• Top four toddler toys for this Christmas

    It’s time to roll as Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all busy preparing for the festive as well as shopping season. We do not want to miss out on the best of the gifts for our family members. So, when it comes to choosing the best toys for babies and toddlers at home, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. Picking the right toy for your toddler this Christmas is not only a tedious task but also takes up a lot of thinking and planning. You cannot just randomly pick any toy, it has to be a special. As you can see that the toy stores would be filled with people looking out for best games and toys for their younger ones, you too should be ready to find the most adorable one. But toddler toys do not only mean stuffed toys, teddies and Barbies. You can be creative and choose something that is useful as a learning toy for your toddler. On the other hand, you can always research a bit more about which baby and toddler toys are the best for your younger ones. Toys for your toddler should be picked as per the age of your younger one. So, if you do not have an idea on which toy to pick this Christmas for your toddler, here are the top four suggestions you can consider.

    Fingerlings – Interactive baby monkey

    If you want your younger one to have an interactive friend, then you should gift this interactive baby monkey. It is available is various colors and responds to motion, sound, and touch by blinking its eyes. It also speaks silly monkey language and tilts its head. Who would not want such an adorable toy? Get this for around $20 from an online store.

    Building blocks – Get the creative geek on!

    Right from LEGO DUPLO to Mega Bloks 123 and Imaginarium Alpha and Numbers Foam Playmat, there are numerous building-block games for your toddler. Christmas is all about gifting and spreading love, and you can do so by gifting a simple game such as building blocks to your younger siblings as well.

    There are traditional building blocks that are made of wood; you can also find the modern creations that come with interesting, interactive learning such as numbers and alphabets. Building blocks can never be out of trend and your toddler would always like to build something or the other. So, now you can choose from a wide range of building-block games and gift it to your toddler this Christmas.

    The Luvabella interactive baby doll

    This doll laughs when you tickle her, and your toddler can also learn a few new words while playing or feeding the doll. Surprisingly, The Luvabella has some of the most life-like features as compared to dolls of its genre.

    Crayola Story by Me

    If you want your younger one to draw or write and enjoy them at the same time, then this gift can be a great pick. Herein, kids can write their own book along with illustrations and cover pages. Once done, the book needs to be mailed back to the publisher and gets a bound book in return. Isn’t that amazing?

    You can buy the toddler toys for Christmas from shopping websites such as amazon.com, toyrus.com, and hamleys.com. You can always compare these toys first online by doing an independent search. If you are not satisfied by the online research, you can choose to go to the toy store and ask for suggestions. Buying a toddler toy for Christmas would depend on multiple factors such as age of your younger one, price, brand, type of toys like board game, building blocks.

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  • The best toys for your toddler

    There is no off season for shopping, and when you are thinking of buying some of the best toys for your younger one, you cannot stop at one toy for sure. We can find numerous toys in the toy store for our babies and toddlers, but we tend to get confused on picking the right one. As there are so many options to choose from, you might want to know which is the right toy for you kid. But did you know that there are toys that are made for specific age group. Toys and games play an integral role in molding the brain and also help in growth and development of the child. So, you do not want to go wrong in buying the right toy for your baby or toddler. Right from learning toys to building blocks and more, toys for babies and toddlers are many. Here’s a list of some of the popular toys that you can pick for your kid depending on his or her age. Read on!

    For kids of six months of age

    In case your kid is six months of age, you can choose from learning letters and words toys to activity toys. There is the Dolce Activity Zebra, which is ready to romp. This savannah dweller plays songs once you pull its tail. Considered as one of the most popular toys for kids of this age, the Dolce Active Zebra can be your first pick.

    Others include Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppy, Lamaze Repeat Petey, to name a few.

    For one year olds

    Kids of this age curious, active and want to learn newer things. At such a time, you would want to give them toys that would interest them as well as contribute to their activity and toddler learning. Choose from Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue, Hape Pound & Tap Bench, Little Tikes Light n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone, to name a few.

    You can find all of these on popular e-shopping websites such as amazon.com. The prices of these toys range between $35 and $55.

    For kids between the age of two and three years

    Children of this age are good at instantly picking up new skills. You would want to give your toddler the right toy at this age so that he/she can play along with learning new things.

    Some of the toys that you can consider buying for your kid aged between two and three years are Playskool New Tickle Me Elmo, Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart, Jada Toys Mickey Transforming Roadster Racer RC, and Hasbro Baby Alive Sweet Tears.

