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  • Some healthy fats are always required for our body to maintain our good health. As our body does not produce by itself, we have to take some extra supplements to maintain the order. Almost every doctor or dietician would suggest to take a supplement to maintain the proper required growth of the body. Even the supplement industry cannot ignore this fact. Many of them are suggesting that these extra supplements can be provided to the body by eating some fatty fish, like salmon and tuna. But in normal life, it’s very hard for everyone to include fish in their diet on a regular basis. That is why some industries have developed some of the best fish oil supplements which can become an alternative to those who cannot eat fish on a regular basis. By having these best fish oil supplements in the diet, you can be sure of getting proper nutrition. But it is always an essential question whether these supplements provide the necessary nutrition or not.

    Many researchers have proved that by having omega-3 fatty acids, all the requirements of the body related to nutrition can be fulfilled. However, there should be a limit for the intake of such fatty acids or the best fish oil supplements, as these can be hazardous if used extensively.

    Why should one use fish oil pills?
    Some fatty acids are healthy as they can provide nutrition to our bodies. These are generally considered good for the heart. They also work in improving the level of cholesterol in the body. The best fish oil supplements are also helpful for the growth of the brain. All the cells of the body work properly if they receive proper nutrition.

    The main reason for the use of the best fish oil supplements rather than using fish in the diet on daily basis is, you can escape from the task of cooking the fish and wasting a lot of time. It has been clinically proven that you are going to get the same benefit by having these fish supplements rather than eating fish.

    The best fish oil supplements have become popular now. People prefer having fish oil supplements rather than fish in the diet. But what matters is you choosing a better type of fish supplement. Avoid taking a fish oil supplement without a doctor’s prescription. So you should be very careful while making the choice of the best fish oil supplement. Nutrigold is one of the best fish oil supplement.

    Many researchers in their studies have proved that these fatty acids are useful for the health, but these should be used according to age and according to the prescription of a dietician, otherwise, you will face poor results. One type of fish supplement can prove good for one person but can prove harmful to other. So these should be taken according to body types.

    The American Heart Association has proved that fish oil can reduce the risk of heart attack, if you are taking a dose of 4 gram of it on daily basis. It has also been proved that these improve cardiac health.

    Of course, all of us want to be healthy and want to reduce the risk of heart attack, thus you should decide carefully about your fish supplement. There are so many fish supplements in the market and they’re available online too. But it will be better if you ask your doctor and dietician about which kind of supplement you should take. It depends on how much intake of fish you are having if you are using fish in your diet up to an extent, then it would be hazardous for you as it can lead to heartburn, nausea and sometimes nose bleeding.

    Make sure that you check the variants of all the best fish oil supplements available in the market.

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  • The truck bed covers are one of the prime requirements of the trucks. They are made of highly durable and robust material which gives a wonderful performance in the long run. The truck covers have high duty water-resistant design which protects the goods during the harsh rainy weather. Apart they also provide increased gas mileage and enhance the styling of the trucks. All the reasons reinforce the fact that the truck bed covers are the most useful accessories you must own for your trucks.

    You will find different styles and types of the truck bed covers in the market. However, the challenging part is that which truck cover would be ideal for your truck. Here are some of the important facts about the truck covers. Read on to explore.

    Trucks with open pickup bed cause the exposure of the hauled cargo. The equipment may develop rust or get damaged due to the excess moisture. During high wind days, the unsecured items can be even blown out of the trucks. In some cases, they can be displaced from their actual positions. Also, the UV rays can have a bad effect on the left out items in the truck bed. These facts reveal the exposed and open pickup trucks have many cons on their part. Thus their limitations can be overcome with the truck bed covers.

    The truck bed cover provides maximum protection from the harsh weather calamities. You can increase the versatility and functionality of your trucks using the truck covers. If you travel in locations with adverse climatic conditions, you must keep them in mind and buy the custom-fit truck cover. High quality covers protect the cargo and truck from the torrential rains along with strong winds and sunlight. Some covers have an advanced water drainage system which enables the water to drain off quickly preventing the absorption of moisture. It is advised to have hard truck covers if you live in regions where there is heavy snowfall. The hard truck bed covers provide more protection against the soft covers. Always buy the truck covers which have a soft vinyl inner lining. This prevents the occurrence of scratches on the surface of the trucks. Make sure you have the best truck covers which prevent the blowing of dust and debris during high winds.

