A Timeline Of Ebook Readers

An electronic book reader or a universal name, the eBook reader, is one of the latest development in interactive electronic technology. It is a digital form of text-based publications. Some eBook may contain images and graphical forms, most of the formats are text-based.

They are designed so that they can be read on a compatible electronic device. eBooks are stored in the form of electronic files. The file size is small, so you can store a number of books, making them easy to share and purchase. It makes them a perfect companion for travel reading, making electronic notes. eBook readers have a come long since their first appearance.

Let us look at the timeline of eBook readers and accessories and how they developed with progression of time.

Automated reader

  • The first automated reader, which is a precursor to all the versatile eBook readers available today was invented by Angela Ruiz Robles back in 1940’s.
  • The first design of eBook reader was a very simple prototype that printed texts onto a spool that was operated by compressed air. Yes, this reader was not an eBook reader and did go for mass production but is still hailed as one of the first automated readers of that time.

Online surfing through Internet

  • It was the invention of the internet that took the eBook reader and related accessories to the next level. The first eBooks took the advantage of Internet by sharing files and information. It was somewhere around 1970’s when a student from University of Illinois used a computer and ARPAnet (which would be later become internet) typed in some messages in Capital letters on the computer that was connected to some data processing machine. The text message was available for download and was downloaded by six other people that were on ARPAnet. This is how the first eBook was born.
  • With widespread of the internet, a company published one of its hypertext fiction around 1985. This eBook was available on floppy disk.
  • In the year 1993, a company launched a website that sold eBooks over the internet. With this, it also became the first company to create financial exchange system over the Internet. So, in a way, computers were the very first eBook readers.
  • It was between 1998 and 2000 when the first true eBook readers came into existence. It was Softbook reader and Gemstar produced the first true eBook readers
  • By the end of 2003, eBook reader and accessories manufacturing companies saw a decline in sales because of their monotonous designs and because of the fact that people were more inclined towards reading their favorite books the way they were supposed to be.
  • Sony released eBook reader by the name Libre that utilized eInk (electronic ink). The annoying glare from the backlit was a thing of past as eInk on the PDA’s were more comfortable to read.
  • It was only before the year 2010 that unleashed a whole new separate platform of eBook reader and accessories. Amazon (Kindle) and iPhone released eBooks and accessories that were initially sold only in the country. As the eBook reading picked up popularity, these eBooks readers started being sold globally.
  • Today there are a like a “gazillion” varieties of eBook readers and accessories that avid readers can lay their hands on. These eBook readers now come with a plethora of features such as online bookshelves, music playback and internet browsing and much more. They offer accessories with eBooks that enhance the reading experience. To get the best eBook readers and accessories, read the reviews available on the internet and visit the manufacturer’s official website to know more about these eBook readers and accessories.
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