    For kids aged between four to five years

    Now that you have a kid at home who is four or five, be ready to hear about all the interesting toys around. Preschool times are those where kids start developing their first friendships. This is also the time where kids become sharp, have longer attention spans, and indulge in inventive games.

    In case you are looking for some of the best toys for your kid’s next birthday or to fulfill the wish list, here are some of the toys you can consider.

    Pick from FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger, Spin Master Soggy Doggy Board Game, Star Wars Luke Skywalker Landspeeder, WowWee Fingerlings, Spin Master Hatchimals Surprise Puppadee, to name a few.

    Now that you have a list of popular toys to choose from, you can always research about the price, where can you find these, and which comply to the safety guidelines for toys for your kids.

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  • Video games are awesome ways to de-stress after a long day at work. These days, PC games and gaming consoles are not just for teenagers. These are for everyone to enjoy. Here is a list of some of the best videogame accessories in the market right now.

    RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style gaming chair
    One of the much-needed requirements for great gaming is an ergonomically designed gaming chair. Serious gamers sit and play games for hours together, and unless they choose the right chair, gaming is going to cause problems like back pain and neck strain. The Respawn RSP-110 chair comes with a footrest and a reclining back, and a full 360-degree rotation ability. The chair is made of bonded leather and can handle 275 pounds of weight. 

    Logitech Wired Gaming headset
    Irrespective of whether you play on a console or your PC, a gaming headset is one of the best videogame accessories that you should have. A headset will give you the freedom to enjoy the exceptional sound quality that amplifies the gaming experience without having to worry about other people around. The Logitech gaming headset is affordable and offers exceptional sound clarity.

    Beboncool charging station
    If you use a gaming controller, a charging station is one of the most important accessories you should have. Gaming controllers need to be charged multiple times a day if you are an avid gamer. In that case, having a portable charging station with you helps. The Beboncool charging station can charge controllers of PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro.

    LG Ultragear gaming monitor
    A high-resolution monitor is something that elevates the gaming experience to the next level. The LG Ultragear gaming monitor is one of the best videogame accessories you should have with you. The model has a 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate. The TV has a three-sided borderless design and an adjustable stand.

    Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse
    There is a lot of difference between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse. The Razer Mamba wired gaming mouse comes with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, RCB lighting, and nine customizable buttons. This is a very powerful gaming mouse to own. 

    You can invest in all these best video game accessories and improve your gaming skills. You can become a professional gamer by picking up these awesome accessories. 

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  • Popular types of video game accessories that you must know about

    Game consoles and accessories have been around for several decades. A video game accessory is mainly designed for versatile use in several types of games. Accessory and video game controllers are essentially devices that help game enthusiasts interact with the consoles. Most popular games require you to attach an accessory or two to the consoles to make playing possible and the gaming experience fun. Video game players are constantly looking for newer and more advanced video game controllers that are compatible with the consoles. The best thing about a game accessory lately, is that, their designs make them widely compatible with nearly all gaming consoles.

    One of the first video game accessories were very similar to those seen in arcade games. These usually came with a big joystick that had several action buttons on a control board. These game controllers and accessories came into being after several years of experiments with things like pedals, trackballs, paddles, guns, and more. Most of the game accessories have evolved over the past decades into more advanced, user-friendly, and technologically sophisticated devices. Some of the popular types of video gaming controllers and accessory have been listed below:

    • Gamepads
      These are classic controllers that are omnidirectional and are handheld. Most gamepads come with direction control buttons, action buttons, and a joystick. Most of these were initially designed as rectangles before they evolved to have more ergonomic designs. An excellent example of one of the most popular gamepads is a Wii classic controller that has several fantastic and flexible control features. Another popular example of a game accessory is the Wii U gamepad that is best known for incorporating a touchscreen into the device.
    • Joysticks
      This is one of the first video game controller and gaming accessory that was compatible with most gaming consoles. While the original joysticks had a basic control panel, joysticks later incorporated omnidirectional control and other advanced features. Most joysticks are used in flight simulator games and are compatible with most gaming consoles and computers.
    • Steering wheel
      This is a device that is designed to mimic an actual steering wheel. These can either be mounted on a board or are handheld. The latest steering wheels come with motion sensors. This gaming accessory is best suited for racing games.
    • Motion controller
      A motion controller is one of the newest types of game accessory that has now become a significant part of most gaming consoles. These game controllers have a motion-sensing bar that can be attached to the top or in front of your television. The motion controller passes signals wirelessly and conveys relevant information about real-world movements that through a 3D space. What particularly makes this game accessory more interesting is that the characters mimic the player’s actions or changes in real time. Motion controllers are designed to be powered by AA and AAA batteries. Most motion controllers are best suited for fitness and health games, action and combat games, and other creative games.
    • Gun
      Point and shoot games make use of guns that are designed to mimic a toy gun. These toy guns come with a cord that can be connected to a console. A gun is designed to operate in the same manner as a firearm. This video game accessory requires you to point the barrel at the target and pull the trigger. While most guns initially had light sensors to depict a hit, guns now make use of motion sensing capabilities and digital cameras to indicate and register a definite hit.
    • Yolk
      Yolks are almost like steering wheels except the fact that these accessories are not limited to rotational movements. These yokes resemble the ones found on aircrafts and have two axes movements. Yokes support forward, and backward movements as their axes are equivalent to pitch control. These game controllers are especially suited for games that mimic flight simulation.
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  • Top 3 best-buy keyboards for your laptops

    Once one has picked out or built the perfect gaming PC which is the hard part, comes the time to find all the accessories that are needed. You’re running the most graphics-intensive games on the market at 60 frames per second, but you might not enjoy the most of it if your keyboard is clunky, your headset uncomfortable, and your mouse plagued by bad third-party customization software. However, the good news is that quality accessories from low-key manufacturers and even the big-name brands are just a click away. Also, they are available at various online stores like Amazon, Newegg, etc. Easy availability has turned the once research-intensive process of peripheral buying into a relatively quick and cheap exercise. If one has historically been a console player, one might remain a bit oblivious to what brands are worth the investment. Also one needs to know how much one needs to spend and how much can the accessories withstand the wear and tear of countless multi-hour sessions. You need a mouse, keyboard, and headset combo for a game-changing upgrade. So, for anyone who is outfitting a new rig, dusting off an old one, or looking to get back into PC gaming without spending a fortune, here are some inexpensive and capable keyboards options that are a perfect buy:

    • Logitech K360 wireless keyboard

    Spending a ton of cash on a glowing, fancy keyboard isn’t advisable as a keyboard only stands out in two categories: comfort and easy-to-use. In both the departments, the Logitech K360 hits a perfect mark for a wildly low price tag.The Logitech K360 list price is $50. It’s one of the wireless accessories that last up to three years using just two AA batteries. Also, it retains the function and comfort level of a full-sized keyboard in a more compact form. Although, it might not flash rainbow colors, or have the perfect aesthetic sound, or have the feel of a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches; it still gets the best job done for less than the price of a pair of movie tickets.

    • Corsair K55

    It is one of the fancy gaming accessories that a gamer would love. The Corsair K50 list price is $50. It is an excellent choice if one does happen to be looking for something a little more ostentatious than a basic and standard keyboard. Corsair K50 has low-key RGB backlighting compared to Corsair K55. Also, some ergonomic characteristics that make it a bit more suitable for extended sessions. For example, it has a detachable rubber wrist base and can be angled to the optimal spot for your hands while playing so that you are at ease. Without needing any third-party software, it also has six macro keys you can customize. Programming these six macro keys involves recording the multi-key functions right on the device’s onboard memory. Also, the same goes for the lighting effects.

    • Redragon K552 kumara

    Redragon is a brand that when one first discovers it, it seems too good to be true. The pricing of the company’s accessories is better than every big-name gaming brand, and all the products also have stellar ratings. However, Redragon was spun out of a third-party white-label manufacturer, that means it is designed and manufactured electronics for companies to slap their brand name on. With its expertise, the company now makes its gears ultra-affordable. Also, one won’t easily find a deal as good as the Redragon K552 Kumara. It may not highlight the best switches out there, but it gives you the loud, clacky joy of a mechanical keyboard multiple times the price. The Redragon K552 kumara list price is $33.

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  • For every new parent, one of the things they look forward to is dressing up babies. Some parents as soon as they find out their bundle of joy is on the way, they start planning the outfits. With the overwhelming number of choices and types it’s difficult for the new parents to choose from the variety. It may cause some choice paralysis and maybe a little stressful as well, but researching about it and having a plan is the best cure for these early worries. If you are the parent who wants to be prepared and plan in advance, here are some of the baby boy’s apparel and accessories that you are mostly likely to have for your cute little one.


