and other dairy items like milk, butter, and cheese. Also, elevator shelves crack up and down without needing it to be unloaded. These features help easily store beverages and condiments of different shapes and sizes. Also, shelf snuggers that are attached to the rack help to keep bottles and jars secure. Pullout bins and shelves make storing items easier.
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  • Refrigerators these days aren’t as simple as they used to be, with limited features and expensive maintenance. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and a plethora of new features available, buying a refrigerator doesn’t get any easier. Popular brands that offer the best refrigerators include Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and GE. Below are the top three refrigerators that are you can buy with no hesitation whatsoever:

    • GE GNS23GMHES 22.7 CU. FT. French-Door Refrigerator
      This GE refrigerator is one of the best French-door refrigerators on a budget. It performs better than most refrigerators that cost twice the amount. It has 22.7 cubic feet of space, which seems enough for most families. Despite being a budget buy, the model doesn’t sacrifice on performance and style. One of the most uncommon features of this refrigerator is that the water dispenser is placed inside the refrigerator. It may not have the high-end features of a luxury refrigerator, but it does beat all budget French door refrigerators with its top performance and stellar looks.
    • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
      This Samsung refrigerator is one of the best-looking refrigerators that provides maximum features as well. The 21.5-inch touchscreen features an assortment of apps that are fun to use. The refrigerator also has a camera inside, where one can easily track expiration of products. The drawback is that one cannot delete any of the apps that are provided and cannot download new ones as well; moreover, it is expensive an expensive purchase but worth the price. It has easy-to-use features that are hard to find in high-end refrigerators. The price of this refrigerator starts from $5,600. It has a four-door flex build that feels like an evolution in refrigerators.
    • GE Profile Series ENERGY STAR 27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator with Hands-Free AutoFill
      It is one of the most popular refrigerators among the three mentioned herein, and it is known to offer the best features like touchscreen panel control, a nifty autofill dispenser that will automatically fill the glass completely without spilling, and a drop-down tray that descends from the bottom of the butter bin. This refrigerator is a classic GE model with the style slate finish. It is a perfect refrigerator for the modern kitchen with no major upgrades. The refrigerator price starts from about $3,000 with a perfect modern aesthetic style. However, the only drawback of this refrigerator is that the interior appears to be a bit cramped, and the in-door shelves are too narrow, and hence, are not of much use.
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  • When it comes to choosing the appropriate appliances for the kitchen, it becomes a tough choice since a range of companies are vouching for their products as being the best. Chef’s Choice appliances are one of the key players in the market which has its unique set of kitchen appliances.

    Professional Electric Food Slicer
    With Chef’s Choice electric food slicer at work, you can rest assured about the best professional experience at home. The die-cast aluminum construction gives the much-needed strength to the food slicer. It also comes with a special button which helps in securing food carriage in a safe lock position. This limits the access to blade when the product is not being used. The professional electric food slicer from Chef’s Choice has a tilted design which ensures fast and rapid slicing. The precision thickness control ensures that slices from deli-thinness to 1″ thickness can be prepared in minimal time. The different parts of the electric food slicer are removable and ensure that it can be cleaned in a shorter time.

    Hot Air Popcorn Maker
    The hot air popcorn maker from Chef’s Choice appliances is another worth buying product. The popcorn maker comes with a backlit power switch which makes it extremely easy and safe to operate. It has a unique head shape which minimizes the escape route of unpopped kernels. In each of its run, the hot air popcorn maker pops up 16 cups of popcorns for each run. It comes with a quiet fan and powerful heating element which ensures a shorter preheat time and a matching pop rate from its first run itself.

    Petite Pie Maker
    The petite pie maker from Chef’s Choice ensures that making a delicious petite pie for guests and others in the family is a relatively easy task to accomplish. It comes with a nonstick coating which always offers healthier baking options. It also comes with a LED indicator light which lets the users know when the unit is ready to bake. It is always easy to create perfectly sized pastries with help of petite pie maker which is a key product from Chef’s Choice appliances.

