• Trucks are among the largest vehicles plying on roads, weighing around 80,000 pounds and transporting heavy loads and potentially hazardous cargo. They often travel long distances and navigate through bad weather conditions along their route, putting the driver and cargo at risk of injury and damage. One way to prevent mishaps is to use good quality truck tires. Here are a few crucial factors to consider while buying tires for trucks.

    Type of terrain
    Tires for commercial trucks are usually designed considering the terrain on which they will be used. For instance, while some tires are manufactured for smooth highways, others are built for rough urban routes. If you use tires designed for the highways on rocky urban terrain, their tread might scrape off sooner, demanding a change. So, always consider your most frequented routes when buying tires to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    Weight rating
    This is one of the most simple yet important factors to consider when buying truck tires. A tire’s weight or load rating, typically found on the sidewall, indicates the maximum weight it can bear when inflated to its highest pressure. Always pay special attention to this rating and ensure it is compatible with your truck and the load.

    Like other products in the market, tires come with a warranty. It can save you from paying extra to fix manufacturing defects or other problems within the set timeframe. Most major manufacturers provide a warranty period of seven years and three retreads. This period can differ based on the company you choose. So, always inquire about the truck tires’ warranty before selecting a product to avoid additional expenses.

    Manufacture date
    Another critical factor to consider when buying truck tires is their manufacture date. This date is usually found on the tire in the form of four digits. The first two indicate the week it was manufactured, and the other two represent the year. Remember that truck tires older than five years are more susceptible to defects and tears. On the other hand, those built within the last five years are less likely to have problems and guarantee increased safety while on the road. Do not buy tires with a missing manufacture date or with a date that is not clearly printed.

    Tread size or depth
    According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the minimum tread size for tires on the front wheels is 4/32 of an inch. The other tires of the truck can have a tread depth of 2/32 inches. If the depth is less than this, it can result in penalties. So, conduct a tread depth inspection before finalizing the purchase. Tires with the right tread size provide sufficient grip on the road, lowering the chances of accidents.

    Maintenance records
    Many truckers buy used tires as they provide substantial cost savings. When buying used tires, thoroughly inspect the previous owner’s maintenance records. A clean record will ensure the tires are in good condition and can be used to haul heavy loads on the road. Besides checking the maintenance records thoroughly, look for visible signs of defects like nail marks and deep scratches. These issues indicate the tires will not last long and must be avoided at all costs.

    Types of tires
    There are different types of truck tires in the market, such as max traction, all-terrain, highway, winter, and mud tires. Choose a suitable type depending on your type of truck, the terrain you drive on, and the weather conditions on your route. Consider all-terrain truck tires if you travel through different terrains and often encounter challenging conditions. They will help you transition from one terrain to another with ease.

    Tire quality
    When investing in commercial truck tires, assess their durability. Tires with soft rubber compounds provide a smooth driving experience but are more prone to wear and tear and do not prove fuel efficient. Buying such tires will require you to spend a lot of money to make the best use of them in the long run. Similarly, tires with harder compounds may have problems with traction while driving in extreme conditions. So, conduct thorough research according to your needs and wants to make an informed decision.

    DOT and UTQG rating
    In addition to the above, check whether the tires have the DOT (Department of Transportation) code. All you have to do is look for “DOT” printed on the sidewall. Some tires also have a UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) code, which provides information about their traction and temperature grades.

    These are some of the most important factors that should influence your decision when choosing truck tires. To make the best purchase, consider all your options and needs before heading to the store. Also, think about whether you should stick to your previous tire model or opt for a new company depending on your experience. You might want to look at options that increase fuel economy and provide low rolling resistance. While the best products can be expensive, they use quality materials and meet all the safety standards to keep you and your cargo safe during the journey.

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  • Truck driving is a physically taxing job. Truck drivers may make some typical mistakes due to their continuous driving and constant presence on the road, which could be hazardous for them and other road users. These mistakes can be expensive for trucking businesses, but more crucially, they put the driver at serious risk of harm. This article will discuss typical errors that truck drivers make and suggestions for avoiding them.