    Most of the babies and infants sleep most of the time. Its an important decision of buying the best, comfortable, and even cute sets of pajamas and other sleepwear. It needs to be cozy and comfortable as well as really cute. Such clothes are perfect for any weather. Such cozy sleepwear helps your baby sleep with all the comfort and you can catch a few hours of peace as well.

    Outfits for outdoor activities

    For the daring and outgoing parents, hunting outfits is fun. There are swimwear outfits like trunks and rash guards which are the most popular choices these days. For any outdoor activities that you plan for your baby boy, pair it with the special clothes that are perfect for the activity and look cute as well.


    Some eye-catching accessories would be perfect to complete the apparel collection of your baby boy. Great add-on’s to outfits like gloves, shoes, hats, socks, etc. serve a double purpose. Accessories are not just some fancy add-ons but also necessities. They not only complete the look of your baby’s boy outfit but also provide additional protection against various elements that surround them. A choice that parents just love these days are boots and booties. Apparel and accessories just make your baby look more cute than ever before.


    A top choice for parents all over the world when it comes to apparel and accessories is this baby boy outfit. In many different styles and varieties of rompers and overalls. These one piece baby boy clothes can come in long or short sleeves, cuts just below their cute bottoms or full body. Being one of the most comfortable dress for your baby boy and it’s an efficient and easy way to dress your baby as well.


    Have you seen any apparel and accessories that looks cute on a baby boy than a full tux. Though some of the kids are really fussy about wearing these types of clothes for a long time, it might be a bit issue. While your babies are wearing their formalwear ensemble, you don’t have to worry as these options not only look amazing but are very comfortable to wear.

    Layered clothing

    One of the most important baby clothes for boys are layers. To help keep baby boys warm in wet and cold weather, these clothes are a perfect choice. Some best examples of great layered clothing are jackets, sweaters, vests, hoodies, and even snow pants. For babies that are too young, one coat and one sweater is enough as you have to take babies out of the house anyway.

    Dressing for the season

    Those who thought that dressing for the season is just for fashion forward adults have never seen seasonal wear for babies. Whichever is the season or however is the weather, maybe warm or cold or hot, you can have the perfect apparel and accessories that are particularly designed for your baby to wear in that season.

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  • Are you aware that research shows that indoor injuries are one of the most common causes for kids under the age of three have E.R. visits?

    Yes, it is true. In fact, many parents, especially first timers, are vulnerable to not guessing the potential hazards that their toddlers might come across. And they find out the hard way.

    The problem here is that parents either lack awareness about health and baby-care or the fact that a lot of parents underestimate what their toddlers can manage to pull off.

    So, in this guide, you will come to know of all the possible wrong things every room of your house may have and how you can install some positive, safe spots in your house.

    Living Room

    • The first health and baby-care tip is to make sure that furniture pieces like coffee tables, T.V. stands, and anything that has a sharp edge should be kept far away from a kid’s reach. As for a two-feet-tall toddler, the sharp edges will be at an eye-level distance, risking the eyes of your toddler.

    • If your living area has a stairway to the next floor, install a baby gate so that your baby does not try climbing the steps when you’re not around.

    • Check the room for any breakables like glass pieces or vases and keep them out of your toddler’s reach.

    • Make sure that if you have a fireplace then it is covered. Also, items like candles and matches are kept inside the drawers.


    • A health and baby-care tip to keep in mind is to have the power strips at the back of the bed or a cupboard. This would ensure that your toddler cannot reach the power strips to plug in or unplug any cord; thus, saving him/her from accidental electrocution.
    • Make sure that the windows in the bedroom have window guards.
    • Toys like balloons and crayons should be kept away from reach as your kid can choke on them and die.
    • Don’t forget to check if your dresser is safe and does not have sharp edges. Tip-over-related injuries are common among toddlers.
    • Another health and baby-care tip is to check for is whether the baby’s crib is safely installed. Avoid buying traditional drop-side cribs in which there is a possibility of your kid getting stuck between the mattress and the crib.


    • Your kitchen has a lot of items that are extremely harmful to your toddler.

    • When you are installing an oven, make sure that it is at a height and the door is not easy to open.

