• You might want to know that giving your baby a gentle body massage helps the baby in more ways than you can ever imagine. Don’t know how? Research shows that massages boost the intellectual capacity and the emotional health of a baby. A good massage will not just put your baby to sound sleep but it will also help in reducing your baby’s crankiness and crying.

    Many mothers today are confused when it comes to choosing a health and baby-care product among the dozens of brands and products available in the market today. The same goes when it comes to picking a massage oil for their baby.

    For those who are looking for a baby oil recommendation, here are some top baby massage oils that have proved to be beneficial:

    • Johnson’s Baby Oil with Shea and Cocoa Butter

    One of the most trusted brands when it comes to health and baby-care products, Johnson & Johnson has its range of baby massage oils that are great for your baby’s skin. The oil moisturizes your baby’s skin and protects it from dryness. The oil has a mild and a gentle formula that ensures that the sensitive skin of your baby is not exposed to harsh chemicals. Pure mineral oil, shea, and cocoa butter make sure that your baby gets soft, glowing skin.

    • Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Oil

    You can add this baby oil directly to the bathtub or apply it directly on your baby’s skin. Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Oil is made with apricot and grapeseed oils to nourish delicate skin. The best thing about this product is that it has proved to be free of harsh substances like phthalates, parabens, and petrolatum.

    With this skin-nourishing health and baby-care product, you can be sure that your baby’s bath time is a perfect bonding time for both you and your baby.

    • Bambo Nature Bath Oil

    For the vegan parents out there who are hunting for a natural, organic, and 100% vegan bathing oil for your baby, Bambo Nature Bath Oil is what you have been searching for all along. You can add this natural health and baby-care product to your baby’s bathtub or directly rub it on your baby’s skin for soft and gentle skin. One of the reasons why this health and baby-care product is gaining popularity is because it is free of perfumes, parabens, and dyes.

    • Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil

    For those parents who are looking for a baby oil that is free from any kind of hypoallergenic ingredients, this is one of the best oils that you can consider purchasing. The oil is made of organic calendula that is known to calm the baby’s skin. Along with that, the oil consists of sweet almond and sunflower seed oils that hydrate the dry skin and deeply nourish it.

    Include Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil into your baby’s bedtime routine to ensure that your baby gets a sound beauty sleep at night.

    • Angel Baby Oil

    The Angel Baby oil is another health and baby-care product that you must check out when you are shopping for skin care essentials for your baby. It is a gentle, easily absorbable grapeseed oil blend that is great for the nourishing of your baby’s delicate skin.

    This oil will not only moisturize the skin but will also give your baby silk-like soft skin that you won’t be able to get enough of.

    Just remember that when it comes to buying health and baby-care products for your baby, you should buy nothing but the best.

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  • Most parents are worried about a proper and healthy weight gain of babies and toddlers. In case you are looking for a helping guide that would assist you in knowing what is the right weight for your baby’s age, you should first know the basic nutritional requirements of your baby. It is important to understand whether your baby is fed right and what are the sets of nutrition that are required by your baby, to name a few. Moreover, it is equally crucial to see what the doctor recommends when it comes to the nutritional needs of your baby. The weight gain of your baby depends on a number of factors. Ensuring good health and baby care are a must to keep the baby strong and help it grow well. Therefore, it is vital to keep your baby satisfied and healthy throughout to maintain the perfect weight.

    Let us now take a look at what is the right weight for babies of different age group. Read on!

    A newborn baby is the most delicate. Most of the child specialists ask parents not to worry if the newborn loses a few ounces after the birth. This is common among many babies. It has been observed that babies regain weight within the next 10 to 12 days of birth.

    Newborns are recommended breast milk. Although some mothers give formula milk, but the former is best for a healthy weight gain. In case you notice that your baby experiences any allergy or reaction from formula milk, stop it immediately and consult the doctor. Sometimes, newborn babies can also experience uneasiness from breast milk. This happens due to the eating of the mother and so, it is necessary to keep a check on the mother’s diet as well.

