• Ever wondered how a car engine looks like? The hood of your car secures the main machine, and the jumble of wires with metal can be overwhelming, especially for the uninitiated. However, the engine is the reason why your car can be driven around, and it is great to have knowledge about the car engines. Moreover, if you are buying a new car, understanding engines will help you make an informed choice. Here are the different types of car engines.

    Inline engine – In an inline car engine, the cylinders are arranged in a line. The cylinders are mounted one behind another and are placed in the upward direction. This is a common configuration that is used across several types of cars as it is more compact and fuel efficient. An inline engine is popularly employed in hatchback cars.

    V engine – In a V car engine, the cylinders and pistons are aligned in a ‘V’ position. The two plans run in a shape that appears to be a ‘V’ from the top. The engines are shaped in the design to add to its functionality. The weight of the engine is reduced, and the length is shorter as compared to the inline engines.

    W car engines – The W engine can be credited to Volkswagen as the car company employs this engine type for commercial use. The W engines use the principle that is not very different from the V engines. In a W engine, the cylinders appear as if they are squished together as they are placed closely in one block. Most car manufacturers steer away from using the W engine. However, it is notably used in cars like the Bugatti Veyron and Bentley Mulsanne.

    OPOC engine – OPOC car engines are built with two cylinders at the two ends. The engine is devoid of valves and is different from the more conventionally built car engines. OPOC engines are smaller in size and also have a low bearing load. The fictions felt with these types of engines is lesser and the high power makes them a preferred choice for many vehicles.

    The cylinder arrangement can help in identifying the type of engine fitted inside a car. The type of engine will greatly impact the efficiency of the vehicle. All the above engine types demand a different set of maintenance rules and a mechanic can help you sort out any further doubts.

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  • Choosing between aftermarket cheap auto parts and OEM auto parts creates more questions than it can answer. When repairing a car, describing an auto part that is being replaced, expensive is an understatement.

    Aftermarket auto parts are actually cheap auto parts that are not made by the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are made by some other company but just not by the ones who made the auto parts originally for your vehicle.

    Aftermarket or cheap auto parts are often quite less expensive than their OEM counterparts. It is a conventional thinking that these aftermarket parts might be of lesser quality when compared with the originals.

    This might not be the case always. The quality of aftermarket parts has improved over the last couple of years. However, bear this in mind that they have their set of pros and cons.

    Advantages of cheap auto parts:
    Being aftermarket, the prices of cheap auto parts are always less than their OEM counterparts. Sometimes way too cheaper.

    Unlike an OEM auto part, that gives you only one choice, aftermarket cheap auto parts have hordes of choices for you to select from. Bigger selection sometimes brings more convenience. You are more likely to find the aftermarket version of the auto part at your nearest auto garage as compared to the OEM version, which might be available in the dealership’s shop, at a higher rate.

    Some of the things that you should keep in mind before buying cheap auto parts:

    Quality is always an issue with cheap auto parts. If the aftermarket auto parts have a top-notch quality (almost as good as or better than the OEM auto part) then they cannot be termed as cheap auto parts. Thus, here comes the part of consistency. Higher selection of cheap auto parts often leads to lower quality standards. Lower quality is related to finishing problems that affect the shelf life of the auto part and causes trouble more than their worth. Hence, be safe and pick a popular brand name that offers cheap auto parts of good quality.

    You don’t have to worry about the warranty of OEM auto parts, as the come with some level of warranty protection, which usually lasts a year. Cheap auto parts don’t have little or no warranty. This is because of the low-quality standards of cheap auto parts.

    To conclude, you will have to do your own little research, weight pros, and cons from your side before going for low quality cheap auto parts. It all depends on which auto part you are replacing, and will the quality of that auto part compromise the safety standard of the car?

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  • Some auto parts are parts are priced to the moon simply because customers are unaware of the fact that an auto part that took a mere $5 to manufacture carries up to 5000% premium as it reaches the retail counter.

    Sure, you want to buy cheap auto parts, but not at the cost of compromising on the quality. Following tips might help you to get around an auto shop (online or otherwise) and help you to get cheap auto parts without getting washed away on quality.

    If you get an auto part at cheap rate, call the dealership to confirm your specific part number before finalizing on the purchase. Some parts are unique to certain engines and transmissions. Getting cheap auto parts that do not match with the engine or transmission part number can potentially affect computer modules and sensors to even the basic items like alternators and starters.

    There are a couple of websites that offer the largest database of used auto parts that could be available reasonable rates. Some of the websites include carparts.com, discountautoparts.com, autopartswarehouse.com, partsgeek.com etc. Even if you find cheap auto parts on these websites, shipping them overseas might cost you extra, so take the place of delivery into consideration.