    • Ensure that the refrigerator has a latch so that your kid cannot open it on his/her own.

    • Keep all the small kitchen appliances and cutlery far from the kid’s reach.

    • Another concern should be your kid ingesting detergent. To avoid such cases, make sure that your dishwasher is always locked.


    • Try investing in a bathroom-door system where the door won’t shut completely. Thereby, you can prevent your kid’s fingers and toes from getting stuck while they slam the door.

    • One of the most important health and baby-care tip to keep in mind is to mop the floor every time you use the bathroom and stay clear of water puddles.

    • Always keep the toilet seat lid covered because your kid might stick his/her head in if you leave him/her unmonitored.

    • One more health and baby-care advice to keep in mind is always to check the water temperature before you place your baby in the bathtub.

    • Make sure that you do not leave your hair dryer plugged on or your lens case on the bathroom counter.

    So, is your house child proof and ready for your newborn?

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  • Baby boys and girls, both, have a lot of options when it comes to apparel and accessories. Especially, when it comes to baby girls, parents have a lot more choices to dress them. Apart from the basic apparel and accessories that babies needs, there are also some baby clothes for girls that parents would just love to splurge on. Dresses that are not only comfortable but very trendy and stylish as well. The major goal of parents is to keep a balance between stylish and comfortable. Here are some of the major apparel and accessories that are a must-have for your baby girl:

    Casual wear

    When it comes to casual wear for baby girls, there is no limit to your choices. Where boys usually just wear basic t-shirts and shorts, apparel and accessories for girls have a lot more variety and options. One of the most chic and stylish pair would be a casual shirt or t-shirt with a cute little skirt. That doesn’t imply that girls should not wear shorts and pants, a little girl’s wardrobe should come with her favorite pair of leggings, pants and shorts as well as skirts. Everything cute is welcome.

    Dressing for all occasions

    When it comes to baby girls, dresses are not only for formal events but for all sorts of occasions. From dresses to wear at parties to loose comfortable dresses for summer, there are various types of dresses that your little girl can wear and look like she just walked out of fairy land. Parents should always have a few dresses as a part of their baby girl’s wardrobe as they are really comfortable and cute to wear.

    Outdoor wear

    Going out and seeing the world can be fun and fashion forward for baby girls, especially if they have the right baby girl clothes they will love to wear. It can be a tricky thing to master but the internet can be of great help as you can research about the various apparel and accessories that are available. Also, carry a layer along with you when the kids go outdoor, so that they can add on the layer when it gets too cold and when it gets warm, you can simply take it off.


    Make sure your young lady is dressed from head to toe, ready to take on the summer weather wearing cute one-piece bathing suits or an adorable bikini. One of the most popular choice for baby clothes for girls and boys when it comes to swimming are rash guards.


    Today, from headbands and sunglasses to bows and bonnets, so many accessories are available that one can just go on and on about it. A variety of different accessories that will go well with a number of outfits can be used to dress baby girls from head to toe. It’s a fun way for parents to experiment with the styles of their baby girls and adding a little color to the collection of baby girl clothes.

    Baby suits for baby girls

    For newborn baby girls, baby suits are an essential wear. These are one-piece suits that infants from 0 – 9 months are comfortable wearing every day. It can be a little hassle to choose from the variety of designs available, but you have the internet to help you. Also, white baby suits just do fine. Both baby suits and onesies come in different colors and designs that you will definitely love. There are various websites that offer a huge variety to choose from.

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  • If you are hosting a barbecue party in your backyard, or simply hanging out with your friends, just chatting and catching up with things can get a bit boring after a while. Things can take an interesting turn if you spice it up with some great outdoor games. Not only will it help you enjoy, but it can also bring out the inner child in you. You are never too old to play. So, here are some amazing outdoor games for you and your friends to indulge in when you have a small gathering.

