• Long ago, there was a rumor that video game console companies will fade in popularity. That they will disappear from the gaming industry. But, to everyone’s surprise, the craze for video game consoles has been increasing day by day. There has been a constant improvement in hardware and software of video game consoles. Most of the popular video game console companies have outsold their products.

    In spite of all the claims, an alternative replacement for video games has not yet come. There are at least five new gaming options that may replace video game consoles. They are:

    • PC gaming: It has always been a strong market. Crossovers between console players and PC gamer are available. They are both different markets.
    • Mobile games: Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the mobile gaming market. Housewives, toddlers, elderly, and youngsters prefer playing games on their mobile phones. However, hardcore gamers are still committed to playing games on video game consoles.
    • Game streaming: With better technology, you can now stream and play games online on a good display. So who needs discs anymore? The answer is simple. The online game streaming is still not very reliable when it comes to new games.
    • Set-top boxes: When big players ventured into set-top box manufacturing, people predicted that it will be the cause of doom of the video game console market. However, the forecast was proved to be false as video game consoles have a separate market for themselves and a large section of the audience still opt for them over other gaming options.
    • Steam machines: It is in the PC form, but the prices are so high that you would rather buy a PC game. Due to high prices, it is failing to attract players to switch from traditional video games consoles to steam machines. Hence, video game console companies get high demand.

    Video game console comparison can’t be made with the above five new arenas of gaming. Video game console industry is unique in its own right.

    Video game console companies: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega, Atari, NEC, and Panasonic are some of the companies that provide best selling gaming consoles. Currently, the eighth generation of video games is available in the market.

    Video games online: There are many online video game stores available now. You can buy video games from Amazon, Flipkart, G2A.com, etc. Video games online can be accessed by connecting the console to a network. Through this connection, you can play with other gamers online. Nintendo’s Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Network; Sony’s PlayStation Network; and Microsoft’s Xbox Live are a few common gaming networks that are currently available in the market. With a single login ID, users can play games using any of three brands’ gaming consoles with cross-connectivity. Although there are still limitations in the services provided, the thrill and excitement of video game consoles continue in the gaming world.

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  • The world’s best gaming consoles have evolved at an alarming rate, and gamers are spoilt for choices. However, what makes the best gaming console are their features which include their processor, the storage, accessible RAM, etc. Apart from these, customers look for other features that include the size of the gaming devices, and it’s compatibility across various games and platforms. Interactive gaming systems are most preferred by gamers.

    There are many exceptions to this rule, and they reign on the following list. As you will see, some of the coolest consoles belong in the yesteryears, making their debut in the 20th century and they are one of the best selling gaming consoles of all times. Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the top ten gaming consoles; some to reminisce and others to invest.

    Nintendo GameBoy

    This console was launched in 1989 and shook the entire world of gaming. It was bulky and slow, yet it’s sweet price point, and battery operated system gave it an edge over its competitors. Some of its most memorable games include Tetris and Pokemon. It has become more of a collector’s item today.

    Sony PlayStation

    Coming into existence in 1995, this was a simple CD operated console. It continues to be hailed as the console that made gaming more mature and living room worthy. The games too came with a maturity and some darker themes which were never before seen.

    Microsoft XBox 360

    This was the console that brought XBox live to the world. It helped to keep alive a gaming community solely through a console. Also, it offered an added feature where one could purchase both old and new games.

    Nintendo Wii

    This best selling game console had some of the most memorable and enjoyable games at the time and gained wide popularity due to its revolutionary feature, i.e., the motion control. It also had a wide range of Super Mario games, which were at the peak of the decade.

    Sega Dreamcast

    Out of all the gaming devices so far, this is definitely the one with a niche following. The Dreamcast console was far ahead of its time, being the first console that offered online access. A distinct feature of this console was memory stick that came along with the gaming device.

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    The Nintendo ES or simply NES was released in 1985 and made a gamer out of every kid at the time because this is the gaming system that debuted Super Mario Bros. It also had other memorable games like The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man.

    Sony PlayStation 2

    This console is one of the best video game consoles of all time, which isn’t a small feat. It was received well and it also paved the way for the revolutionary DVD format of gaming. There are games specifically for the PS2 even today, and you can still buy this game console in the market.

    PlayStation Portable

    By 2004, the seventh generation of video games had taken over. The PSP was Sony’s first competitor than the other handheld gaming devices. It had impressive high-end graphics for a handheld gaming device. Coupled with additional features like TV Tuner and Video Player, this game controller became an all-round entertainment device. This was one of the top gaming devices.