    1–6 months
    This is the period when your baby would grow by an inch every month. Along with the growth, your baby would gain five to seven ounces a week. These number are true till the baby is properly fed and his or her nutritional requirements are diligently met.

    In case you are not satisfied with the weight gain of your baby, you should always consult a pediatrician or lactation consultant to know more. There might be times when baby would not be able to get the breast milk properly. During such times, do not panic as this is normal for many babies of this age group.

    Babies should not be introduced to solid food until and unless they are six months old. Till then, breast milk and formula milk are best for them. Feeding solid food to babies under six or four months can cause unstable digestion and an irritable bowel movement.

    You can try feeding your baby with different solid foods when he or she turns six months old. This is the best time to do so but one should also be prepared for any food sensitivity. So, try to keep a gap of three days before introducing a new solid food to your baby.

    7–12 months
    Babies from seven months to a year old steadily gain weight of about two pounds every month. In case the weight gain is lesser than this, you must then consult the doctor.

    Babies of this age group can continue having breast milk along with some vegetable purees and finger foods. You can try cutting small dices of fruits such as apples. Also, many pediatricians recommend cheese, meatballs, cubes of well-done pasta, potato patties, etc. for babies. Let your baby try anything that’s on your plate as long as it does not cause any choking hazard; it is this time that you need to be extra careful too!

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  • Are you old school and miss playing the fun board games and toys you played as a kid? Are you already bored of spending hours playing the same set of online games with your peers?

    If you nodded to both the questions, then you might be interested to know that it is not late. You can still give a break to your online games and have a sleepover with your friends where you enjoy some of the best classic board games of all time.

    Are you not sure which board games to start with? Here is a list of some fun board games that you can give a shot at:

    • Chinese Checkers

    Created in German, this board game can be played by two, three, or six people. For playing this game, you need the traditional Chinese checkerboard, which is in the shape of a six-pointed star. The six-pointed star consists of holes that have six different colours of marbles in them. The inside of the board has a hexagon with holes. The game is quite simple, using the single step or hop-over-a-piece method, you must move your pieces to the corner of the pointed star opposite you, called the “home”.

    This game is not everyone’s idea of fun but for all those nerds out there, you are in for some real fun.

    • Apples to Apples

    This game consists of two decks of cards, one consisting of Things and the other of Description. It unfolds by a player drawing a Description card from the pack. He/she must show the card to the other players and they then pick a Thing card among their cards that best describes the description. After this, all the players secretly place the card on the table face down. The active player then turns all the cards and chooses one Thing card that best suits the Description card. The winner gets to keep the Description card and play as an active player in the next round.

    The winner here is the person who has the maximum number of Description cards.

    • Pictionary

    This is a popular board game that is played even today by adults and children alike. It is a drawing guessing game. Two teams play this game, wherein in every turn the team players try to guess the specific word that their fellow player is trying to convey. The game board has tiles that tell you the category you need to draw. The drawer picks up a card from the deck, then draws a word that corresponds to the category on which the team’s marker is.

    • Twister

    For this game, you will require muscles more than brains . The game is played on a big plastic mat that has colored circles. There is a spinner attached to this game mat. The spinner has four sections: left foot, right foot, right hand, and left foot, which then have red, blue, green, and yellow labels.

    In this game, the players are supposed to put their feet and hands in absurd positions which will eventually make everyone fall.

    • Risk Board Game

    It is a game full of strategies, conflict, and planning. The board on which the game is played is interesting in itself. It consists of a political map of the earth, with six continents divided into 42 territories.

    Now let’s get to the basic gameplay. You might have figured till now that the goal of every player is to capture the whole world and eliminate other players in the process. Each player gets an allotted territory and colored territory card of different sizes, representing the army troops. The game is taken forward by attacking and defending territories turn by turn according to the dice roll.

