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  • One of the major innovations that have taken place in the past decades is definitely the emergence of a cell phone. From making voice and video calls, sending texts and emails and playing games, the status of a cell phone in people’s lives is irreplaceable. Amid all the great benefits, cell phones have certain drawbacks that are seen to leave a negative impact on human health.

    The significance of using cell phones
    Cell phones are known to be a wonderful invention that has been bestowed upon humankind in recent time. During this postmodern era, the invention of cell phones has compelled people to think in different ways leading to bringing significant change to the entire thought process of the society.

    • Communication – Ways of communication have been redefined as people now can establish connectivity with other people living in the world. No matter what you are doing or where you are going, you can establish communication with anyone at any time by using the best cell phones that include TracFone LG Rebel 4G LTE or LG Xpression.
    • Features – The duplex feature enables to receive information from both the ends simultaneously. This indicates the fact that unlike the functions of a walkie-talkie, the best cell phones enable people to talk at the same time.
    • No need to carry a contact book – If you buy the Motorola Moto Z2, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone SE, you do not have to go through the pages of a bulky phone directory anymore. The best cell phones let you save people’s numbers with their names.
    • Multifunctional features – Set a reminder for an appointment, put an alarm, mark your calendars, get the latest news and stock quotes – everything is just one-touch away.

    Cons of using cell phones
    Through the technology of cell phones, information is sent and received. This refers to the fact that electromagnetic wave modulates the entire receiving and sending information which results in electromagnetic radiation. This emission can be harmful to human health.

    • Negative impact on the environment – The cell phone towers seem to be harmful as they show adverse effects on the vegetation ground. Thereafter, the development of natural resources is largely hampered by the emission of the electromagnetic waves. The rate of premature mortality in human society is thus increasing and many animals and birds are on the verge of becoming extinct.
    • Unhealthy lifestyle – Addiction to cell phones leads people to face severe consequences. As students are becoming addicted to cell phones, they barely have a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, human society has become too dependent on smartphones which can turn out to be menacing for them as the phones have adverse effects.
    • Hearing disability – One of the enticing features of cell phones is that you listen to music or watch movies anywhere you want. However, if you listen to anything at the maximum level, you can suffer from hearing loss for the rest of your life. The headphones manufactured by Audio-Technica, Maxwell Safe Soundz, V-Moda, AfterShokz Bluez, and dB Logic ensure that you do not suffer from hearing loss while enjoying your favorite song.
    • Privacy – Your SIM can be exploited for the purpose of tracking you down. If you save personal information including bank account number and passwords, the hackers can exploit your information by hacking into your phone. Hence, people’s privacy is at stake.

    Hence, it can be discerned that there are no other faster and effective ways of communicating with people than making use of the best cell phones. Needless to say, cell phones have been able to bring people closer and maintaining the integrity of the friends and family over the use. Each passing day has become more convenient for users with the assistance of vital functions of mobile phones.

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  • Schools release closing lists to announce the days on which they will stay shut because of various reasons. These lists are also used to inform parents about any delay in school timings. Schools closing lists are usually released during bad weather conditions, national emergencies, and other situations where children would be in danger if they stepped out of their homes for school. Following are some of the reasons why schools announce closing lists. Please note that the reasons behind these closing lists vary from state to state because every state has different conditions for this.

    Public holidays and celebrations
    One of the most common reasons why schools release closing lists is to inform parents about the dates on which they will remain shut for state or national holidays such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Parents need to know some of these holidays in advance to plan their day and celebrations accordingly. All schools have to release an annual list where they mention all the dates on which the school will stay closed. These lists help parents avoid a lot of confusion. They are also helpful for planning vacations in advance.

    Bad weather school closing lists
    When a particular city or state is experiencing bad weather, the state officials declare precautionary holidays for school children. All schools have to strictly follow these announcements made by government officials to ensure that kids stay safe in situations such as floods, storms, hot weather, and other drastic weather conditions. At such times, schools release a closing list with the number of days off and other relevant instructions, if any. Local government bodies, newspapers, and news websites also publish school closing lists. Parents are supposed to look for the school’s name in these lists.

    National emergencies
    On rare occasions, school closing lists are announced such as in case of national emergencies like a terrorist attack, the spread of a contagious disease, and other serious reasons that call for the temporary closure of institutions like schools.

    Teacher’s strike
    Again, this is a rare reason to release a school closing list. When teachers go on a strike in city, county or state, schools are forced to stay closed for a few days or until normalcy is restored. If it is a large scale strike, then the state education authorities create a school closing list and share it on relevant mediums so that parents and students are informed and updated about the situation.

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  • Michael Kors handbags, watches, shoes, and clothing are loved by fashionistas all around the world. And why not? It is a cult brand and it happens to be on the top of most people’s fashion list.