    Nintendo 3DS

    With the wildly successful Pokemon X and Y as its flagship game, this was the handheld to give all others a run for their money. The 3DS came with online gaming options and a range of streaming services. It is still available today even after its prior release.

    XBox One S

    As far as all rounding consoles go, the XBox One S is a cherry on the cake. It is also the most powerful gaming consoles of all times. From pricing to processor speed, and storage, this is a wholesome gaming console. It also plays multimedia files from a range of streaming services like Netflix, all in 4K. It’s slimmer and smaller than all previous versions and boasts Microsoft’s impressive gaming library.

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  • First game console or the first generation gaming console has certain defining characteristics that were later on modified and transformed to have a breakthrough in the genre of gaming consoles.

    If we closely analyze the characteristics and features of the classic video game consoles, we can sum up them as the following:

    • Lack of audio
    • Lines or dots or pieces form the basic features of the objects or questions on the screen
    • Digital gaming logic is completely transistor based
    • Whole diversion playfield involves just a single screen
    • Needed highlights of the second era support, for example, chip rationale, ROM cartridges, flip-screen playfields, sprite-based designs, and multi-shading illustrations
    • Shades of designs are fundamental (for the most part highly contrasting or another dichromatic mix; later diversions may show at least three hues)
    • Amusements were local parts of consoles as opposed to in light of outer or removable media.

    Evolution Of Gaming Consoles

    From the generation of interactive television to digital electronics, original video game consoles have evolved from strength to strengths. Home video games also achieved extensive popularity and success over its launch and this further demanded modification and adjustment to the classic systems of the first home game consoles.

    Video gaming has progressed significantly since the beginning of Mario and Pac-man. We are now able to play moderate amusements of high clarity with 3D illustrations and marvelous intelligence in the solace of our home, underestimating the little and inconspicuous enhancements made to every single console previously getting to be what they are today. As it were, the forceful rivalry between organizations of computer game consoles had produced the better highlights of video gaming than conveying to us the magnificent quality we see today.

    Game Consoles The “IN” Thing Today

    Thus it is clearly evident from the history of the evolution of the old game consoles is quite intriguing. From bulky physical first home game consoles to small microchips of gaming systems, these devices have undergone rapid revision.

    There are reassures that fit any kind of gamer. In this purchasing guide, we separate the essentials of gaming comforts and suggest the best gadget for an assortment of requirements. While there’s no single comfort that checks all the crates, each significant reassure has its points of interest. We’ll enable you to locate the correct support for your circumstance.

    On the off chance that you intend to transform your first home game console into the center of your home theater, we prescribe the Xbox One with its Kinect camera embellishment. Despite the fact that it would glitch now and again, there’s something exceptionally unwinding about returning home following full-time work, taking a seat on the TV and turning it for your Xbox to summon, Xbox on.

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  • Choosing the right video game console might turn out to be quite a task, given the multitude of options available online. Although there are three video game console manufacturers primarily, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Each of these brands has a plethora of models available. It is essential to make a thorough video game console comparison before buying. Check out online reviews and gaming websites to get a fine idea of the pros and cons of the consoles. You may buy video game consoles from video games stores online. Avail the best deals and discounts as well, in accordance with your taste and budget.

    Back to the basics
    While choosing a console, consider the specifications offered by the video game console companies. Check out video game console comparisons online, to get an idea about the best-suited prices.

    Ask yourself basic questions, such as, “Am I a hardcore gamer?” or “Am I looking for a gaming console that my kids will like as much as I will?”. Once you have determined your needs, choose a console with the specs that suit your gaming needs. Look for video games online, and their compatibility with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo video game consoles.

    Video game consoles for a variety of gaming needs
    The leading video game console companies offer a variety of consoles which are suitable for any gamer. It is recommended that you buy the best-suited device which can serve various needs.

    Although, it is not possible to find a single console which checks all the boxes, the most popular consoles usually have their advantages. Check out trusted online video game stores for buying guidelines and console features.

    Gaming and entertainment
    If you want to buy a console for both gaming and entertainment purposes, a multimedia video game console is a perfect choice for you. Choose the Xbox One if you want to convert your new gaming console into your home theatre hub as well. It comes with a Kinect camera accessory and gives you value for money. Go for an upgraded version, Xbox One S for a power-packed performance. This video game console provides the perfect combination of gaming and entertainment. It has 4k capabilities, a wonderful minimalistic design, and an internal power supply.