    Note that this game can go for hours and sometimes even days until one person wins.

    So, which one of the above is your favorite?

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  • Have you noticed that as you are growing old, you are becoming more forgetful? It might all start with something as simple as forgetting where you last kept your watch or to pick something from the grocery to something as big as forgetting your close friend’s birthday. Scary, right? Although you can’t pause your aging, you can always choose to age with grace. Always train your brain to be active. How do we do so? How to improve your memory?

    You will be surprised to find that an easy way of avoiding forgetfulness is by playing brain games. There are mind games available online and on board that will help you sharpen both your long- and short-term memory.

    Here is a list of top five games that will help you improve your memory:

    • Solve your daily crossword

    You might want to consider solving crossword puzzles you see in your kid’s book or online. It is believed that crosswords are a great way of training your cognitive mind and keeping it active. People who regularly indulge in a good crossword or two are likely to have a delayed case of dementia and forgetfulness.

    Remember to switch on to some other mind-boosting game when you feel that the crosswords no longer challenge your brain.

    • Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles are great for short-term memory. In jigsaw puzzles, you must visualize the final picture and arrange the pieces together to get the big picture. The more the number of the pieces, the more challenging the game turns.

    Studies tell that when you are solving jigsaw puzzle games, your body produces dopamine, which helps in increasing your concentration. Jigsaw puzzle solving requires the use of both your left and right brain, and it tremendously boosts your visuospatial skills.

    • I Packed My Suitcase Game

    Don’t have time for crosswords and puzzles but still wish to improve your memory? No worries, you can play this game. The best thing about I Packed My Suitcase is that you can play this game anywhere and you just need a partner to get started.

    The basic gameplay starts with a player saying that he/she has packed a suitcase with a thing. The next player then must repeat the sentence and add his/her item to the briefcase, and the game goes on. You must remember all the former things of the suitcase each time and then add a new item.

    To make it more interesting, you can follow the alphabetic sequence when adding items to the suitcase.

    • Rebus Puzzle

    A rebus puzzle is all about using your presence of mind to crack the clues that are in the form of symbols, letters, pictures, and words.

    For this game, you need to be well versed with the common idioms, phrases, and expressions as that would help you guess the answers correctly.

    • The Tray Game

    The Tray Game is perfect for house parties and sleepover. Although this game is designed for kids who are bored playing with their regular toys, even adults can make it a bit challenging and play. In this game, you keep a tray with 20-25 items in it, in the middle of the room. All the players get a quick glance at the items in the tray and the tray is then covered with a tablecloth. The players are given a notepad and pencil, and are supposed to jot down as many items as they can remember seeing in the tray.

    For adults, you can increase the number of items in the tray. This memory game is not only fun but also great to prevent and delay dementia in adults.

    One of the best things to do is to play a combination of brain games daily to make sure that all parts of your brain are put to good use.

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  • Today, in the era of smartphones, smart tablets, laptops, gaming systems, it can be challenging to stop your child from getting addicted to technology. Although on the one hand, it is beneficial to know how to operate the same, however, it doesn’t take much time for curiosity to become an addiction.

    Here are six popular kids’ electronics that you can buy to keep your little ones preoccupied with an alternative.

    Disney Pixar Cars: Disney is one of the most premier names when it comes to Hollywood, for Walt Disney started an animation revolution by creating and launching a very successful series of cartoons. Not only that, the successful cartoons franchise was also adapted into an even more successful toy manufacturing business. Cars is Disney’s popular animation venture which features cars in the very innovative unique concept based film. The Disney Pixar Cars 2 by AppMATes is a popular kids’ electronics toy, featuring car figurines which can be used to play the online game. The experience is both interactive and entertaining which makes this kids’ electronic toy a favorite among children above the ages of 4. The toy is available online at an approximate price of $60.