    Types of Truck bed covers:

    Roll-up Truck covers: The roll-up truck covers can be easily rolled and opened across the truck bed. You can easily secure them using the grooved seals and bed rails. They have vinyl topped layers which give the truck nice appearance.

    Retractable Truck covers: As the name indicates the retractable truck covers can be rolled into storage spaces which are mounted on the bed area. They have strong bed security and water resistant properties which makes them an ideal choice for the trucks.

    Folding Truck bed covers: They can be classified as hard and soft folding truck covers which can be folded into different sections. The folding truck bed covers are a perfect choice if you are transporting big sized furniture and other such equipment.

    If you want to buy the truck bed covers for your trucks you must always buy them from trustable dealers. You can choose from the wide range of styles and types of the truck bed covers and buy the best ones which meet protection needs of your trucks.

    The truck bed covers are worth buying if you want to ensure the protection of your trucks along with the products you carry. You can organize all your products in an ideal manner and keep them in their actual positions for long.

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  • When ranking wireless cell phone carriers, you must consider a few things to come to a right decision. These factors include performance, customer services, and plans offered. It is not uncommon that network providers keep making changes to their plans, networks, and offerings.

    Apple is one of the best cell phone companies and recently, Virgin Mobile disclosed that it is becoming an iPhone-centric prepaid carrier. It changed its data plans to one plan that offers unlimited data to its customers. Performance of a mobile network provider can be measured through its speed. Here we will discuss some decent wireless network providers in brief. Another way to gauge the performance of a network is with the help of Ookla.

    Then some plans come in many forms such as data-centric plans, plans for an individual and the entire family, and prepaid plans. After choosing the cell phone company, you must look for network carriers that provide good plans at affordable prices. Following are the most-preferred network carriers to choose from.

    Boost depends on Sprint network. It offers unlimited plans for prepaid service uses, and they are priced well. However, the network might not be excellent when it comes to playing video games, music and playing games on the Internet. It comes with a decent performance.

    Cricket like MetroPCS offers a variety of plans. However, its network performance is not as impressive as that of MetroPCS. The AT&T, the parent network provider of Cricket, affects its network performance. Cricket gives a download speed of around 8Mbps. It offers decent customer service.

    Apple being among the top cell phone companies, Virgin now only serves the iPhone users. It offers a lone data plan that comes unlimited. It can cost $50 for a month. However, it has to face a few restrictions on the part of the download speed. It can take slightly longer time to stream videos, games, and music. Its tiered data plans are also restrictive.

    Straight Talk
    Straight Talk does not offer an impressive network, all would agree. It can be rated last in the speed test when compared with the devices given above. The plans and special features that Straight Talk offers are not sufficient. It’s the data allotment plan that can be appealing to some customers.

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  • Nutrition as an idea actually sprouted eons ago. The first record about nutrition was found carved in a stone tablet in Babylon around the time 2500 BC. Those who suffered at that time were given the advice to not eat onions for three days.

    Studying nutrition as a subject was, probably, studied in 6th century BC. The food that classified as hot, were items like meats, ginger, and hot spices. While items like green vegetables were considered cold in India, China, Malaya and Persia. The Chinese physician considered diseases as deficiencies of elements like fire, earth, wood, and metals. In the Bible in the book of David, it is recorded that he and his companions were allowed to eat what they preferred, vegetables and pulses and the king and his people ate fine food and wine. After ten days, their health was compared with that of the king’s men, who were found to be of inferior health.

    Antoine Lavoisier became famous for saying life is chemical processes. He went on to design a calorimeter of measure the heat produced by working and also by eating different food.

    Hippocrates (Greece, ca 460 BCca 370 BC) was the first to see food had something important in it. He propounded that all humans are same irrespective of where they lived or ate. But there is one ingredient in food that makes an individual what he is. This one ingredient theory had a long life.

    The same thought can be seen reflected in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian Medicine. They advocate that health starts from the food one eats.

    The first experimental research in nutrition was conducted by Christiaan Eijkman (Holland, 1858-1930). He noticed that people who ate white rice in Java developed Beriberi. He experimented by feeding chicken exclusively white rice and another group brown rice. He noticed that chicken that fed on white rice developed Beriberi while those fed with brown rice did not. Many years later it was discovered that the rice bran had vitamin B in it and that was a remedy to cure Beriberi.

