Avoid these things for effectively managing skin disease

Skin disease can be caused due to a variety of reasons, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, genetic factors, contact with irritants, or even due to a weak immune system. Some skin diseases are mild, while others can cause extreme discomfort and distress and may require specialized treatment. If you are suffering from a skin disease, here are a few things you should avoid to control the spread and intensity of the disease.

Avoid using strong soaps, detergents, and shampoos

Skin disease can worsen when you wash your body or clothes with strongly scented soaps, detergents, and shampoos. Soaps made with chemicals remove the natural oils from the skin and make it dry and itchy. Fragrance-free, mild soaps and detergents are best, and rinse your body and clothes well. For severe skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, it is best to avoid using soap unless it is essential.

Avoid hot water

Extreme temperatures can inflame the skin and trigger a flare-up in people with skin conditions. To soothe your skin, use lukewarm or cool water for a shower. Hot water will dry the skin and cause redness, itching, and sometimes peeling.

Avoid excessive sunlight

Having sufficient exposure to sunlight is essential, but it can be harmful to people with skin diseases. Sunburns can cause inflammation to your skin and can lead to flare-ups. People with skin diseases should keep sun exposure to a minimum. Use mineral sunscreen to block out the burning rays.

Avoid stress

Stress can make skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis worse. When stressed, your body’s hormones cause inflammation, further irritating your skin. Try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. Also, ensure you get enough sleep to reduce stress.

Avoid all types of allergens

Pet dander, dust, and mold can come into direct contact with the skin and cause flare-ups. People with skin diseases should avoid contact with allergens. If you cannot avoid an allergen, try to reduce contact with it.

Eliminate certain foods

Many foods can cause inflammation throughout the body and make symptoms worse. People with skin diseases should avoid the following foods:


Dairy products are high in fat and can lead to inflammation in some people. Many people are also allergic to dairy, triggering symptoms of various skin conditions.


People with skin diseases should avoid consuming eggs, which can cause an inflammatory response.

Foods high in saturated and trans fats

Saturated fats found in red meat and butter promote inflammation and may worsen skin disease symptoms. It is best to avoid trans fats such as processed and fast food and margarine.

Sugary foods

Sugary foods such as cakes, chocolates, energy drinks, and fruit juices cause insulin levels to spike, resulting in skin inflammation.

Foods with a high glycemic index

White bread, white rice, pasta, and potatoes are some foods with a high glycemic index and should be avoided.

Soy products

Consuming soy products can lead to the production of excess estrogen, which can aggravate certain skin conditions.

Avoid strenuous exercises

During a flare-up, it is best to avoid strenuous exercises as sweating can irritate the skin. Sweat contains salt that can dry out your skin and cause flare-ups. Doing less strenuous workouts early in the morning or evening when it is cooler is ideal.

Skin disease is different for everyone. Some may have flares more often, while others may have less. Avoiding the above things can help ease skin disease symptoms. The treatment varies depending on the type of skin disease and its severity. Skin disease is usually treated with the help of options such as antihistamines, medicated ointments, antibiotics, laser therapy, and targeted prescription treatments. One of the treatments that are used for adults with mild to severe plaque psoriasis is tremfya. It is injected just below the surface of the skin, and the dosage will depend on the doctor.

Talk to your dermatologist, who will diagnose your skin condition and decide on the right treatment.

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