3 trendy unisex jacket styles to explore

Unisex fashion has gained the most popularity over the past few years. Clothing styles and apparel that people of all genders can wear together prompted this boom in trend. But some styles never go out of fashion and the ubiquitous jacket is one such example. Several popular jacket styles have made a dashing comeback from last season. And we have picked the three best unisex jacket trends of 2021.

Bomber jackets
Bomber jackets are usually made with leather, nylon, polyester, or cotton materials. This short-waisted, zippered, full-sleeved attire works well with quite a few combinations. Popular styles include flat round collars or shirt collars for quilted, denim, Sherpa, or padded jacket patterns. The jacket got its name from World War I as back in the day, it was a standard issue for military personnel. Several decades later, major fashion labels picked up the style and modified it for men as well as women. Michael Kors, Adidas, and Levi’s rank among some of the top brands that sell bomber jackets for unisex wear. These trending unisex jackets cost anywhere between $150 and $350.

Puffer jackets
Puffer jackets are both stylish and highly functional, making a popular comeback among the top unisex jacket trends of 2021. They are even fit for royalty, considering the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen sporting these jackets on a chilly day outdoors. The jacket is normally made with heat-trapping materials to keep the inner coating warm, stuffed with either duck or goose feathers. Its unique stitching gives the jackets a puffed-up look, thereby earning its name. Orolay, The North Face, Patagonia Nano, Calvin Klein, Universal Standard, and Nautica Faux Fur are some of the most popular picks in puffer jackets you can order online. These jackets are reasonably priced at $50 to $200 for most of these brands.

For a more formal occasion, nothing beats the classic solid blazer for a better and bold style statement. Blazers go well with most outfits and are available in numerous styles. For example, classic fit solid color blazers are best suited for formal events and are available in your standard black, navy blue, and burgundy colors. Alternatively, solid, patterned, and two-button blazers are the most stylish for women attending corporate events. Such fits are available in a number of bright colors and go well with both formal trousers and skirts. Executive Apparel, Bolzano, Caravelli, Edwards, Maxwell Park, and Neil Allyn rank among the popular fashion brands for buying blazers. These jackets are available in the price range of $80 to $140.

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