5 winter flowers for fabulous Christmas flower arrangements

The Christmas season is almost upon us, and the air is getting crispier and more festive every day. People are waiting in sheer anticipation of the big celebration and everything cheerful it brings along; and nothing speaks cheerfulness more than bright, beautiful flowers.

If you are thinking of throwing a small house party or sending a token gift for the occasion to a friend or relative, a charming decoration of popular Christmas flowers will be the perfect option. Here are five winter flowers for charming up Christmas flower arrangements.

Indigenous to Mexico, Poinsettia is one of the most popular Christmas decoration plants of all time. The blooms, which are differently colored leaves of the plant itself, come in natural shades of green, red, yellow, pink, orange and so on. If you buy them from a commercial florist, they might sparkle up the foliage or decorate them with bells and tiny balls as per your wish.

Amaryllis in Greek means ‘to sparkle.’ With its white and red shade which resembles the traditional Christmas colors, they make the best decorations for Christmas flower arrangements on your tabletop in a bowl or the corner stand in a vase with their long stems and trumpet-like blossom peeking out. The petals come in solid, striped or freckled varieties.

Christmas Cactus
This holiday plant gets its name from the idea that it blooms during the time of winter, but actually, it starts to spring close to Thanksgiving. By the time December arrives, the plants are covered with pink, red or purplish blooms, and they bend over and hang down from the pot like beautiful trinkets. Suspend the pot in hanging positions, and you will not even need to do anything more for decorations.

A popular choice for bouquets, the ruffled assortment of red and white flowers is a perfect option for sending Christmas greetings to your loved ones. Also very much ideal for decking up your window grills, staircase railings or center table for the party, Carnations make beautiful traditional Christmas flower arrangements.

White Chrysanthemums
The significance of White Chrysanthemums as a popular Christmas flower has its roots in German folklore. According to the story, the Christ Child once visited a peasant family as a beggar, and after they gave him food and shelter, he revealed himself and left. The next day they found two white Chrysanthemums outside their door where he stood. Even today, many people keep the flower in their home or send to each other in remembrance of this story.

Flowers bring out the best in your home and also speak the loudest while sending greetings of the season is concerned. Choose one in your favorite shade and let the blossoms do the rest for you.

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