    Michael Kors handbags are available both online and at their physical stores, and while most of you can’t even dream of buying a designer bag as it is something you cannot afford, Michael Kors products literally “fit the bill”.  Although you will find thousands of replicas of designer bags on the street and online, deep down inside, you will always want to buy the real stuff. This is again where Michael Kors comes into the picture as this is the affordable designer brand that everybody would like to own.

    Michael Kors definitely has handbags that are cheap and pocket-friendly. So, here are 7 cheap Michael Kors bags which are available between $200 and $300 and you will love to own them.

    Whitney Medium Leather Satchel

    Blending versatility and sophistication, this Michael Kors creation is crafted from 100% leather.  Ideal for your weekend ensemble, this handbag features a detachable shoulder strap and a short handle. The single compartment is spacious enough for all your essentials. Gold-toned hardware renders a classy finish. The price of the bag is around $298 and it is available in different colors.

    Mercer Pebbled Leather Accordion Crossbody

    Featuring a streamlined design, this handbag looks elegant with its textured finish. This cheap Michael Kors bag comes with two short handles and a crossbody shoulder strap which can be removed. The zippered main compartment promises to keep your things safe and comes with three card slots. Made from leather, the price of this bag is around $278. This bag too is available in an assortment of lovely shades.

    Mercer Floral Embellished Leather Crossbody

    Say hello to your feminine spirit with this beautiful bag. The price of the bag is around $278 and it is well-worth the price. The floral embellishment and the gold-toned studs on the bag make it stand out. The bag is forged from 100% leather and features two short handles and sling strap for convenience.

    Jessa Small Floral Embellished Pebbled Leather Convertible Backpack

    An ideal pick for your vacation, this backpack features floral appliques and gilded studs. Compact and chic, the backpack comes with two front pockets for your cell phone and wallet. The zippered main compartment has two pockets. The convertible strap allows you the use the bag as a crossbody as well. The price of the bag is around $288 and its available in various colors.

    Whitney Small Logo Tote

    If you are looking for something small and compact, this bag is a great choice. This simple yet classy bag is designed to complement all kinds of outfits and features the signature logo-print. The spacious main compartment and the many pockets help keep your things organized. The bag is priced at around $248.

    Ginny Medium Embellished Leather Crossbody

    Used as a clutch and a handbag, this MK creation balances luxe and design perfectly. Adorned with eyelet details and gold-toned dome studs, this leather crossbody is just what you need to complete your evening ensemble. A Bohemian-inspired design, this bag comes with a metallic strap and a tassel detailing. Price of the bag is just about $248.

    Malibu Palm Embroidered Woven Straw Crossbody

    This list is incomplete without the mention of this cheap Michael Kors crossbody bag. Woven from natural straw, this handbag is a piece of art and looks stunning with the embroidered detail. Finished with leather trims and gold-toned hardware, this bag is priced at around $228.

    These are only some of the cheap Michael Kors bags available on the website and you will find many more. Browse through the website and you can thank us later. Happy shopping!

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  • If you are a kind of person who would like to keep unnecessary expenses at bay, you would probably not sacrifice so much bedsides your frigid existence. You may give up on expensive outfits unless you have cheap clothes that are neat and decent to wear. You may not mind using a basic prepaid phone as long as you still have a wireless plan and an undamaged phone and ultimately you may not mind giving up your cable TV subscription as you can still watch your favorite shows that you love to watch. There are a couple of strategies that one could opt for in order to stick with the cable service connection and not paying for all the entertainment channels that you enjoy. This is a legal method that anyone could try at home. Here’s how we do it.

    Watch your favorite shows online:
    Definitely you will be having a computer, laptop, or a tablet that you could stream online videos on. Watching movies and videos via the Internet is a well-known option. There are numerous sites that let you watch TV shows free either the day of or within a few days of the episodes streaming of regular TV. Here is a list of websites that you can look for. is great for their countless options. Pluto TV is great for web videos; however, you need to stream it on your TV through Chromecast or other devices. Certain TV networks sites like ABC, CBS, and NBC provide full episode streaming option. Veoh, Crackle, and AOL videos are also good for watching videos providing tons of content.

    Watch HDTV over broadcasts:
    One of the cool options is that you can watch all major channels and local television stations free of charge over the amazing new digital airwaves. Around 94 top shows out of 100 are broadcast on TV with HD picture quality which is better than regular cable on TV. This is possible if you have a proper antenna and a HDTV tuner in order to search for the shows, such as Mohu Antenna that provides over-the-air DVRs which lets you watch live broadcast TV and record shows or series. Channel Master and Tablo TV DVR lets you record and download shows on the computer with a special software.

    Watch them on DVD and streaming:
    Though this is a very old option, you can still be benefited by watching your favorite shows and movies on DVD at a cheaper price. There are plenty of websites that deliver movies and TV shows for low price. Redbox and Netflix are considered the best of the all. Redbox lets you watch movies on rent for an extremely low cost. Using coupon codes, you can grab these videos for an even lesser price Netflix has the option of monthly rentals.

