4 Best network carriers to choose from

When ranking wireless cell phone carriers, you must consider a few things to come to a right decision. These factors include performance, customer services, and plans offered. It is not uncommon that network providers keep making changes to their plans, networks, and offerings.

Apple is one of the best cell phone companies and recently, Virgin Mobile disclosed that it is becoming an iPhone-centric prepaid carrier. It changed its data plans to one plan that offers unlimited data to its customers. Performance of a mobile network provider can be measured through its speed. Here we will discuss some decent wireless network providers in brief. Another way to gauge the performance of a network is with the help of Ookla.

Then some plans come in many forms such as data-centric plans, plans for an individual and the entire family, and prepaid plans. After choosing the cell phone company, you must look for network carriers that provide good plans at affordable prices. Following are the most-preferred network carriers to choose from.

Boost depends on Sprint network. It offers unlimited plans for prepaid service uses, and they are priced well. However, the network might not be excellent when it comes to playing video games, music and playing games on the Internet. It comes with a decent performance.

Cricket like MetroPCS offers a variety of plans. However, its network performance is not as impressive as that of MetroPCS. The AT&T, the parent network provider of Cricket, affects its network performance. Cricket gives a download speed of around 8Mbps. It offers decent customer service.

Apple being among the top cell phone companies, Virgin now only serves the iPhone users. It offers a lone data plan that comes unlimited. It can cost $50 for a month. However, it has to face a few restrictions on the part of the download speed. It can take slightly longer time to stream videos, games, and music. Its tiered data plans are also restrictive.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk does not offer an impressive network, all would agree. It can be rated last in the speed test when compared with the devices given above. The plans and special features that Straight Talk offers are not sufficient. It’s the data allotment plan that can be appealing to some customers.

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