    Budget consoles
    Today, the video game console industry offers a variety of options to suit gamers’ varying budgets. Check out the pocket-friendly options offered by video game console companies, such as the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.

    Microconsoles are also a good option if your budget is tight. Make a video game console comparison to choose a quality gaming console which will also ensure value for money.

    You can check out detailed specifications in the video game stores online. Place your order and have a gaming console of your choice delivered to your doorstep!

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  • In recent times, purchasing a gaming console has become a great challenge. A host of choices is available in the market which has led to confusion and turmoil. Sometimes, we might have regretted our decisions after the purchase is done. To avoid such blunders, and optimize your research skills, firstly decide on your budget, type of games and features you would want in the gaming console. Also, make a quick comparison between the ones you have shortlisted. Ask your friends or an influencer for a snapshot of the ones they have purchased.
    There are also old game consoles that are still prevalent and can be played. If you are the ones who like to have your hands on the classic video game consoles or you want to expand your console collection, then you can research for them online and make a purchase according to your benefits.
    Apart from these, have a look at the guide below which will enhance your research skills and will lead you to make the right decision.

    A Brief History Of Video Game Consoles

    The first game console that came into sight in the 1950s was a huge computer connected to a display device. Ralph H. Baer formulated the first home game console in 1951. Magnavox envisaged the first home game console, played via a TV set. Classic video game consoles are still available in the market which includes Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990), Sega Master Star (1955) and many others. Super Mario Sunshine, Rogue Leader, Eternal Darkness are some of the popular games that were played in every household back in those times.

    Brown Box,  the brainchild of Ralph H. Baer, is also one of the old game consoles that were created. Brown Box was the first game console which had mode changes. Its success led to an agreement between Magnavox and Sanders Associates.

    PC Versus Console: The Better Gaming Choice

    Whether to buy a PC or a console depends on various factors. The deciding factors are your taste, technical know-how, and budget. If you are looking at quantity, flexibility, and power, PC grabs the most points but if you consider the pricing, consoles win hands down.

    Technically too, consoles are far superior to the PC. The hardware of consoles offered today is easier to work on for developers. Their hardware makes it accessible to play the latest games. With single hardware, the developers make video games adaptable to newer games.

    Factors to Look At While Buying

    Do a detailed comparison of the performance of gaming consoles you want to buy. Check the sound quality, graphics, gamepad quality, blu-ray discs, budget, etc.

    The latest generation and the upcoming consoles, like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, are still worth purchasing. Old game consoles cost half the price of the newer generation. You can play most of the old game consoles through a port or emulation.

    Always buy original video game consoles from reputed stores and also ask for a warranty – both from retailers and wholesalers. You can buy original video game consoles from highly regarded game showrooms or computer shops.

    If you are shopping online, opt for a purchase from reputed online sites. Don’t forget to go through the replacement and refund rules before ordering the consoles.

    Quality of the console is never compromised in the original video game consoles. Check the authenticity and the packaging quality of video game consoles as fake ones are available in the market.

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  • As a gamer, the first thing you look around is a perfect and best quality gaming console. For new gamers, a gaming console or a video game console is an electronic gadget that yields a video signal or simply a visual output signal to show a computer game that at least one gamer can play.

    Types of video game consoles

    • Dedicated consoles
    • Micro-consoles
    • Handheld gaming consoles
    • Home video gaming consoles

    Gaming consoles have retained in the minds of the gamers because of its numerous advantages, and this has given top console games their much-deserved demand. Here are some reasons why gaming consoles have retained their demand.

    • Among true gamers, the PC has quickly turned into the best decision for gaming. An advanced gaming PC will include the best illustrations of any framework, and the entire extent of programming of best-priced video games, from multi-million dollar blockbusters to vanguard non-mainstream tests.
    • Smart PC proprietors will call attention to that the buyer pays off over the long haul, particularly considering PCs are all the more effortlessly upgradable.
    • It’s the most disputable point on the rundown, yet a vital one: consoles interface individualsface to facesuperior to some other gaming framework. Truly, cell phones, gaming CDs, and PCs bring a more noteworthy volume of players together, and both merit acknowledgment for the great gaming systems they’ve collected.
    • The last obstruction for console gaming has been the disgracethat is, the feeling that only high school young men play these console games. As every year passes, an ever-increasing number of individuals feel great admitting to late-night sessions of popular games. What’s more, that solace will probably breed significantly more console gamers.
    • Video gaming consoles are here to stay for the next generation of gaming. Their appeal is never over, and one cannot find a better recipe rather than a properly fitted gaming console that is providing the final breakthrough.
    • The arrival of the PC oriented video games has quite outridden the concept of TV video games. However, the stores still have a huge pile-up of TV games, and likewise, they put up the TV video game price list that suits the gamers. The introduction of gaming consoles has not affected the TV video game price in a much negative way.