    Speed limits are not suggestions. They are laws. Speed restrictions should always be followed to keep everyone safe and avoid mishaps. Be mindful of the truck’s speed while navigating motorway curves or city streets. The imposed speed restriction can be affected by whether there is road maintenance nearby or other vehicles parked on both sides of the route, which could reduce visibility. And again, always obey driving laws.

    Ignoring traffic signs
    There is a reason for traffic signage. Even though these signs are designed to keep you safe, and on the right track, truck drivers often tend to overlook or pay less attention to them. Unfortunately, disobeying traffic signs is one of the most common blunders truck drivers make. The worst sign a truck driver can ignore is the clearance sign. If the sign says the ruck won’t fit, it won’t. Still, many drivers try their luck and get stuck.

    Not communicating with the operations manager
    If you run into a problem on the road, always contact your operations manager for assistance. They, like you, are crucial to the trucking company you work for, and they are responsible for assisting and supplying you with all you require to complete your job safely. Remember the following:

    Speak gently and precisely to ensure that they understand what you require.
    Inquire about anything you need clarification with.
    Let them know if there is a problem on the road ahead of you, such as an accident or unexpected weather, so they can plan for anticipated traffic delays and aid you in safely managing the issue.

    Not preparing yourself for the challenges ahead
    Although truck driving is physically demanding, truck drivers should be aware of potential sources of stress and how to manage or avoid them. Truck driving can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful activity. Driving for long periods can be physically draining, especially if you are not well-rested or fed before your shift. When driving conditions are less than ideal, terrible weather or traffic congestion can cause annoyance, wrath, and distraction. Regardless of what’s going on in your personal life, speaking condescendingly, haughtily, or disparagingly to other truck drivers produces unnecessary arguments and influences everyone involved. Warrior Logistics’ core beliefs include treating everyone with honesty, responsibility, and professionalism.

    Truck driving is a taxing activity. You must be physically and emotionally prepared for it. To stay in peak shape, you must get enough sleep, eat right, and care for your body. Also, one must avoid driving if one is feeling under the weather. Your safety should always come first; if you work for a trucking company, it will also be their top priority.

    Not employing semi-truck roadside assistance in an emergency
    Whether you’re a colossal truck owner-operator or part of a fleet, you deserve support if things go wrong. It would help if you had a roadside help package in case of an accident, a dead battery, running out of gas, or mechanical problems. When you need a tow or a tire replacement, commercial trucks’ roadside assistance programs may be available 24 hours a day. They may even show up to give assistance if you are in an accident or to help you get into your cab if you find yourself locked out.

    Not maintaining positive communication with dispatchers or shippers/receivers
    Be courteous and professional when dealing with your dispatcher, driver management (DM), and shippers or receivers. Even though none sign your paycheck, all these people implicitly manage your workload.

    Panicking about lane changes
    If you need to change lanes, do it as soon as possible and with enough space. Otherwise, it’s usually better to wait. Switching into the passing lane may be frightening for you and incoming vehicles if there isn’t enough space for everyone. You might get stranded behind a Sunday driver doing ten miles per hour with their indicator on.

    Ignoring the trailer
    It may appear ridiculous, but people frequently forget that they are trailed by a caravan at least 28 feet long. In addition, new truck drivers are more likely to underestimate turning distances or movements because they need to be more experienced with the size of their trailer. Before turning, examine your blind spots and give yourself enough room. Of course, everyone will honk at you as you cross an intersection, but it won’t enrage them as much as a caravan running into their broadside.

    These are nine mistakes that rookie drivers typically make because they may be lacking in the second category. Fortunately, many unfavorable circumstances may be avoided with quick thought and information. When you contact us today, you can learn more about your semi-truck roadside support services options. Be cautious out there, and make sure you have a backup plan! We’ll see you out there, partner.

