5 reasons to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Ever since it was first launched, the Galaxy Note series created quite a stir and quickly grabbed the attention of mobile phone enthusiasts. The series went on to establish a slew of identities among its users and was one of the first devices that led the way to the big screen.

It can be said that Samsung has released a new Galaxy Note in every second half of each year, and 2019 is no different. This time, the brand brings the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Out of these two powerful models, the Galaxy Note 10 is packed with impressive features and offers the best a cellphone has to offer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are flagship models and are designed with some of the most notable specs. If you are someone who wishes to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it truly is a great choice. The phone is packed with high levels of productivity and performance, thereby making it highly suitable for people of every profession. Here are 5 factors that make the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 a good buy:

Big battery power – We all use our mobile devices on the go, and we need it to be charged for long hours. Samsung regards a powerful battery as the most important feature in its devices — this is why it has incorporated the intelligent power-saving technology. The Galaxy Note 10 is capable of running for long periods so you can complete all your productive tasks as you keep up with your fast-paced life. What’s more? The Galaxy Note 10 also comes with super-fast charging. This means that a few minutes of charging will leave you with several hours of battery power. No matter what task you undertake or which business trip you have set out on, trust the Samsung Note 10 to always stick by you.

High-end display – You can enjoy the most impressive visual display quality on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The model brings to you Infinity Display that makes watching videos a treat. Not only can you multitask while using several applications at a time, but you can also edit different documents and complete important tasks with ease. The Note 10 is designed with a wide 6.3-inch display, which lets you view most things in high quality. If you often like to switch between apps and the innovation of split-screen, then the Galaxy Note 10 will not disappoint.

Computing power – The Galaxy Note 10 comes with the Samsung DeX platform that allows you to connect your device with several computing portals. You get to enjoy the best worlds of computing as well as seamless mobile experience. On days you decide to ditch your laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have you covered.

Impressive camera quality – Who doesn’t love to flaunt the best in class camera through their phones? The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 features a camera setup that is incredible and delivers the best picture quality. You can capture, edit, and share in an instant. The phone is designed with 3 rear-facing cameras. From depth-sensing to reduced external noise when recording videos, the Galaxy Note 10 allows you to shoot pictures and videos with the best features. Samsung has undoubtedly brought with it an exceptional camera through the Galaxy Note 10.

Breeze through tasks with the S Pen – Similar to most Galaxy models, the Galaxy Note 10 includes the S Pen so that your thumbs can take a break. However, it is better refined, so it comes with improved compatibility and several accompanying apps. This makes for better user experience. From a gyroscope to Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the S Pen comes with a number of notable features. It makes activities like doodling and jotting down quick notes extremely easy. Moreover, your handwriting can be quickly converted into texts, for the smoothest experience.

If you are looking for an upgrade in terms of a larger battery, bigger RAM, better storage, microSD support, and wider display, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the way to go. The Note 10 Plus, however, is more expensive than the standard Galaxy Note 10.

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