    Classified advertisement websites could be a sham
    Buying cheap auto parts that are listed on classified advertisement websites might not always be a good source. What is advertised on these websites might not be the same when you actually go to buy and you might actually end up spending more.

    Haggle politely
    Most junkyards and auto garages that sell cheap auto parts have the common courtesy to match the lower price of an auto part at another retailer. So even if you haggle or bargain with the person on the other side of the counter, make sure you do your homework before fishing for lower price.

    Coupons can be of great help
    Buying auto parts from retailers can prove to be an expensive affair. To buy cheap auto parts, look for websites that provide auto coupons, coupon codes or manufacturer rebates, which you might not find usually on general auto websites. If you find yourself short of that ‘$50 off on $150’ purchase, add some items to the cart that you are going to use anyway in the future.

    Get medieval!
    If the power of internet does not help you find the cheap auto parts you need, pay a visit to some self-service junkyards. Many auto-hobbyists will take out time and bring their own tools to find the auto part they want, from a car or a powertrain in the junkyard, remove it themselves, and take home at reasonable rates

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  • Junkyard parts can be now bought online without you having to sift through mounds of metal to find that one part which will save you some money. If you are a custom car dealer or are just looking to rebuild your automobile from scratch as a passion project, you are going to need all the help you can get. Fortunately, with parts which can be ordered online and delivered at your doorstep, it will take you no time in turning your passion dream project into a reality.

    Here are four popular junkyard and salvage parts vendor websites from where you can source your class and commercial vehicle parts:

    Salvagehunter: This website is a one stop shop for all your junkyard and salvage parts necessary to build that 2001 transmission or 300 cc engine that has been sitting away and rotting in your garage for a decade now. With an interactive user interface and features which include parts which can be searched according to the year, make and model of the vehicle, with the particular component that you might need. The parts and components can also be searched by using an image search tool which has a handy view and parts selector to help you identify the component that you need. A multipart search will help you filter components from a number of options of body parts and mechanical elements.

    Pullapart: Pullapart has an exclusive car parts inventory and interchangeable parts inventory with a very neat and interactive web user interface to make your online shopping experience pleasant. Browse for everything that you need and make an inventory. You can also visit your nearest pullapart by using the store locator to get a more customized buying experience with assistance.

    Partshotlines: This website will allow you to shop for auto parts from mostly all over the over the country. With over 75 million used parts which can be searched and ordered from their respective owners, all you have to do is enter your zip code, select the year of the vehicle model, choose the commercial or custom make and you can find parts for your automobile after connecting with the vendor.

    Ebay: Ebay is also a great place to find junkyard parts for good prices, although it is not a dedicated auto parts service like the other websites.

    Apart from the listed sites, you can find individual vendors and online resellers at the click of your mouse.

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  • Whoever said that you cannot make money from a bunch of scraps has never come across a junkyard parts sale. Vehicles today are stripped to the chassis in order to remove any parts that can be resold to be used by someone else who cannot afford to buy original parts from vendors. Part in the junkyard can be purchased for a fraction of their prices in their original condition, even if they are sold online.

    Junkyard is heaven for custom car designers and builders since cheap spare parts can be reused and help drive up their profit by a significant margin. Used auto parts dealers make their profit from parts which are refurbished and tested good to go back out on the road.

    Here is a list of most common auto parts and components which can be recycled and reused, or can be found at your local junkyard:

    Motor oil: The engine oil which helps lubricate vital parts can be cleaned and reused. Engine oil doesn’t not wear or lose its viscosity, it just gets dirty. Even though this is not the junkyard part which will help you cash in or make a good profit, it still is a good deal instead of letting the oil go to waste.

    GPS: This might sound a little odd, but your car GPS system can fetch you some decent money in case you are a selling your car. Selling the unit separately to a junkyard parts dealer will fetch you good money as opposed to selling it as part of the car. Though nowadays this inbuilt device has lost its value owing to people relying on their smartphones for navigation.

    Fenders: Car fenders can be cleaned, polished, reshaped and restored to its original condition ad is a preferred part amongst custom car shop owners. Buying original fenders will cut into their profit, so sourcing fenders in the junkyard will help keep their margin and can get you some decent bucks. Classic car model parts will be more in demands as opposed to mass production vehicles.

    Wheels, tires and rims: Again, these are parts which can be refurbished and can make you good money. Tires, matching rims set and component as part of their original kit will be ten times more expensive. This way you make money by selling scrap and adding it to their junkyard parts collection.

    Other popular junkyard parts that can fetch you a couple of hundred dollars here and there include tailgates from pickup trucks, air bags, battery, bumpers, doors and more.