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  • Guide to Buying a Pickup Truck

    Buying pickup trucks is very fun. Browsing through all the different models, test driving some; all while dreaming of the perfect one. However, if you have a tight budget, you may have to be careful about the choice you make to avoid wasting your money.

    It depends on you that if you want a new pickup truck or if a used one. After deciding this, you can move to the next level of purchasing a truck.

    Used trucks can be great as they are affordable, but you will have to check every part carefully so that somebody doesn’t fool you. If you want a new truck, you can just check for deals and offers for these on their websites. For example, GMC Sierra deals on trucks will save you some money, and you will have a new truck as well.

    Following is a list of things that you should keep in mind before buying a pickup truck.

    New or used

    It is important first to decide whether you can afford a new truck or you should go with the used one. If you are planning to go with new one the check out GMC Sierra deals for exciting discounts on pickup trucks. But, if you are going with used ones then before buying the truck check it thoroughly and go for a test drive and check if you are comfortable with it.


    Pickup trucks range from USD 20,000 to USD 60,000, so if you are planning to buy a new pickup truck, then your budget should be within this. But, you can get a used truck in less than that, so if a new one is not in your budget then go for used ones offered on sales and discounts. The features of the truck also vary according to the price. So, if you want a basic truck, then chances are that it might be affordable as well.

    Types of trucks

    Pickup trucks come in two categories smaller sized models and full-sized trucks. It depends on your requirements, so if you have a lot of heavy things to load, then you should buy the full-sized truck, although if you need it for basic work, then a small-sized truck will do your work too.


    What features you look for in a pickup truck is important. There are so many features that brands offer these days, and not all of them are necessary, so you will have to pick what your major requirements are. Some of the most important features you should look for are engine and fuel economy, towing, safety features, convenience, a navigation system, and connectivity.

    No matter which pickup truck you buy, the journey before buying it is confusing and needs a lot of thinking. So, think properly and don’t do buy in a hurry. Do check GMC Sierra deals or other brand deals before buying any new or used truck.

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  • Snow and ice removal is a lucrative business especially in areas where winter is the primary season of the year. This is also a profitable side business for landscapers and lawn mowers as it can bring in a decent amount of profits during the colder months of the year.

    Picking up a plow is an important investment irrespective of how small or significant your business is. The wrong plow can give you a lot of troubles and unnecessary maintenance expense. Many plows are available in the market based on the size, mount type, and the vehicle it is mounted to.

    Most snow plowing business owners have small to large trucks and usually, need plow attachments for the truck they will be using to remove the snow. Irrespective of whether you are buying a brand new plow or a used one, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration when buying the plow. Here are three factors you need to consider when picking up a plow attachment for a truck.

    Weight of the blade

    Check the weight of the blade of the plow attachment you are looking at. Plows for vehicles like Jeep and small pickups will be lighter than the plow attachment for a truck. Get a snow plow with the right weight for your trucks as a too light one won’t perform well and a too heavy blade will affect the braking of the vehicle. The plow width for small vehicles starts at 6 and half feet and goes up to 9 or 10 feet for large vehicles like pickup trucks.

    Material of the blade

    Another important factor to consider when getting a plow attachment for a truck is the material of the blade. While a majority of the brands offer steel plows, several brands also offer blades made of polyethylene. Each of them has different anti-corrosion properties.

    A steel plow attachment for a truck is a more durable option as they are versatile in their uses and have better corrosion resistance as compared to the polyethylene ones. However, regarding the maintenance, a polyethylene moldboard tends to require less painting and other maintenance attention as compared to the steel ones.

    Type of plows

    The third important factor you need to consider when picking up a plow attachment for a truck is the type of plow. Other than that you also need to check on the different plow control options and the mount it offers and whether or not it is compatible with the truck you have.

    Keep all these factors in your mind when picking a plow attachment for your truck to choose the best one for your business.

