5 reasons to book your next hotel through HotelGuides

If you finally decided to embark on the weekend getaway you have been planning since forever, you’ll definitely want everything to be in order. To ensure that you don’t experience hassles when you reach your destination, it is advisable to make hotel reservations beforehand. Gone are the days when getting hotel reservations was a daunting task; you would have to reach your destination, find a nice hotel, select a room, and pay at the front desk. However, these days, as everything has been transferred to the online realm, making hotel reservations has become extremely easy.

All you have to do is look for an online travel agency, browse through the different hotels, and choose the one that you find practical and within your budget. One such online travel agency that has made more than 5,000,000 reservations till date is HotelGuides™.

If you are still unsure about making reservations via a travel agency, here are some reasons why you should book your next hotel through HotelGuides™.

No fees
One of the major inhibitions that people harbor is the authenticity of the travel website. Moreover, if you pay for making the reservation, and it doesn’t come through, you will have a tough time finding a hotel when you reach your destination. Also, several travel sites charge cancellation fees when you make last-moment cancellations. However, HotelGuides ™ doesn’t charge fees on cancellation.

Lowest rates
HotelGuides™ offers the lowest rates when it comes to booking hotel rooms. However, if within 24 hours of booking via this travel site, you find a lower, comparable rate for the same hotel on a different website, they will pay you the difference plus $10.

Guaranteed refund
HotelGuides™ ranks high when it comes to customer satisfaction. In case you aren’t satisfied with the hotel you have booked through the site, they will give a refund up to the cost of one night’s stay in the particular hotel room.

Pay-at-hotel feature
Unlike other travel sites where you have to pay upfront when the reservation is confirmed, you can use your credit card directly at the hotel you’ll be staying. In fact, 95 percent of the reservations do not require the site users to make any form of payment in advance.

Prompt customer service
Another reason to book hotels through HotelGuides ™ is that they offer excellent customer service. All the email questions and telephone calls are answered promptly, and therefore, you won’t be left helpless in your hour of need.

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