    Lego walkie-talkies: Walkie talkies have always been a favorite when it comes to kids’ electronics. However, when you add iconic Lego mini blocks into the mix and come up with LEGO walkie-talkies, it only makes this product even more popular. The design and utility is appropriate for kids who are above the ages above 7. This is a toy which you can also buy on a budget, priced at just about $20.

    Loopz Game by Mattel: Mattel is a very popular franchise which has come up with a very interactive game called Loopz, to enhance senses and your child’s memory as part of the playing process. The idea is to create a pattern in the toy simulator which will be mimicked by the opponent exactly. This toy not only enhances your child’s visual retention but also improves gross motor skills while understanding and mimicking the action. This game is slightly priced on the heavier side, with major online retail stores offering at $220 approximately.

    Smart cycle arcade system: Smart cycle racer smartly combines physical activity of cycling with the added entertainment of playing a simulator video game. You can’t possibly give your child an Xbox when they are just 6 or 7 years old. However, this simulator is the perfect gameplay alternative. The console can be connected to any screen, and the simulator allows you to pedal and race in the virtual world, all the while providing a decent workout in the form of cycling. The interactive games which are preloaded will make sure your children never lose interest in the game, which is why the smart cycle racer is a great kids’ electronic toy choice.

    Spy net video watch: Kids’ electronics are not complete without spy gear, and boys love spy gears. The spy net video watch is capable of recording audio, video, taking pictures and even features an inbuilt lie detector! Talk about James Bond and his cool gizmos, but the spy net video watch is more affordable at just about $60. All your recorded footage and files can be transferred easily to a computer via a USB port. This toy is appropriate for kids who are above the age group of 8.

    Paper Jamz guitar: A good way to start practicing and jamming to some tunes before your child can get his or her hands on a cool classic guitar! The touch-sensitive guitar strings surface gives it a somewhat real feel and also can be a fun game to play, for a fraction of the price of any decent guitar out there. There is no way you can buy a good guitar for $15, but you can most certainly buy a Paper Jamz guitar for that price for your kids to rock and roll!

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  • Children’s toys and assorted kids’ electronics are some of the most confusing products to buy, be it online or from retail outlets for that matter. The top five brands alone come up with hundreds of ideas for the holiday season, according to different age groups. From soft toys to kids’ electronics, from playsets to PlayStation, the list is endless.

    Figuring out where to buy from happens to be more challenging than finding out which brand is best suited for the purpose. Here are some of the best toy stores, retail outlets, and their online stores compared for your reference.

    The Lego Store: Who doesn’t love Lego’s? This tiny little piece of plastic singlehandedly happens to be one of the most profitable toy ventures in the history of toy making with millions of Lego’s being manufactured and shipped, the brand is a reflection of what it has created! A few hundred legos and a crazy imagination is all it takes to create and build something new of these interlinkable and stackable pieces of plastic. With technological advances, mechanical and moving parts have been incorporated to design and create complicated toys popular in the kid’s electronics section. Your child will love this combination of electronics with the classic Lego sets, to make their creations come to life!

    Disney Store: Disney has been a premier name in Hollywood for creating some of the most iconic cartoons of all time. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise when the franchise was further expanded into the toys industry, with focus on creating toys of iconic characters in movies and TV shows. Disney’s toy collection includes everything from stuffed toys, kids’ electronics created after their favorite shows and more. One of the top brands and innovative toymakers, with some of the most popular toy franchises, Disney sure is one name to be reckoned with.

    Toys R US: One of the major toy retail store outlets featuring both toys for children of all ages and kids’ electronics. Toys R Us is another name which is known in every household with little toddlers running around and children who are ready to step into their preteens, now expecting something a little more of their liking. The kids’ electronics especially featured by Toy’s R US has an array of popular products which can be bought online as well at their store. From smart watches to learning tablets, from educational robots to learning buddies, from doing it yourself computer kits to walkie-talkies, you name it, and there is a good chance they will have it! Toys R US is one of the most popular and profitable franchises for buying featured toys across all ages, primarily if you are working on a tight budget.