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  • Freedom of traveling is at its pinnacle when in motorcycle. Lets face it, when we are traveling along in our car or SUV, a brief jealousy takes over us when being passed by that individual or a group on motorcycles. They are indeed far more closer and in sync with nature than a person driving in their cars! While it all sounds great, a motorist has to go through a lot of rigorous maintenance ritual in order to keep their motorcycles cool enough’ for best performance and also to woo the rest of the world.

    Motorcycle engine needs to have regular maintenance in order to keep them in good working condition. While there are several ways to get auto parts for your motorcycle, many riders prefer to buy them online for various reasons – it is comfortable, less time consuming and the best part is that you get great deals! Ebay auto parts are known for its competency with respect to quality and price.

    How can one purchase motorcycle engine components on eBay motors?

    eBay Motors offers convenience when shopping for motorcycle engine components or for complete engines. Just access the eBay Motors homepage and select the option called Motorcycles’. Once redirected, the new page will offer search query boxes to provide year, make, and model of the motorcycle for which parts or components are needed. Convenient icons are also provided for choosing the parts and accessories desired, including an icon for engines and components’. If a broader search is desired, just type motorcycle engine components & to be directed to a wide variety of engine components for several makes and models of motorcycles, both domestic and international ones.

    Ensure to use a valid form of payment when purchasing from eBay Motors. Example: debit card, credit card or a PayPal account. Ensure never to use cash or checks for any kind of purchase on this E-commerce website.

    While the website offers a comprehensive list of auto parts to choose from for your motorcycle, ensure to check the eBay community page. This page assist buyers and sellers alike with questions and answers, discussions and the highly useful seller ratings. In addition to the above, use the Answer Center’,’Discussion Boards’ and Profiles’ where there are several discussions, advise and tips on pretty much everything relating to motorcycle maintenance. Besides, this forum also gives a great opportunity to network with fellow users cum motorists.

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  • Pickup trucks today come in many shapes and sizes. Diesel pickup trucks have come a long way from their humble origins as the working man’s vehicle to petrol-driven speed monsters. We mean raw, unleaded, high octane power. With so many new entrants, including small pickup trucks, in this very competitive segment, here is our list of best trucks of 2016.

    Chevrolet Colorado: This amazing truck has oodles of innovation for the current year. The engineers at Chevrolet have added a new four-cylinder diesel engine with lots of low-end torque. The new truck handles like a large town car and has the distinction of being the most fuel-efficient truck in the market.

    GMC Sierra 1500: For this year, the bestselling Sierra offers only cosmetic upgrades without changing the highly-rated driveline and powertrain. New grilles and lights add to the cosmetic appeal of this half tonner. The interiors has better storage facilities and a wireless phone charging station.

    Nissan Titan XD: The Titan XD should be the poster boy of innovation in the trucking business. Nissan has proven that trucks can come with the foundational support of a full-size truck while offering the ride quality of a half tonne model. Add to this a 5-litre engine with 555 pounds-feet of torque and you have one of the most innovative trucks of the year.

    Ram 1500: The Ram 1500 will take on any terrain in the world. Dune bashing, ploughing through waist deep mud and climbing boulders are what it is best at. The Ram 1500 is 4X4-enthusiasts’ favorite. The four-corner air suspension, big tracks and rugged look shows its 4X4 leanings. It is a great value for the true outdoors man.

    Ram 3500: This huge one tonne hitter has an engine that delivers 900 pounds-feet of torque and a payload of 7,390 pounds. It has the biggest rear differential and heaviest rear axle in its segment. It is capable of pulling a 30,000-pound trailer, making it rise far above the competition. The Ram 3500 is truly a workman’s workhorse.

    Toyota Tacoma: The new engine of the 2016 Tacoma is smaller, has more horsepower, more usable torque and improved fuel economy. The cabin is quieter and the frame is stronger. The four-wheel-drive system is perfect and has no rival. We wish that Toyota did not pull in its punches when others in the segment have been incorporating larger updates to their line-up.

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  • Pick-up trucks are available in various engine options, trim, bed sizes, hauling capacity, and designs. Before buying one, it is important to know your requirements. For example, if you want to use it for weekend outings or to haul heavy loads, you must choose the right pick-up type with the right specs and features. Pay attention to the fuel economy, maintenance, and warranty. Here are some popular and best-selling pick-up trucks.