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  • Have you always wanted a cheap internet and cable connection, free wireless internet, and unlimited data plans? Or something that could satiate the binge-watcher within you? Choosing the fastest internet service with unlimited data plans is of utmost importance to many.

    You don’t have to worry about overage charges, paying extra credit, and can use as much as you want without anyone questioning your usage. If you want the best high-speed internet at the cheapest rates, you’ve come to the right place. Getting the fastest internet service with the best wireless internet plans does not have to be a hassle. In fact, if you play your cards right you can get sweet deals.

    The first thing you need to decide between is prepaid or postpaid. Postpaid plans are often best for unlimited internet since you don’t have to worry about running out of data. Prepaid connections can spell disaster when you cross the threshold limits. Postpaid plans also have no overage charges or extra credit fill ups involved.

    Next, you need to decide on a location and the quality of service. How often you plan to use your phone, where you plan on using it. How many devices do you need the unlimited internet data plans for?

    Getting to the root of these questions can help you make better choices. For now, to help you get started, we’ve handpicked two of the best high-speed internet service providers. They provide some of the best-unlimited data plans in the country. Here are the top two cheap internet providers in the market.

    T-Mobile: Some of the popular unlimited internet data plan service provider is T-Mobile. It offers unlimited usage, although once you cross their threshold limit, your streaming quality will go down to 480p. You can still continue using data in unlimited amounts despite that. T-Mobile’s “One” plan is considered to be one of the prime unlimited internet data plans. They also offer some of the best high-speed internet connections in terms of prepaid connections. T-Mobile offers unlimited calling, texting, and no limit on HD streaming in most of their wireless internet plans. T-Mobile’s plan allows you to binge-watch TV shows on certain subscription services, like Netflix and HBO, without it counting to your mobile data usage. T-Mobile also offers the highest de-prioritization rate for bandwidth usage and the highest data cap which goes up to 30GB. This is even better when compared to AT&T. Definitely unlimited.

    The People’s Operator: The People’s Operator offers unlimited calling, text messaging and has no-credit-check. They let you bring your own CDMA phone for convenience. They offer decent speeds and also have cheap internet plans if you’re considering opting for something on a budget.

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  • If you want to enhance your television viewing experience, then it is not just the size of your TV screen that matters but also the sound quality. For a truly immersive viewing experience, you can buy a home theater system. There are quite a few brands and models that are available. In this article, we have listed some of the best systems that offer excellent sound quality and clear dialogue. 

    SVS Prime Satellite 5.1
    This home theater system is compact, easy to use, and offers top-notch surround sound quality. It is among the best-selling products when it comes to home theater systems. In addition to the five speakers, this system comes with the SB-1000 subwoofer. However, don’t be fooled by the small size of the speakers; they come with a 4.5-inch midrange driver and a tweeter of one inch. The compact design of this product makes it perfect for small rooms, as it can easily fit into any corner. This system can be the best choice for gamers who want an immersive experience without the hassle of headphones and spending too much on a home theater system, as you can get it for about $1199 to $1399. 

    Sonos 5.1 Surround Set
    The Sonos 5.1 Surround Set is among the best wireless home theater systems. It has a subwoofer, two surround speakers, and the Arc soundbar. This soundbar is easy to set up and use and has Dolby Atmos capability, which provides a high-quality 3D sound experience. Another positive about this system is that it uses Wi-Fi to connect with all its components, unlike its competitors, which have their own wireless connections. The system can also be incorporated with Google Assistant and Alexa to make it the digital heart of your home and make full use of its capabilities. With so many features, this system is a bit pricey at $2,086.

    Monoprice 133832 
    If you are on a budget and looking for a home theater system, then this one is for you. Available for less than $300, this system and sound quality are quite basic. It can be used in most rooms to offer an immersive sound experience. The upward-firing Driver projects sound towards the ceiling that then reflects it back. Hence, there is no need for in-ceiling speakers. It is compatible with Dolby Atmos-enabled soundtracks and receivers. The subwoofer is powerful and is compatible with nearly all receivers and amplifiers.

    VIZIO SB46514-F6
    This is one of the home theater systems that offers the best sound quality. VIZIO is a pioneer in soundbar technology and has produced some of the best Dolby Atmos systems available. The system comprises two surround speakers, a subwoofer, and a soundbar. Moreover, it is priced at just under $1000, which makes it quite reasonable. Also, this product is most often available at a discounted price online, so look out for amazing deals and price drops. It also comes with the VIZIO SmartCast app, which makes it extremely easy to use. It is compatible with Voice Assist and Bluetooth. This makes it easy for you to stream music and more. The wireless subwoofer has a 10-inch driver, which makes the bass stand out.

    There are quite a few factors to consider when buying a home theater system, such as the size of the room, budget, and personal preference. Keep all these in mind when comparing the specifications and features of the various systems available in the market, and you will be sure to get the perfect one for your home. 

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