    The petite pie maker comes with a pie maker, pastry cutter and pastry press which lets making pastries an easy task. The petite pie maker comes with a limited one year warranty that lets the users get it repaired free of cost if any problem arises during the period.

    Cast Iron Indoor Electric Grill
    The heavy-duty cast iron grill plate provides consistent grilling temperatures that ensure that you can always savor grilled food at short notice whenever you desire to have the same. It has been designed in such a manner that it drains away all the excess oil and leaves you with healthier food.

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  • There are many appliances that make housewives’ lives easy. A dishwasher is one such appliance that is used for automatically washing dishes and other utensils. It can rinse and clean dirty dishes almost by itself. While manually washing, we need to load the dirty dishes, add detergent, turn the desired washing cycle, and start it.

    However, a dishwasher would add water up to the desired level, heat the water to the desired temperature, the detergent dispenser would be automatically opened, the hot water with detergent would be sprayed on the dirty dishes, the contaminated water would be drained, another spray of water would be made on the dishes to rinse them, the water would be drained again to empty the dishwasher and then heat the air to dry the dishes.

    While buying a new dishwasher for our household, we need to consider some important factors.

    • We need to look for dishwashers that would be water efficient. They should use optimum amount of water for cleaning maximum amount of dirty dishes.
    • The cleaning cycles offered in the dishwasher must be comprehensive so that we can clean every sort of sticky stains and food particles such as oil, baked food items, dairy products such as butter and cheese, spicy food and so on.
    • We should prefer the dishwashers that would make minimum possible noise while operating. Quieter dishwashers would provide better peace of mind.
    • High-profile dishwashers with Wi-Fi connectivity and special wash zones for more soiled dishes would also be available in the high-price ranges. We can select these models made by brands such as Electrolux, GE Profile, and Bosch if necessary.
    • Dishwashers with adjustable racks should be preferred so that the dishes and other utensils can be loaded systematically. Similarly, additional features such as soil sensor would make the dishwasher quite functioning. Because according to the amount of soil on the load, the sensor would tend to adjust the water level and the cycle time.

    Usually, for better features, we need to go for better models of dishwashers that would cost us more. We can refer to dishwashers’ reviews online to determine the ratings for different makes and models of the dishwashers we want.

    There are online services that test different brands and models of dishwashers for a typical load of soiled dishes. They would observe the entire operation of the dishwasher. Depending on the water consumed, cycle time required and most importantly the result; the clean dishes; they would rate the dishwasher for better performance and efficiency. These reviews would be completely free and fair and would not be published to promote a specific brand.

    It would not be practically possible for every customer to test all available options of the dishwashers in the price range he would be looking for. Reviews would be the best guideline for consumers to make the purchase decision.

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  • We live in a modern world where almost everything that would be required for the household, especially various types of appliances, is available online. Some still prefer to shop for appliances from company showrooms and malls. However, the modern generation prefers online shopping for convenience, price comparison, and variety.

    Earlier, while shopping for any product, people used to rely on word-of-mouth publicity made by satisfied customers. In case of any expert advice required, they used to contact their known, knowledgeable people who would present their honest opinion about the product.

    Now, the word-of-mouth publicity regarding a product is replaced by customer reviews available online. Some customer reviews would be on the page that shows the technical details and usage description of the product. There are some other places where we can find latest and honest reviews regarding a variety of products in the same category. We can refer to dishwashers’ reviews online on forums where diversified customers share their experiences regarding the particular product range. These reviewers would also rate the products according to their personal findings.

    This can be one of the best ways to make the clever purchase decision. It would not be practically possible for a common customer to test all products that would be available in the market. Referring to these customer reviews one can optimize the price and features in a dishwasher and precisely decide the make and model of the dishwasher.