    RAM 1500
    RAM 1500 is a best-selling truck and has garnered a thumbs up from automobile critics as users continue to love the vehicle. The 2022 version is available in 8 trims. The 2022 version has been revamped with technology features and an improved interior. You can choose the drive train that is suited for your requirement, with engine options of V6 or V8 and diesel. It has two rows of seats and has one of the best interiors. The base price ranges from $35,900 to $76,880.

    Hyundai Santa Cruz
    The Santa Cruz is the first pick-up truck from Hyundai and is a midsize truck. It is available in four trim levels: SE, SEL, SEL Premium, and Limited, starting with a base price of $25,735. It comes with two powertrain choices and has a fuel economy of 21/26–city/highway. Hyundai has made the cabin comfortable and modern. It is one of the few trucks with a digital gauge cluster. It is also fitted with the latest infotainment system, wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

    Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has been released in nine trim levels, three-bed lengths, three cabs, and four engine choices. It allows you to choose and build a truck to match your requirement to the T. The base price ranges from $34,845 to $61,495. While the base models with standard features may be functional, the higher-end models have additional technology, infotainment, and safety features. It has a towing capacity of 13,300 pounds, and the fuel economy ranges between 23 and 33 mpg. While base models have manually adjustable locks and handles, higher-end models have leather upholstery, wood trim interiors, storage cubbies, and generous headroom.

    GMC Sierra 1500
    GMC Sierra 1500 is a versatile and fancier pick-up truck. Like the Silverado, it offers a choice of engines and technology. It is equipped with the Super Cruise feature, which allows you to drive hands-free. It is also fitted with the latest Google-based infotainment system, with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and 13.4 infotainment system. The interiors are done with upmarket material. It is available in 8 trim levels, and the base price ranges between $35,645 and $82,695.

    Jeep Gladiator
    The Jeep Gladiator is a versatile and useful pick-up truck. It has removable body panels that work very well in all terrains, dirt, and mud. The Jeep Gladiator is available in 10 trim levels. The base price ranges between $38,765 and $55,675. The vehicle has a 3.6-liter V-6 engine with 285 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque. It also has a towing capacity of 7050 pounds. The Gladiator has a fuel economy of 16/23 – city/highway. The interiors are comfortable with a heated steering wheel and front seats. You can remove the body panels and ride in an open-air cabin. All the models have a standard touchscreen infotainment system.

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  • Buying a pre-owned truck or any vehicle for that matter is a big commitment, financially as well as long term. With so many options available in terms of financing and models and brands to choose from, even buying a preowned vehicle can be quite the challenge.

    So here are a couple of things to know before you go ahead and check out that new truck.

    Make sure you pick a good certified dealer to buy the truck from. Dealerships themselves who sell their vehicles first hand also advertise makes and models of pre-owned vehicles of their brand. For example, a truck dealership which sells premium and new vehicles from their showroom, will also have a number pre-owned dealerships to promote sales.

    Research the values, market as well as the current sale prices. You should have a fair idea of what is the ongoing or asking price for such vehicles and compare it with the dealerships you want to buy from. The price of a truck is generally determined by the vehicles condition, mileage, wear and tear over the years, depreciation and many other factors.

    Certified pre-owned cars offered by the manufactured of that same make and model will be a better alternative as opposed to buying form local dealerships. For example, GMC motor company has both new and certified pre-owned vehicles for sale and thus it is better to buy from the manufacturer instead of a local dealer, since the manufacture’s certification holds more prominence over local dealers.

    A thorough test and inspection of the truck by an expert serviceman should be done in order to certify the vehicle road safe to drive. All the major components like engine, brakes, wheels, drivetrain, chassis and other auto parts must be certified A-Okay before a deal can be made. Take the vehicle for a test drive, if possible with someone who knows what he is doing to find out exactly how much work has been done on the truck and how much further work is needed.