    Nutrition as a science has come a long way and everyday we see new things being discovered about our food and the way we consume it. The obsession with weight loss and being thin has somehow been equated with being healthy and as a result people really do not take nutrition into consideration when choosing a diet to lose weight. Yo-yo diets and crash diets can take a toll on your body and result in serious health conditions. While being fit and having a healthy body is one of the reasons to lose weight, doing so while nourishing your body will be the bet way to go about it.

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  • With the iPhone 7 coming into the market, many people are confused. Should they shell out big bucks for to meet the new iPhone price? Or go with its cheaper and slightly older counterpart? Or, ultimately, just wait for the iPhone 8 to be released? Here some essential things to know about iPhone prices, features, and more.

    • Launch and pricing: The iPhone 7 was released in September 2016 while the iPhone 6 was released in September 2014. This certainly gives the 7 more points since it won’t get outdated soon. However, when you look at it from the price perspective, the new iPhone’s price starts at USD 749 while the iPhone 6 costs around USD 414 lesser at USD 335.
    • Performance: The iPhone 6 has an A8 chip while the iPhone 7 has an A10 Fusion chip. This chip is two times faster than that of the iPhone 6, giving you a great gaming and video experience.
    • Battery: While both phones give a battery performance of up to 14 hours talk time while on a 3G network, the iPhone 6 offers an impressive 250 hours while on standby while the iPhone 7 offers up to 10 days while on standby.

    You cannot talk about the iPhone and not mention its camera. So here is a comparison starting with the features of the iPhone 6.

    • 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera
    • f/2.2 aperture
    • Dual LED flash
    • Autofocus
    • Panorama
    • Face/smile detection
    • HDR

    Camera features of the iPhone 7 are certainly worth the new iPhone’s price. Some of them are as follows:

    • 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera
    • f/1.8 aperture
    • Quad LED True Tone flash
    • Autofocus
    • Panorama
    • HDR
    • Burst mode
    • 5x digital zoom
    • Live photos with stabilization

    Common features of both phones include the following:

    • Both phones’ dimensions are the same at 5.44 inches x 2.64 inches x 0.28 inches
    • Both support only nano-SIMs
    • Both support GSM, CDMA, and LTE
    • Sensors such Gyrometers, proximity sensors, fingerprint sensors, accelerometer, and barometer
    • Both support Siri

    Whether yours is an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 buy, you will surely end up falling in love with your phone.

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  • Apple has launched its flagship iPhone 8 and 8 Plus recently, which is an upgraded version of its predecessors in every way possible. If you are looking forward to upgrade your phone, then have a look at their super quality features to satiate your desire.

    Here are some of its features for your reference:

    Color variants: The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available in three distinct color variants including Gold, Silver and Space Gray.

    Dimensions: While the iPhone 8 weighs just over 5 ounces and is 5.45 inches in length, the 8 plus dominates with a bigger display at 6.24 inches and weighs just over 7 ounces. Both iPhone 8 variants feature a widescreen Retina HD display with a multi-touch IPS powered technology.

    Capacity: Storage capacity is not necessarily a distinguishing factor since both the variants have only two buying options, 64GB and 256GB. Other variants had been discontinued after the launch of Apple’s other popular flagship models. Currently, these are the two popular variants available with the brand.

    Processor: The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both feature a neural engine M11 motion co-processor, powered by latest generation A11 bionic chip supporting a 64-bit architecture, the best in Apple iPhone’s to date replacing the A10 Fusion chip.

    Camera: Camera lenses, aperture, and zoom options are its inherent deciders when it comes to the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. While both feature a 12MP camera, the iPhone 8 plus also has wide angle and telephoto picture capabilities. The iPhone 8 has an f-stop aperture of 1.8 while the 8 Plus features both f-stop 1.8 and 2.8 depending on whether you want a wide-angle shot or a telephoto shot. While the iPhone 8 offers digital up to 5x, the iPhone 8 plus offers optical zoom up to 10x with additional portrait and lighting modes.

    Battery: The iPhone 8 features a decent power backup of 14 hours for multiple uses while the iPhone 8 Plus offers a better power backup of 21 hours.

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