3 techniques to burn more calories using your treadmill

If you’re here to find how to burn away more calories in the same duration of your regular treadmill workout, here are a few proven tips to help:

Increase your exercise speed obviously, the quicker you run, the calories you burn will be more.  Even though many of its users can’t afford running at a speed of 6 MPH for a longer period, mainly it does not tell you that you can’t begin at a slower rate.  While you are on your run, simply start at the most comfortable speed and gradually increase it minute by minute.  For example, if you can run comfortably at a normal speed of 4 MPH, just try increasing it to 4.5 and then to 5.0 and you may sustain at that consistent speed for an as long duration as you can.

Interval workouts? Are You ready for advanced ways to burn those extra calories on a treadmill? The Interval training is so useful and popular that you can practice intervals even on your treadmill. These routines will necessarily leave you exhausted and cause much of your excess calories to burn in the process. Let’s check how it has to be done:
• Jogging for 1 – 2 minutes• Increase your running speed to sprinting speed for about 30 seconds.
• Return to your usual jogging speed. These short duration bursts of running would necessarily cause you to boost your entire metabolism and sweat away much more calories while in the process.
Another useful trick is changing the inclination of the treadmill. This is done by:
• Start to jog at a 0 incline.• Increase the treadmill incline to 3.• Increase your running speed to a steady run.• Increase inclination further.
• Gradually drop back running to your usual jogging speed.• Decreased inclination to 2

Add weights: it won’t mean pumping iron. We’re just talking about a simple way to add ankle and arm weights while you’re running. You have to maintain a low speed, but you can feel the change that you’ll be building muscles while you add the intensity of your workout.  Just be cautious in attaching an emergency stop for added safety.

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