5 popular causes of bursitis

Fluid-filled sacs in the joints called bursae surround the areas where tissues, tendons, and the skin meets bones. The main aim of bursae is to provide enough lubrication and reduce friction while moving. Bursitis is basically a type of inflammation of this fluid-filled sac. When the bursae get inflamed, it causes extreme pain and discomfort around the affected joints. A serious implication of bursitis includes life-altering issues like limited joint movements, and the like.

One of the leading causes of bursitis includes injury or damage to the bursae that may further trigger symptoms like pain, inflammation, redness, and soreness along the affected area. While there are several types of bursitis, each of these may have different causes of bursitis. Some of the popular causes of bursitis have been listed below.

Causes of bursitis in case of prepatellar
Prepatellar bursitis is caused due to tear or damage in the kneecap that causes swelling. Some of the other causes of bursitis include sports-related activities, bending the knees often, straining the knees for longer hours, bleeding in the bursae or some infection.

This is a type of bursitis that may be caused due to persistent resting of the elbows on hard surfaces or a hard blow to the olecranon. Repeated pressure on the elbows or physical damage of the bursae are the top two causes of bursitis.

Trochanteric bursitis causes
This type of bursitis is usually triggered by bouts of pain and inflammation in the hips. This kind of inflammation may be caused due to prolonged periods of lying on the hips, injury to the hip, wrong sitting or standing posture, diseases like arthritis, joint infections, and the like.

Activities like running, jumping, rigorous physical exercise, and the like may be the main causes of bursitis in the heels. Often, many people tend to exercise without adequate stretches and warm-ups, this can be one of the causes of bursitis. Several people may also experience bursitis due to tight shoes.

Other causes of bursitis
Often, people with systemic diseases and conditions like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and diabetes may be at a higher risk of developing bursitis. Obesity, being overweight, and inactive are other common causes of bursitis that may increase the danger of the disease around the hip and the knees. Often people engaged in occupations like painting, gardening, tile setting, garden laying, and the like are at a greater risk of having bursitis.

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