    Overstock: Overstock is another popular toy and hobby store where you can shop for some of the best products and kids’ electronics from brands like Lego, Melissa & Doug, Disney, Mattel, Star Wars, Marvel among many others. Most of these brands are also successful movie franchises, which adds more value to all the products you plan to purchase. Although, with more and more children switching to actual tech products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, game stations, the demand for these classic kids’ electronics certainly has taken a hit across major brands and toymakers.

    Technology may have evolved drastically over the past few years, involuntary forcing more and more children to get addicted to these devices instead of playing with toys. There couldn’t be a more convincing way to help children come out their addiction to smart devices which should not be given to them in the first place.

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  • You might be investing a lot of time and thought into buying the perfect toy for your toddler. But have you ever wondered how safe these toys are? There are safety guidelines issues that are helpful in buying the right toy for your baby or toddler. If you do not know about these, then you should first and foremost make sure that you get the complete information about the same. As parents, one should be extremely careful while choosing baby and toddler toys.

    As per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it has been reported that more than 250,000 toy-related injuries are treated in the US hospitals.

    In case you are wondering where would you find the safety guidelines and tips for choosing the right toy for your baby or toddler, then take a look here.

    Avoid buying toys with smaller magnets

    It is said by CPSC that smaller magnets or magnetic objects in toys can be dangerous. You may have noticed that there are some toys that have small magnets in them, and these might come out of the toys and end up being swallowed by kids while playing. This is extremely dangerous as two or more magnets can harm the intestines causing blockages, infection in the stomach, etc. If this is not treated immediately, then it can also cause serious harm to the intestines.

    Keep out toxic toys

    Have you ever heard of toxic toys? Yes, there exist many. You might find numerous toys that might look safe but are not. You would want to be sure that the baby and toddler toys that you are buying for your younger ones are 100% safe and do not contain any toxic material. Also, be sure that the toys are not made using any harmful chemical that can be extremely toxic. There are components such as plasticizers and phthalates that are used to make toys for kids and toddlers. These make the toys more long lasting but are more harmful. Some toys are also made using arsenic, cadmium, mercury, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what are the toys made of. Read the instructions and about the product make. If you cannot find information about the same, read about them online and research about different toy brands before you buy any.

    Make sure that you do not choose heavier toys

    We have a tendency to pick larger-than-life toys for our younger ones. So, if you think that your toddler can get hurt if the toy falls on him/her, then let that toy go. Choose wisely and do not go by the toy’s size.

    Do not go for balloons

    We all agree that balloons look pretty as decorations during parties and events, but they might not fit very well as a toy for your kid. Balloons that are made using latex can cause choking fatalities among children. Numerous reports that show that some children swallow uninflated balloons, resulting in sealed windpipes and breathing difficulties. There are many cases reported that has proved balloons to be a fatal toy for kids under a certain age. In case you have got your kid a balloon, make sure that you are always around and the child is under supervision to avoid any hassles or accident.

    So, the next time you are up for shopping for your kid and looking for baby and toddler toys, do not randomly pick up the toys. Instead, be sure to keep these useful and important guidelines handy.

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  • The thrill of opening gifts on a Christmas morning will certainly force you to put some thought into the gifts you also plan to give your child. Since technology has now become a major part of everyone’s lives, it is only logical to buy kids’ electronics. Toys which can be fun as well as informative, especially if they come to life with stunning visuals and an interesting combination of mechanical movements.

    Here are some of the popular kids’ electronics that are trending across all toy stores and online:

    Galaxy Zega Battle Tanks: Boys will always love toys which have anything remotely to do with the military. What can be better than finding a bunch of tanks to turn your living room or bedroom into a battleground! But here is the best part, your smartphone can control these battle tanks. Now you might feel your child is already spending too much time with a smartphone, but instead of staring at the screen, simply allow your child to turn it into a console to maneuver and battle with your brilliant Christmas gift. These battle tanks cost no more than $150 and can be bought from the official Galaxy Zega website.

