3 Best Dog Food Brands For Growing Puppies

When raising a puppy, nutrition is of utmost importance along with physical activity, grooming, vitamins and so on. The overall nutrition of a puppy not only makes him more healthy and active but also helps his height grow faster and better. This is a very crucial step for the growth of your puppy. It is very important to invest your money in superior quality food for the puppy so that it strengthens his muscles, bones, immune system as well as their dental structure. Don’t go looking for cheaper alternatives for expensive dog good. Just like how you wouldn’t want to buy cheap products for your skin, hair, and consumption, you need to give your puppy’s development the same amount of importance. So, how do you decide which dog food is the best dog food for your puppy’s breed and for his growing stage?

Here’s a list of the best dog food brands that you can choose from for your growing puppy.

Purina Pro Plan
Purina Pro Plan has some of the best dog food for your growing puppy which is specially curated keeping in mind the digestive system of the puppies. They have a special range of Focus puppy dry food that has a formula of lamb and rice which is a very good protein-rich diet for growing dogs. It contains DHA from fish oil which helps to nourish their brain development as well as for the vision and hearing system of the puppy. The Focus range also has a special formula for large dog breeds which need more carbohydrates and nutrients as compared to the smaller dog breeds. The other range of Purina Pro Plan is SAVOR which has shredded chicken and rice formula which is slightly lesser in proteins compared to the lamb version for puppies who can’t digest lamb easily. Rice is a very important carbohydrate source which is crucial for a puppy’s development. The Purina ONE range has canned wet food for sale.

Iams dog food
This is another brand which is well known in the best dog food category and produces very good food specially designed for growing puppies. IAMS has an original dry food packaging and two other ranges specially designed for smaller dog breeds and bigger dog breeds. The dry puppy food is made from fish oil, proteins from eggs, chicken, ground chicken, vegetables such as beet, corn, green peas and dried fruits such as apples and blueberries. You can either give this to your dog dry or mix it with wet food such as yogurt, milk, boiled rice, and chicken or whichever meal that you give your puppies. IAMS dog food is specially enriched with antioxidants which help in strengthening the immune system of the growing puppy. Enriched with Calcium and Omega-3 DHA, this is the perfect meal for your puppy.

Pedigree Petfoods
Pedigree has been in the business of dog and cat food since decades and has been long trusted as the best dog food brand for not just puppies but also grown up dogs and lactating or pregnant female dogs. Pedigree has a large range of wet food for puppies and full grown-up dogs such as completely ground chicken meat ready to eat, chicken hot dogs cut for the puppy, traditional ground beef and chicken dinner for puppies and so many more different types of wet foods. Compared to the brands in the market and the ones mentioned above, Pedigree has a wider range of dog food in the market not just in America but across the world specifically Asia. They have dog chew sticks, dry puppy food for both large breeds as well as small breeds and many other puppy foods which are rich in carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins, nutrients, and DHA which are important supplements for a puppy’s growing body.

Apart from this, don’t forget to check your puppy’s blood for calcium and other important nutrients which it might be lacking that can be covered with vitamin supplements along with the sufficient puppy food.

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