5 things to know before buying a trundle bed

A trundle bed is a multifunctional piece of bedroom furniture that helps save a lot of space. This type of bed comes with a pullout caster where an extra person can sleep without congesting the room.

Ideal for small spaces, these types of beds are comfortable enough to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Also, their designs make them highly compatible with any room size.

They come in varied sizes and designs and are suitable for teenagers and adults. You can buy a trundle bed that comes in hardwood design and has ample storage space or opt for a modern metal frame single bed with trundle.

These innovative bed types can take convenience and comfort to the next level and are worth the investment. However, before purchasing trundle beds, it is imperative to know a few things.

Here is a list of things that you should know about before buying this type of bed.

Size is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when purchasing trundle beds. It should be comfortable but not too big as that could end up congesting the room. Before buying this type of bed, you should check the exact dimension to determine if it would fit in the given space.

Another aspect of trundle beds that you should pay attention to is the design. Trundle beds nowadays come in a wide variety of designs. Go for the one that is designed with safety in mind and can stylishly complement the interior of the room.

Many trundle beds come with storage drawers that can prove to be extremely useful. This type of space-saving bed offers maximum functionality. Though they may cost more than standard trundle beds, they are ideal for big households where space can be an issue.

Ease of use
Trundle beds like rollaway beds and other multifunctional bedroom furniture need to be easy to use. That is why, a majority of these type of beds come with convenient casters that can easily slide in and out. Also, there are trundle beds that do not require foundation or the use of a box spring arrangement, making them rather easy to use.

Most trundle beds are durable. However, it is advisable to purchase one from a reputed store. Whether you want a trundle bed with storage drawers for kids or a platform bed with trundle for adults, you’ll find one to your liking at prominent stores like Ikea and Target.

Take all these aspects into consideration and compare various options before investing in a particular trundle bed.

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