    Star Wars Droid: If your child is a big fan of Star Wars, why not surprise him or her with this cool new kids’ electronics innovation. The BB-8 droid from the latest movie franchise comes to life with a stunning build quality and lifelike motions, all which can be controlled with your Android or iOS smartphone. The ability to maneuver 360 with its head floating, literally, holographic record messages and perform a few different activities will make you consider this beautiful gift for Christmas. Priced at $130 approx., this toy can be purchased from major online retailers.

    Digital Microscope: When it comes to kids’ electronics, imitations of some of the real-life versions are very popular in the category. Of course, you may not want to give your child a very expensive microscope until he or she has proven that it can be handled responsibly, why not gift them a Dino-Lite Handheld microscope for the time being. A great way to learn and explore everything, at the same time proving to be an entertaining kids’ electronics alternative. With magnification up to 220X, the device can be plugged into your laptop or tablet or any USB output to explore with good clarity. You can get this for about $99 and also enjoy the joy of looking at your child open the gift and jump around with joy.

    Robotic supercars: Cars have always fascinated everyone, regardless of age. This especially applies to kids’ who love and used to play slot cars in game studios. Robotic supercars are a more modernized version of kids’ electronics. These cars can again be controlled by your smartphone, and your child can race up to three more opponents even with the starter kit. Priced at just around $150, this robotic supercars kit can be bought online from Amazon, to make it the perfect engaging activity for Christmas day!

    CogniToys talking dinosaur: A tiny colorful companion and nowadays also a trendy kids’ electronics alternative. This talking dinosaur can tell stories, play games with your child, make him or her laugh with a variety of jokes and also sing songs! For just a hundred bucks, your child can even get this dinosaur to spell words making it a nice learning tool as well. Not a bad way to spend money, considering you are getting so much for the price.

    Other popular toys include Muttbot Robotics kit, Circuit Maze board game, Science museum inventor kit and more which can all be bought for less than $150.

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  • Choosing the right baby and toddler toys for your younger ones

    As a parent, you would always want your younger one to have the best of things around. Whether you are shopping for clothes or picking the best toys, you want to make sure that you get the best ones for them. So, you do not want to get the wrong toys for your baby as toys are one of things that play a crucial role in the growth and development of your child.

    You must be sure of what you are picking; therefore, necessary to research before you buy baby and toddler toys. You might find important information about the toys and what are the materials used for making these toys by the brands. You can also know about the most popular baby and toddler toys brands and where you can find them on retail shopping websites. After thorough research, you would know about the popular toys and which is the perfect one for your younger one’s age. So, let us see what are the things to keep in mind while picking any toy for your baby.

    Pick a toy that can be played numerous ways

    It is important that your child has an open mind while playing, which means that there is constant use of the brain while they are playing with building blocks, wooden blocks, etc. Toys like these will help your child’s imagination to spark and develop logical thinking. Pick from nesting blocks, water play, and blocks to name a few.

    Choose toy as per your child’s age

    You might find numerous toys in the market, but you should always go with the one that is suitable to your child’s age. So, be very careful while you are buying baby and toddler toys. If you do not know which toys are the preferred for your kid’s age, you can find the same written on the toy or the box. In case you are still confused, you can always ask the salesperson at the toy store to help you find a suitable toy for your child.

    “Preparing to read” toys can be helpful

    You should understand that toys play a crucial role in molding your child’s behavior, lies, and interests. Therefore, ensure that the toys you choose for your child is not only interesting but creates a foundation for the future learning. Books, alphabetical letters imprinted on magnetic blocks, other stationeries such as markers, pastels, and finger paints enable your toddler to learn newer things and perusing abilities. Your kid would also love to play with magazines, catalogs, etc., which seem exciting owing to the colorful pictures. These can also be helpful for your child’s future years in playschool and kindergarten and help them learn new letters beforehand.