    Most recently published reviews would cover various models made by various brands. These reviews would speak about various parameters in the dishwashers:

    • Arrangement and flexibility of racks and trolley quality for loading soiled dishes.
    • Control provided on the dishwasher for setting the washing cycle and other parameters.
    • Noise made by the dishwasher during operation.
    • Cleaning performance by the particular dishwasher, determining the perfection of the detergent dispenser, water-heating elements, pump, spraying nozzles that spray water on the soiled dishes.
    • The drying operation that would tell about the air heaters deployed for drying the plates after two stages of washing and rinsing.
    • Loading capacity of the dishwasher rack that would indicate the number of soiled dishes and other utensils that can be loaded simultaneously.
    • Regarding the indicators that display the time and other parameters during washing operation that would assist the operator to be ready for taking out the load when the operation would be finished.

    Thus, almost every parameter that an aspirant buyer would look into when buying a new dishwasher would be covered in the review. The aspirant buyer can make the decision regarding the brand and model of the dishwasher according to the requirement and budget.

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  • Electrolux is a brand from Sweden that produces multiple types of home appliances. The company has ventured into numerous lines under different brand names serving the needs of customers all over the world. Sales of Electrolux appliances have increased manifold over the years, and the company has succeeded in occupying a major share in the market, second only to Whirlpool. The slogan, which says “Thinking of You,” matches with the core ideology of the brand that aims to develop products to make the everyday life of customers simple.

    Electrolux appliances are engineered after careful planning and years of market research. The company believes in investing huge sums of money in research activities to boost innovation and creativity. Electrolux appliances for the professional kitchen are created to satisfy the high-end demands of chefs and hotels. Individuals from five-star hotels are contacted to determine what kind of products are required to meet their requirements best. People and institutions have been trusting Electrolux appliances ever since the brand came into being years ago.

    The range of small Electrolux appliances caters to the households in the world, particularly North America and Europe. The vacuum cleaners produced by the brand are said to be favored by domestic users for their easy interface and world-class cleaning results. The concept of Electrolux appliances is brought into existence at the company’s North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina after days or maybe years of hard work. The manufacturing takes place in various plants across the country, such as in Kinston, North Carolina, where dishwashers are crafted or in Anderson, South Carolina where refrigerators are produced.

    If you have any issues with respect to an Electrolux appliance installed at home or in office, feel free to the contact the customer support center where the personnel will be more than happy to solve the problem. The brand sells the products under its brand name and others like Frigidaire, Kelvinator, Eureka, Sanitaire, etc. It also offers discounts and rebates on Electrolux appliances to enhance sales of specific products.

    The Lux vacuum, Model 30 vacuum, W20 washing machine, D10 dishwasher and Tribolite are some of Electrolux’s appliances that have been highly popular in the past. Today, the brand is a prominent seller of kitchen, laundry and vacuum appliances as well as accessories. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a reliable product that looks good and functions well, you will be happy to adorn your house with Electrolux appliances. The company has built up a network of 148 companies to become a household name in 150 countries. It is governed by Swedish laws and regulations, although rules of individual countries also apply. Electrolux appliances have been a hot favorite among industrial as well as domestic consumers in different parts of the world.

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  • A popular style for appliances is stainless steel. For a smooth, stylish look, several individuals are going for the stainless steel appearance in the kitchens. If you have a refrigerator and stove of stainless steel, you do not require purchasing a pristine and pricey dishwasher such that it can complement the additional appliances that you have. As an alternative, you can procure a stainless steel dishwasher cover panel that fits right above the dishwasher that you already have. Purchasing this stainless steel dishwasher accessory will let you have the stainless appearance for just a small bit of the cost of buying a pricey dishwasher.

    Here are the steps required for fitting a stainless steel dishwasher cover panel over a dishwasher that you presently have.

    Step 1
    Pour a minute drop of any gentle dishwashing soap over a moist cloth. Methodically swab the complete dishwasher for getting rid of any spills, stains, or grease.