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  • Finding one’s car broken down early in the morning tends to give anyone a nervous shock as repairing them these days is very expensive. Searching for a newly launched car and owning it is not a big deal at all when compared to the after effects of buying the brand-new car. It serves you best up till the warranty date and then slowly starts showing gradual signs of tear and wear, oil leakages, wheel alignment problems, loose brakes, etc. The more expensive the car, the more expensive the auto parts will be. The price of the auto parts also depends on many other factors like labor charges, reputation of shop etc. You need not find buying parts particularly heavy on the pocket as here we have few advance auto parts coupon codes and discount that are available to cut down the expense.

    Advance Auto Parts: Advance auto parts are the world’s largest automotive parts provider in north America. They outstand in serving customers better than anyone else. They provide numerous coupons and discounts for auto parts and services like save up coupon for $20 on wear ever branded brakes, great oil deals on motor oil, save up coupon of $10 on wipers, up to 40 % off on auto parts they also have exciting interactive monthly flyer and Saturday deals.

    Brady’s deals: They are for service and not a store. They help us to shop smart by making the best price avail for every product we buy online which means that we need not pay the full prize for any products. They fetch attractive deals like 15% off on $25 accessories coupons, save 15% on battery order or more with advance auto parts promo codes, shop and save offers and 20% off for speed perks members.

    Slick Deals: Slick deals share discounts on wide variety of products from a pencil to travel discounts. They are the most trusted deal sharing community. They check for the value and quality of the product and only the best handpicked deals are posted. They give amazing offers for speed perks member with free shipping for $100 worth, special offers for monthly oil change and more.

    Quotient: Quotient is exclusively for connecting us with thousands of brands and retailers through retailer IQ platform, publisher network or through app and website. They have a separate operating website called coupons.com which make us access and compare different auto part brands all at one place. They regularly provide special offers for online purchase for a minimum of $20 off.

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  • For more than 30 years, AutoZone has been providing the best auto parts, prices and customer service in the automotive aftermarket industry. One look at their website makes it extremely clear that they offer one of the most comprehensive product range in the Country.

    Their pledge is intriguing indeed! It goes as follows:

    “AutoZoners always put customers first! We know our parts and products. Our stores look great! We’ve got the best merchandise at the right price.

    Their goal is to provide customers with Trustworthy Advice and real solutions ensuring the customer has What It Takes To Do The Job Right, or better known to AutoZoners as WITTDTJR.

    A diverse and rapidly growing company, here are the key ingredients that make the company stand apart from any other in the market.

    Trustworthy advice
    Not everything comes for free and certainly not advice! However AutoZone offers thousands of parts and accessories in their stores, but the best product that is offered is the Trustworthy Advice. The AutoZone shopping experience is created keeping the customer in mind. The stores have friendly, knowledgeable AutoZoners who are glad to help you find the right merchandise at the right price. Z-net, the latest automotive technology, available only at AutoZone, lets their AutoZoners not only look up parts fast, it also helps the customers get the job done right the first time, every time by providing complete job solutions, advice, and information for their vehicles.

    WOW! Customer service
    It is not surprising that AutoZone has an innumerable fan following and loyal customers. AutoZoners always put customers first and that’s pretty straight from the organization’s mission and their pledge! That’s the commitment to their retail and commercial customers- to always provide friendly, knowledgeable service, and the right parts and products.

    Some services are given for free!
    Many of their services are free of charge battery testing and charging, diagnostic testing and their most successful Loan-A-Tool program. AutoZone provides these services to save you time and money. The loan-a-tool program gives their customers a chance to get their hands on some of the most expensive tools which they may not be willing to invest on. The procedure can’t be simpler than this – you simply leave a deposit when you pick up the tool. When you’re done with the job, just return it to get a full refund of your deposit. These tools are a complete selection of seldom-used, expensive-to-own, specialty tools that will help you do the job right.

    Seldom we come across an organization that live upto their mission and clearly AutoZoners do more than simply recite the pledge – they live it every day.

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  • Purchasing spares can become a heart-wrenching experience once we get to know its price. What we thought would be a $5 worth spare might come in with a 200% premium with a retailer. Although the product seems genuine, a lot of costs are hidden. We have been buying from people and companies that we trust. But on the internet, nothing can be trusted unless we have the spare installed and confirm that it is working properly. However, online purchases are happening every day and the online market is only getting bigger. Then how do we go about it? Here are a few steps to do before finishing your purchase online.

    Research is everything!
    Whether you are new or old to the online market, research is pivotal before finding a genuine spare at the right price. Options might seem many when looking for a fairly common spare and it might get confusing to decide which one to get. To start your research, there are two main websites, to begin with, Car-Part.com, which offers one of the largest databases of used auto parts in the world and eBay.com, an online auto parts mogul. Find the auto part that you need on Car-Part.com and then try locating the same on eBay.com. Try comparing the prices and the shipping costs. Also, pay attention to the delivery time to see which one suits you best. You can also check out other online stores such as AutoPartsWarehouse.com, AutoPartsStoresUS.com, and more.