    Thus, if you wish to shop video games, firstly choose an appropriate gaming console and look for the best prices on video games. Many offline and online stores are offering the best prices on video games, and gamers can candidly choose the video gaming consoles and accordingly buy video games that ensure consistent quality, social appeal, and simple experience.

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  • Game station consoles are the devices or machines required to play video games. These machines could be either digital or electronic or even computerized. This game console emits a video signal that helps a person play video games. These game station consoles can be of various types such as handheld game consoles, home video game consoles, and dedicated consoles.

    You can get a large number of game console brands who are manufacturing these game station consoles. These various game console brands are developing their products around a standard niche technology but are bringing about recent developments and innovations in the designs of these game consoles.

    History of the video game consoles
    You can get a number of such video games in the market which are created by many game console brands. These video games made their advent in the early 1960s. Since then it has come up with a large number of new innovations and developments in the arena. Some of the noted names in such video games production are Sony, Odyssey, etc.

    These game station consoles had a huge market since its inception. The various parts of the world market did have a huge demand for these game consoles. You can likewise get varieties of such game consoles or game console computers. Some of them are large global brands that have their presence in the world. However, in addition to that, you can also get good products from lesser celebrated products.

    There is also a difference in the game console prices. There is a popular belief that an expensive game station console can offer greater fun and longevity as compared to a cheaper one. This is not true. You can also get equally good products from lesser known brands. You can do a game console comparison before making your purchase.

    The one thing that you must bear in mind while buying a game console is that it must be from an authentic shop or a dealer. Their knowledge of the product is to be given a good amount of importance. The game console reviews shared to you by the dealer or the shop from where you are buying is the first-hand rating and reflects the general reviews for the brand.

    These game consoles come with different types of control panels and remote controls. Some of them have a large number of buttons and joysticks that can be used to play the game. However, if there is any problem in the mechanism of the video game console, then the guarantee and the warranty period and declarations will come handy. This is why you must pay close attention to these aspects as they can be of much help and can provide you with better convenience in the future.

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  • Microsoft launched its first gaming platform, Xbox on November 15, 2001. Microsoft game console was the initial console offered by an American Company. From the time of its first institution until the year 2006, over 24 million units of Microsoft game console were sold. They firmly established as a brand to reckon in consoles.

    Different platforms in Microsoft Xbox series

    • Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox S are different platforms in Microsoft game console.
    • Microsoft Xbox 360 was a successor to Xbox. It was released in 2005 and had two tough competitorsNintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Its software in game consoles has always been unique.
    • Microsoft Xbox 360 is a seventh generation game console. Xbox 360 sale worldwide was around 78.2 million till 2013 and Xbox 360 reviews were positive. Initially, the price of Microsoft Xbox 360 was $399 approximately. Its two configurations were Xbox 360 package and Xbox 360 Core. With the release of Xbox 360, Microsoft consolidated its position in the world of game consoles. Xbox 360 prices have always been reasonable in comparison with its counterparts. Microsoft Xbox 360 was released in 36 countries in one year; no other game console had a huge market as Microsoft Xbox 360.
    • Keep a check on Xbox 360 discounts and Xbox 360 deals. Check out online for Xbox 360 sales; however, read some Xbox 360 reviews before making a purchase.
    • Microsoft Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2013. The Xbox One contemporaries and competitors are Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Xbox One prices are stealing deal after dropping of the compulsory of Kinect peripheral. Kinect Peripheral is a motion-sensing device for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which was launched in 2010 but its usage was discontinued in 2016.
    • Microsoft Xbox One S is the successor of Xbox One that was released in 2016.