    Seek toys that make your kid active

    Toddlers are always active and are confident when it comes to doing tricks with their bodies. As parents, you should be an appreciative audience and encourage them to play more frequently. So why not invest in toys that would encourage your toddler to engage in physical activities. Get a tricycle, pull toys, kid-size basketball hoop, and bowling sets made of plastic to name a few.

    As parents, you should understand that picking the right toy is essential; these toys should also suit your child’s age. Whenever we walk inside a toy store, we are always stunned by all the wonderful and attractive toys around that we want to pick everything for our younger ones.

    So, next time when you are thinking of buying the right toy for your kid, keep these simple and useful tips handy.

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  • An effective guide for buying the best gaming mouse

    A lot of manufacturers like Razer, Asus, Corsair, Logitech and a couple of other companies step up their game and bring forward some of the choicest gaming accessories like never before. There is a pool of choices, and the market is saturated with many companies releasing various gaming accessories like keyboards, headsets, and mice. It can be a difficult choice to choose among the numerous accessories that are available, especially, if you don’t know much about the various gaming accessories. However, with this buyer’s guide, it will be more secure and convenient to choose the right gaming mouse that suits your needs. Here are some of the best gaming mice of 2017:

    • The Steel Series Rival 700

    The first gaming mouse in the list is the Steel Series Rival 700. It weighs around 135g and has Pixart PMW 3360/Pixart ADNS 9800 sensor. Its list price is $99.99, and it has seven buttons. It is the only mouse that vibrates. It has an industry standard RGB lighting with an innovative modular design. It has a very welcoming object that consists of a gimmicky OLED screen. It notifies players of in-game events, offering programming tactile alerts. Also, you can customize the mouse as per your own needs. However, there is no left-handed or ambidextrous option available. It can be an expensive buy for some people. The modules are useful but pricey as well.

    • Asus ROG Spatha

    It is one of the best MMO gaming mice. If one thinks that the name Spatha sounds aggressive, you should look at the mouse itself. It weighs around 178.5g without cable and has Pixart ANDS 9800 sensor. Its list price is $154.00, and it has twelve buttons. It has a beautiful and reliable design that is suited for gamers. It has a lot of customizability, and ease of use. It also has an RGB lighting that looks stunning across the board. It is one of the most comfortable accessories to use. It is loaded with features hardware and software wise. However, it is one of the most expensive gaming mice in the market. The side buttons are mushy and stiff to press. Also, it can be a little bit heavy and large to use for users with small hands.

    • Razer Ouroboros

    Razer Ouroboros is an ambidextrous gaming mouse. Its list price is $96.92, and it has eleven buttons. It weighs around 115g/135g and has Dual Laser/Optical sensor. It is an extremely customizable mouse having buttons to palm-rest. It can be used wireless or can be wired as well. If you use it with the supplied wire, the wire will keep the mouse charged. Its ambidextrous layout is perfect for both right and left-handed users as well. In your most intense gaming sessions, dual sensors provide you with supreme accuracy. It manages to stand out, looking super conceptual. Also, it has a long battery life that ensures uninterrupted gaming experience. Even while using it without wire, it has no input lag. Razer Synapse 2.0 provides an amazing software experience. However, it is going to cost quite a lot for a gaming mouse and can be a bit complicated to learn.

    • Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

    The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is one of the best wireless gaming mice. It weighs around 107g and has Pixart PMW 3360 sensor. Its list price is $150.00, and it has eleven buttons. It has a beautiful spectrum RGB lighting and also has an amazing Logitech gaming suite that is easy to use and elegant as well. You can customize as it has fully programmable buttons. It also offers the best class performance, thanks to the brilliant sensors and switches. For users who plan to buy accessories on a budget, this can be a pricey purchase. It does not come with a charging dock and also the design might not be suitable for everyone to use.

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