    • Potato sack race – You can never get too old for this game! All you need is some gunny bags that are big enough for you to get in. However, since you are expected to go to college or at work the next day, it is better if you don’t sustain injuries. So, if your backyard has ample of soft grass that can give you a cushioning effect, go ahead! Each of you can pick up a sack and start hopping from one end of the yard to the other end, whoever reaches the finish line first, wins.
    • Badminton – Here’s a classic game that never goes out of style. People simply love playing badminton since it can be played within the confines of your backyard. Either you can play it for fun, or it can be turned into a competitive sport in no time. The right kind of racquets and a shuttlecock is all you need. Engage everyone in this game, and pretty soon you will become everyone’s favorite host.
    • Horseshoes – This game actually does revolve around horseshoes. Horseshoes are amongst those games that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The stakes are supposed to be placed 40 feet apart, and each player will be given 4 horseshoes to try their luck. You have to ensure that you throw the horseshoe in a manner that it lands on the stake. If there are children involved in this game, it is advisable to opt for rubber horseshoes instead of the actual ones.
    • Limbo – Limbo is one of those games that can test your skills which aren’t actually considered skills till that moment. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this game, as a stick or a broom will suffice. Two people can hold each end of the stick, and you need to pass from under the stick. It sounds easy, but the difficulty level increases as the stick is lowered and you have to display how flexible you are by passing under it without touching the stick. Put on some Hawaiian music to set the mood.
    • Spikeball – Spikeball is a cross between volleyball and Foursquare and has become quite popular recently. Instead of a net, people use a trampoline here. The player has to smack the palm-sized ball on the net towards the opponent, and the opponent has three tries to attempt to control the ball and bounce it back towards the other person. If the opponent fails to control it, the other person receives the point.
    • Cornhole – Cornhole is one of the classic American games that have become quite popular over a period. The game is quite simple. People have to throw bags of corn into raised platforms with holes in it. If the corn bag passes through it, you get the point. This game might look quite easy, but it does require a certain degree of precision.
    • KanJam – Playing with frisbees can be quite fun, but little did we know these frisbees can be used to play games that is different from simply throwing frisbees at each other. If you have clean buckets or cans lying around the house, they might make for the perfect equipment for this game. Place these cans apart and each player will get a limited number of tries where they have to ensure that the frisbee lands into the can.
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  • Kids are known to be quite energetic, and to channelize this energy, parents often take them to the park often without fail. Every child needs its share of fun since we are quite familiar with the adage, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” However, there are instances when you cannot take your child to the park or for their soccer practice due to bad weather or when some important work comes up. In such cases, kids tend to get bored sitting at home, and since an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, you have to keep them occupied.

    Indoor games are the answer to your prayers in such situations. However, the catch here is that your idea of indoor games might not be in sync with that of your child. Scrabble is a great game to play with your friends, but your child might desire something more, something better. So, here’s a list of indoor games that your child will definitely love.

    • Touch-and-feel – Here’s a game that is fun and at the same time can work wonders for your child’s sensory skills. So, take a box and cut a small hole which is big enough for your child’s arm to sleek in with ease. Then, place an object inside the box, and your child will try to recognize what object it is by touching it. It is fun to watch the kid guessing what the object can be. Ensure that you don’t place sharp objects inside the box.
    • I Spy – Another guessing game to improve your child’s observational skills. This game is quite easy and fun to play. If there’s one kid or more than one, they can play this game by taking turns. You can choose some object from the living room, and you need to describe it to your child without naming it. For instance, you can say, “I spy something green,” if you have decided on the potted plant for the object. And the child has to guess what is the something green.
    • Scavenger hunt – What is a party without a scavenger hunt! So, you have to hand out a list of objects to the kids, and each of these items is supposed to be hidden in different rooms. Also, it becomes more exciting if you have clues written alongside the objects. It would make the scavenger hunt more interesting for the kids. However, since these are kids you are dealing with, ensure that the objects can be found easily.
    • Hot potato – Children get pretty excited when they play this game. Here, you have to use a cushion or a ball and toss it over to the next person like it’s really hot. If there are more than two children present, this game becomes more interesting. The kids have to pass the ball while you play the music in the background, and they have to keep passing it till the music is on. Once the music stops, the child holding the ball is out of the game.
    • Sorting – Here’s a game that will prod your child to think. You can combine a lot of different types of objects and ask your child to sort these objects on the basis of its texture; for instance, you can ask your child to sort the metal objects from the plastic ones. This game can also be turned into a competition. So, if you are hosting a birthday party, you can add this game to your activities list.
    • Balance beam – We know how much kids love walking in a straight line! So, here we can test how well they can walk across the room in a straight line. Stick a tape along the length of your room, and put some music on, it acts as a good distraction method, and have your kid walk straight along the length of the tape. To make it more interesting, you can ask them to walk backwards too!
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