    Black Friday sales
    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving which marks the first day of Christmas purchase. Discounts and deals will be opened up for shopping enthusiasts. It is the busiest day for shoppers. You should look for Xbox 360 discounts and Xbox One discounts during Black Friday deals. It is the perfect day for Microsoft to consolidate console market with deals on all its accessories, Xbox consoles, and games. November is the month indeed to look forward. With the Black Friday discounts and inclusion of newest member Xbox One X to Microsoft game console family, it would be a perfect end to the year 2017. Reputed retailers and the digital market will have Xbox 360 deals and Xbox One discounts. Xbox 360 reviews, as well as Xbox One reviews, are very promising.

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  • Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, etc. comprise the best game console brands in the world. While some gamers might have a clear idea of what they want to get, others might not know so. While the process of researching may appear to be overpowering at first, with the correct research, one can select the one that suits their needs best from the best game console brands.

    Gamers concentrate on speed and top of line designs, while easygoing clients are more worried about usability. While assessing the highlights in each brand is essential, certain highlights are critical when buying any game console. Computer game consoles can be acquired at hardware shops, retail establishments, and the game console shop. All these have affected the game system prices and game console reviews. The following features are what some of the best game console brands are offering in their products.

    Motion capturing
    The Xbox 360 offers Kinect, a movement detecting gadget that does not require the client to hold a controller. There is an assortment of recreations that have been intended for an extensive variety of groups of onlookers. The PlayStation 3’s movement catching gadget is called a game station console. The move requires an eye camera and a controller with a ball on it. The Nintendo Wii was the first to offer motion capturing abilities and has drawn a more youthful group of onlookers. Every one of the three computer game consoles’ movement catching highlights is equivalent, so it is difficult to rank one higher than another while comparing game consoles.

    The PlayStation 3 accompanies two alternatives of capacity limit, either 160GB or 250GB. Both capacity limits are substantial to suit a vast library of games. The Nintendo Wii accompanies 512MB of capacity to include more through an SD card. It is critical to recall that Wii consumes up to less room than the other two computer game consoles. The Xbox 360 comfort accompanies 4GB or 250GB, a significant distinction.

    Structure of the games
    A vital thought to consider before buying from one of the best game console brands is the type of computer games that will be played on it. The client will generally play web-based recreations, at that point, an Xbox 360 is suggested. Moreover, party diversions that include numerous players are best played on the Nintendo Wii. The PlayStation 3 is proposed for pretending recreations. While these are just proposals, there are computer games that traverse into all classifications and can be played on each of the three computer game consoles.

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  • Microsoft game consoles are some of the best in the gaming market. These consoles are made with the latest technology and ensure the best gaming experience. Game consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Microsoft Xbox One S are popular for their features and quality.

    Finest specifications
    Microsoft added upgrades such as a built-in Wi-Fi, a smaller chassis and a bigger hard drive to the Xbox 360 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 S. The console had a new hardware structure that eliminated all overheating issues.

    You can check out Xbox 360 reviews online for the pros and cons of the console. Another version of the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 E, is also a good choice for fine control features. You could also look for Xbox 360 E reviews online.

    Its successor, the Microsoft Xbox One S promises smoother control features and a well thought out hardware design. The Xbox One reviews online vouch for the quality of this Microsoft game console.

    Convenient gaming
    Microsoft prioritizes on ensuring convenience in gaming by enhancing the console’s’ user interface and controls. Quality consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 come with the much-needed HDMI connection, but no longer has a multi-AV out port.

    You can buy Microsoft game consoles online. A cable to facilitate a composite connection comes in the box.

    Choose Microsoft game consoles for gaming and entertainment
    The Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One S are top-selling modern consoles. The game libraries are top notch. Microsoft game consoles come with a great collection of fine third-party games which you can also find on the PS3.

    These consoles contain popular games such as Call of Duty, Madden, Grand Theft Auto, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, BioShock and so forth.

    The Xbox One reviews online also speak highly of the quality of the movie watching experience. For a good combination of gaming and entertainment, Microsoft game consoles are a great choice!

    Consoles at great prices available online
    The Xbox One prices usually range from approximately $229 to $399. You can check out the detailed specifications online and avail the Xbox One discounts to suit your budget.

    Check out some great Xbox 360 deals online. Xbox 360 prices ensure good value for money. The refurbished Xbox 360 Elite 500 GB black gaming console comes for $162.89 approximately. The Xbox 360 Pro System with 20 GB Hard Drive is available at a sale price of approximately $109.99.

    Check out websites like TechRadar for Xbox 360 reviews and information on Xbox 360 sales. Look for Xbox 360 discounts and deals that suit your budget and gaming interests. Order online and have quality game consoles delivered to you!

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