    The trucks will have a vehicle repair and maintenance history, make sure you obtain the same from the dealership. Check if the truck has all the necessary paperwork, check the necessary warranties and any additional warranties you might want to opt for before signing the lease or buying the truck.

    The most important thing to know is that you should never hesitate to bargain and haggle on the price, be it a tooth brush or truck! The price is always negotiable, you just have to find a way to do so.

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  • If you are weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a second-hand truck, you need to think carefully so that your decision will be profitable and ideal in every sense of the word for your intended requirements. Read ahead to find out the various advantages and also disadvantages of small and second-hand pickup trucks:

    Benefits of small second-hand trucks

    • Cheaper cost: A small truck that is used will not be extremely costly and so you as a buyer will be able to purchase a small truck of your choice within your budget without any difficulty.
    • Lower maintenance cost: As a small truck has comparatively a more compact body, this means maintenance cost is comparatively much lower for these trucks. You are provided with bigger carrying capacity without the head ache of a big engine.
    • Tax and Insurance at lower cost: The daily maintenance cost of using a small truck is definitely lower. Since their appraisal cost is estimated at a much lower rate, insurance cost also works out to be comparatively lower. Even tax rates come to be quite low for these used small trucks.

    Disadvantages of small second-hand trucks

    Just like there are various advantages for buying used trucks, there are quite a number of disadvantages too. These include –

    • Not suitable as a regular work truck: Since these small trucks have minimal power and lees powerful suspension compared to big trucks, these trucks will not serve the purpose of regular work trucks. Even though these trucks have minimum hauling capacity, these trucks cannot be utilized for any kind of construction work or pulling of heavy trailers.
    • Cargo weights are only minimal: Although these trucks are perfect for hauling groceries or some kind of other items that you purchase during shopping trips, these trucks cannot be loaded with sand or gravel for transportation. This is due the fact that they are unable to bear the weight of loads that are very heavy which can be borne best by a big pick up van or truck. So, make sure the items you plan to load in your truck are not heavy duty before deciding to purchase a small used truck.
    • Comparatively lower towing power and capacity: Small trucks are not ideal to tow a big trailer. These trucks have no capacity or power to haul huge boats or trailers. So, think carefully before you go in for a small truck.
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  • Pickup trucks are becoming extremely popular these days and good news is that pickup trucks have umpteen uses apart from the usual transportation. They are now used for hauling trash, yard work, and ideal for moving too.

    Given below are some of the various alternative uses a pickup truck can be put to:
    Garden on the move: The present scenario is so developed in every sense of the word that you find everything you require on the move. Even the earth is mobile and you can make use of your pickup truck as a garden on the move. So, all you need to do if there happens to be a drought in your area is just drive around to some place where it is raining to keep the plants watered.
    Fresh market on the move: You can sell local produce fresh just after plucking and loading them on to your truck. The truck will serve as an excellent fresh market on the move.
    Gaming truck: This is an ideal option that combines both outdoor and recreation. Convert your pickup truck into a gaming truck that enables you to play your video games even with your truck on the move. Suppose you happen to be one of those people who get quite bored while going on those camping trips but at the same time love fresh air and outdoors, this truck is perfect for your requirements.
    Cabin truck: Although you may be under the notion that trailers or trucks are extremely small to live in, you might need to think once more. Your truck can be converted into a wonderful and compact one bedroom cabin that will provide you with living room even while traveling.
    Food pickup and catering van: If you love cooking and serving people, go ahead and convert your van into a catering van that will be perfect as a food catering or mobile food van.
    Ice-cream van: Another wonderful idea is to transform your van into a mobile ice-cream van that serves lip smacking frozen desserts. They look elegant and have ample storage space for all your frozen foods.
    Mobile fashion: You can also convert your lovely pickup truck into a retail mobile store that sells attractive attires that suit the fancy of the crowd you plan to sell your wares to. This works out cheaper as investment costs are minimal and you can reach more people while being on the move.

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