    It is always best to call up your dealer to confirm the specific part number before you make the purchase. A wrong purchase only puts you in trouble and not the dealer. It is important to note that automobile manufacturers make unique parts for their vehicles to keep them edgy or many times just to charge more.

    Coupons and discounts!
    Many online stores run promotions and discounts regularly. It is not bad to sign up for notifications and promotions on online stores. The right coupon might sometimes give you a great saving. In case you fall short of a discount, say “$40 off for a $150” coupon code, you can include items that you might regularly, for example, filters and coolants etc. You can also check this famous website bosistheoilguy.com – which will help you find coupons and discounts that sometimes don’t appear online. Go to the product rebates forum and you will be in for a surprise!

    The online experience is a way of self-learning and a long term benefit. You will learn as you make your purchase, unlike the one you purchase at a store.

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  • With the whole world available at your fingertips, you might be too tempted to live out your whole life online. But there are certain aspects of life that still need your presence offline. One of them is when buying a rare auto part for your favorite car.

    Not all the times would you be able to find the right part at the lowest price online. In most occasions when you are purchasing a fairly common part, you usually find it in most online stores. But when you are looking for a rare part for your older model, the first lookout would be your trusted mechanic. Vehicle mechanics deal with all types of cars and have a good knowledge of where to get the key components for your car. A good mechanic will be able to source the right part at a good rate through his or her network so as to retain their loyal customers.If they are too busy, they might direct you to the right place to find it.

    If your trusted mechanic is not able to find it, the next best place to look for will be the junkyard. Junkyards are a haven for used, scrap and unusual treasures. Even though junkyards kill time, many hobbyists still lurk around to find hidden jewels to decorate or create their own dream machine. If you are ready to spend time digging around to find your part and finally paying almost nothing for it, then buckle up for a modern treasure hunt. Junkyards are the cheapest option when your rare car is needing that one rare part to get back on the road. Junkyards are also places where you meet enthusiastic automobile collectors and builders.

    Buy a parts car. When you know that you will not give up your old mechanical girlfriend for life, consider buying a car from which you can take those spares whenever she needs one.

    You can find a non-drivable version of your car at mypublicnotices.com and in the Auction section in your local newspapers.

    If you do not find the part anywhere, then try the dealer. Dealers get their parts directly from manufacturers who keep them informed about the parts that are discontinued or no longer in production. The costs of rare parts are usually high and the dealers save them for the best deals.

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  • AutoZone is the leading retailer and distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the Country. For more than 30 years, the company has been committed to providing the best parts, prices and customer service in the automotive aftermarket industry. It is intriguing to note that the companies pledge starts off as AutoZoners always put the customers first! and they have indeed lived true to the very word! Many customers have rated AutoZone as friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help customers with their vehicle. Striving for exceptional performance, the organization is made up of group of employees with a rich history.

    AutoZone’s history started with the vision of one man: J.R. “Pitt” Hyde III. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of North Carolina, he joined Malone & Hyde, Inc., a wholesale food company founded by his grandfather. Pitt initiated and developed Malone & Hyde’s specialty retailing division, beginning with drug stores and expanding to include sporting goods stores and supermarkets.

    Pitt saw a need for a retail automotive parts store to help people with the upkeep of their vehicles and created Auto Shack. He believed that the characteristics found in supermarkets – clean, well-organized store, accessible products and great customer service – could be applied to the automotive parts business. In 1979, his vision became a reality.
    On July 4, 1979, Auto Shack opened its first store in Forrest City, Arkansas. Doc Crain was the first Auto Shack store manager and sales that day totalled about $300. In 1986, Auto Shack was spun off as a freestanding company of which Pitt served as Chairman and CEO.

    Today, Auto Shack is AutoZone – a Fortune 500 company and the leading auto parts retailer in the United States with more than $8.1 billion in annual sales.

    AutoZone continues to fuel growth by exploring new businesses and entering new markets. In 1996, AutoZone launched a commercial program offering credit and delivery to professional technicians. Later, with the purchase of ALLDATA, AutoZone acquired the nation’s leading provider of electronic automotive diagnostic and repair software. In 1998, AutoZone expanded its presence outside the U.S. borders to Mexico, opening the first AutoZone de Mexico store in December 1998.

    AutoZone has come a long way. Today, AutoZone serves customers in 48 states, Mexico and Puerto Rico and employs more than 65,000 employees, referred to as AutoZoners. One of the constant, core foundations to its success has been the strong culture of customer satisfaction.

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