    Step 2
    Measure the dishwasherheight-wise as well as width-wiseby using a measuring tape. A point to be noted is that you’re going to require 1/2 an inch of additional stainless steel panel on both sides of the dishwasher that you have. You should make use of scissors for cutting the dishwasher cover panel film to match the size of your present dishwasher along with an additional 1 inch.

    Step 3
    Next step is wiping the exterior of the present dishwasher and for this, you make use of a moist sponge. However, you must be certain that you do not make the dishwasher dry.

    Step 4
    Now, you get rid of the dishwasher cover panel film backing. Be careful when you press the dishwasher cover panel film straight onto the dishwasher’s front panel. Making use of your hand, make the film smooth by commencing at the center of the panel, and smoothing out right to the perimeters.

    Step 5
    Next, you proceed with the running of a squeegee starting from the center of the panel film till the outer perimeters for removing any air bubbles. What this does is present the dishwasher with an even look.

    Step 6
    In this step, you put a ruler on any side of your present dishwasher. Bring a straight edge razor into play for cutting the additional 1/2 inch of panel film starting from the perimeter of your dishwasher. Having completed one side, you must do the same thing on the reverse side of your dishwasher.

    Step 7
    Finally, you swab your stainless steel dishwasher by making use of more than a few paper towels.

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  • Earlier, groceries and books were the only things available online. However, given the changing scenario, it would not be surprising indeed if refrigerators also end up being sold online.

    Amazon announced its plans of selling Kenmore appliances online, and it could be a game changer for both the partners. Amazon has been providing its users a great online experience for shopping but has not ventured so far in appliances segment. Kenmore appliances have also closed some showrooms over past few years owing to low sales, and online selling of Kenmore appliances will provide it a great platform.

    The consumer’s reports on online rating have showcased dozens of models which include refrigerators and washing machines as top sellers. One in three homes in the country has Kenmore appliances, and if these could be sold through online platforms like Amazon, it will be a game-changer in the coming days.

    • The working strategy
      This deal between Amazon and Kenmore Appliances was struck a while ago when Amazon began selling Kenmore room air conditioners. These smart air conditioners from Kenmore are available nationwide, and with Amazon jumping on this bandwagon, the Kenmore appliances sales are all set to increase. The program is rolling in such a manner that it will spread across cities with Amazon tapping one town at any given time. This will help Amazon tap Kenmore’s existing distribution network so that issues related to delivery and installation can be taken up in a concerted manner. Whenever any Kenmore appliance is ordered through Amazon, the customer is guided through the delivery and distribution network and the appliances eventually reach the customer safely in a timely order. The pilot program is currently being run in Los Angeles but will soon be rolled out to other cities across the United States in a phased manner.
    • Reliability factor
      One of the reasons for Amazon tying up with Kenmore appliances is the reliability factor. Kenmore as a brand has performed very well in consumer reports and lab tests over the years and many of its models have appeared in the recommended lists when it comes to ratings for refrigerators, washers, dryers and air conditioners. Kenmore also takes help from its survey on customer satisfaction. Its refrigerators and gas appliances are considered to be among the best. The washers, dryers, and vacuums also follow up a close second.

    Partnership with Amazon could prove to be a game changer for Kenmore since the younger generation is very much attuned to online shopping. They want every product and service to be delivered to their doorsteps, and with Kenmore appliances taking this plunge, the future is surely going to be bright.

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  • After a long time, it is common for a dishwasher cover panel to get a dent, crack, or a permanent damage, the front side being the most susceptible. When this takes place, you can replace instead of purchasing a new machine. Replacing any dishwasher accessory requires minimum tools and little skill. It just takes around an hour to finish.

    Given below are the steps involved in replacing a dishwasher cover panel.

    Purchase a pristine cover panel
    The first act on your part is obtaining a pristine front dishwasher cover panel for the dishwasher that you have. In the event of you owning a somewhat recent model/make, you must not have any problem in placing an order for one at any of the hardware stores. In the event of you having an earlier model, there is a likelihood of you running into dilemmas. The simple reason for this is that a great number of stores are not going to have a stock of these. As an alternative, discuss with the maker or play a visit to specialty stores dealing in nothing other than dishwasher parts. You will also be able to find numerous of these on the World Wide Web. You’re, however, going to require being acquainted with model & make of the dishwasher that you have for buying the accurate part.

    Cut off the power
    Ahead of beginning, unplug your dishwasher or toggle the breaker that is responsible for powering it off. This step is a safety measure that you must take as you work on anything that runs on electricity.

    Take the screws away
    After the shutting down of the machine open the dishwasher cover. All along the rim, you’ll notice eight screws. Take these away using your screwdriver and leave them in a ziplock bag for keeping them secure as they will be needed later.

    Take away the front cover panel
    Though it’s easy to remove a dishwasher cover panel, you must be cautious. Place your hand on the front while closing the cover again. Make the dishwasher cover panel steady for ensuring that it doesn’t budge. On it falling off, there’s a possibility of it splitting cables that are attached inside.

    Allow the dishwasher cover panel to gradually lean off the dishwasher as you hold onto it firmly. Subsequently, gradually raise it off and upward from your dishwasher. Be cautious that no wires are trapped in it.

    Set up the pristine door
    The pristine front is going to go in by the use of the door’s bottom rail. You must thrust it in such that it is completely flush. Ensure that no wires are caught up while moving it into position.

    Keep a firm hold of the replacement while opening the dishwasher cover completely. Keep the firm hold while inserting all four corner screws. Once the screws are some way in, release the hold and make the screws tighter. After securing them, insert the additional four screws and make them tight.

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  • Kitchen appliances come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Among the different companies that manufacture kitchen appliances, Crock-Pot is a leader in the market. Below are listed some key Crock-Pot appliances which find their mention in the leading kitchen appliances list.

    • Crock-Pot 4-Quart Cook and Carry Slow Cooker
      The oversized handle in the slow cooker ensures that cooking can be accomplished with ease. It comes with a secure fit lid and has easy-to-use locking that comes with a rubber gasket and offers some additional protection.
      It comes with three heat settings, namely low, high and, warm, which ensure that your food remains warm all the while. It also has a glass lid and is a great option to consider especially for parties and other social gatherings.
    • Crock-Pot 5 in 1 Multi Cooker
      When a mention of Crock-Pot appliances is made, it is imperative to talk about the Crock-Pot 5-in-1 multi cooker. It has five touch settings for a slow cook, roast, bake, steam, and saut and meets different needs of the family. Cooking is an extremely easy task with the 5-in-1 multi cooker as it comes with easy digital readout and various programming functions can be checked with ease.
      It also has a removable non-stick inner pot along with a dual positioning rack that can be used for steaming and roasting. The inner pot is dishwasher safe and has a rack and a glass lid as a protective cover. Do not forget to collect the cookbook, which features details about 30 delicious recipes.
    • Crock-Pot Countdown Digital Slow Cooker
      Organizing mealtime in minimal time becomes fairly easy with this cooker. Crock-Pot’s range of cookers includes this innovative product that helps you manage exact cooking time. Cooking can always be set to a pre-decided time that might vary from 30 minutes to 20 hours on high to low settings.
      This cooker from Crock-Pot is ideal for sauces and warm dips, and you can easily serve up to seven people by cooking in this digital cooker. You can always count down the cooking time with help of the digital timer in this cooker.
      The digital slow cooker has an equally impressive silver stainless-steel food warmer and stainless-steel exterior that is amazingly polished and has a matching plastic handle.
    • Crock-Pot Food Warmer
      The Crock-Pot food warmer readily serves one person and comes with a 20-ounce capacity. It also has a tote-like handle that makes carrying the food warmer a relatively easy task. The food warmer has a white exterior and comes with an elegant red lid and a matching handle.

    Choose from any of the above-listed products and add some worth to your kitchen.

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