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  • Mobile giants Samsung and iPhone both have managed to combine technology and design to introduce the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X smartphones. The S9 is a cheaper alternative if you are working with a tight budget. However, when it comes to comparison, here are a few reasons why you can prefer the Samsung Galaxy S9 over the iPhone X.

    • Display
      No doubt iPhone offers a stunning display and superior build quality in comparison to its competitors. Notch and screen to body ratio are the two factors that mainly influence your smartphone’s display. This makes Samsung Galaxy S9 a better choice over iPhone X. Notch is the cutout feature of iPhone X which tends to disrupt user experience while Samsung has no notch. Also, Samsung Galaxy S9 has a better screen to body ratio in comparison to the iPhone X.
    • Camera quality
      iPhone has always featured superior front and back camera’s in all its variants every time. Lowlight performance is one of the standout features of an iPhone, especially in the latest variant X launched last year. However, test results for the Samsung Galaxy S9 which will be launched this year indicate better camera performance in comparison to iPhone X which is a pricier variant.
    • Phone size and aspect ratio
      Screen size makes a lot of difference when it comes to the user utilizing maximum surface area available to them on the smartphones. iPhone X may boast a larger display on paper but due to a reduced screen to body ratios, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 has a bigger screen and a richer aspect ratio for its display. While the iPhone X has a narrower aspect ratio of 19.5:9, Samsung has 18.5:9 wider aspect ratios. At 5.8 inches, Apple iPhone X has a smaller screen size in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S9 plus which has a screen size of 6.2 inches.
    • Headphone jack
      With the iPhone X, it is difficult to listen to music and connect your phone to a nice sound system as there is no separate headphone jack. Apple discontinued the standard 3.5mm headphone jack after the launch of iPhone 7 and provided an audio adapter which can be connected to the charging port. Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9 plus both still have and maintain the 3.5mm universal headphone jacks thus making it a preferred choice over recent iPhone variants.
    • Price
      No doubt one of the most important deciding factors is the price. While even the base model of iPhone X costs around $999, Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be priced at $719 and the S9 plus variant will cost you $839 approximately.
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  • A mailbox plays a crucial role in an American household. This small box outside your home is the recipient of all your letters and couriers. So, if the mailbox gets damaged or needs replacement, you need to carefully plan if you should look into a cheap mailbox that is durable as well. Two factors can affect the overall cost; the cost of the product and the method of installation, which is whether you do it yourself or assign a person to do the job for you.

    The following factors influence the price of the mailbox.

    • Type of mailbox and its quality
      You can opt for a cheap mailbox that is made of plastic boxes and steel. The pricier types include copper and stainless steel boxes. A few of the hand-painted metal and handmade wood mailboxes are also very expensive.
    • Supplies
      Supplies for the installation of a mailbox mostly constitute the steel post that is set into the ground. For this, you will need a bag of concrete and a wooden post. However, you might have to buy tools like a saw and posthole digger if you do not own one already.
    • Type of post and quality
      If you are looking for an economically priced post, pressure-treated pine is your best choice. Metal posts with wrought-iron designs or good-quality PVC posts are costlier. If money is not a concern, choose a stucco pillar and box or similar builds that can be installed over a steel or wooden post for support.
    • Accessories
      Letters for your name and house number stickers are some of the least priced items you need to purchase while installing a new mailbox.
    • Installation cost
      You will have to pay approximately USD 125 if you are replacing or installing a new mailbox without any outside help. However, seeking help from a handyman can take the cost to around USD 285. When a handyman is hired, the person charges on the average time needed to complete the work. He or she will check how much work is required in terms of the assembly and installation, digging needed, and the distance to your home. You can try to look for retirees who sometimes offer handyman services at lesser prices. Choosing an independent handyman will cost you less as opposed to big handymen service companies; however, the companies provide insurance coverage.
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  • The style and design of church chairs have been prominent in not only churches and prayer rooms, but also in spaces such as the court chambers. Listed below are few reasons that you might want to consider when choosing to use church style chairs as a seating option in your community spaces.

    • Affordability: The demand for church chairs is growing due to their affordability and flexibility. This type of chair is not just being used to furnish churches and prayer rooms but for other places that have similar space demands such as event halls. The church style chairs that are available could are priced from $450 per piece up to $5000 based on the design, style, and material used to manufacture them.
    • Flexibility: The style, design, and pattern of church chairs make it possible for it to be utilized for a broad range of formal and informal events. In addition to being used as a seating option for prayer and worship purposes, these chairs can also be used for meetings and gatherings.
    • Floor space reduction: Based on the material used to manufacture such chairs, some seats can be light-weight. This type of church chair would also occupy less floor area when compared to a conventional set of single chairs.
    • Longer life span: Due to their substantial usage, church chairs must be chosen with care and caution. Chairs made from high-quality, durable material should be preferred to ensure that they do not break or get damaged easily so that they can be used in public spaces for several years.
    • Stackable: Some designs of church style chairs can help in freeing up floor space as they can be easily stacked and stored when not in use. Such feature makes them easy to transport too. Similarly, connected church chairs are used in places where there might be frequent public events. This helps to reduce the noise and chaos caused by the movement of single chairs.
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  • Looking forward to managing your client needs successfully? CRM software is a viable way of attaining this objective and streamlining the business. There is a range of CRM software in the market which will help you in this task. Below are listed some of the leading CRM software which can manage your increasing business needs irrespective of the fact that you might be based in New York City or any small town in the country.

    One of the easiest ways of organizing your client-related communication is by installing CRM software. This will unify the team by automatic tracking and sharing of client emails, appointments, notes. This is done in a simple way and you need not change the ways in which email is used. You can also experience complete client insights on your device when you use this CRM software. This is a cloud-based service operation automation CRM software. The beginning price of this CRM software is $16 per month for any user and a free trial is also available to help the users know its features and operations.

    Zoho CRM
    This is a CRM software which has become popular among users in the country. Zoho CRM offers multichannel support to the users and you can reach clients through phone, live chat, and email or through social media. This CRM software also enables the users to enable visitor tracking and email analytics which will help know what customers are seeing. Measurement and measuring of sales performance are also possible through the use of Zoho CRM. Advanced CRM analytics is another feature of this CRM software which enables the users to work on pre-made templates and thus check out customer reports which help in forecasting trends in advance.

    This CRM software is popular in the country owing to its range of innovative features. These include lead scoring which lets you know which lead is more popular than the rest. You can then prioritize the leads and work on an appropriate strategy which might bring results. Access to customer social profile and their availability along with the presence on the website becomes prominent and easy to manage from a single click with help of this CRM software. Auto profile enrichment is also enabled with Freshsales and the platform also comes with mobile CRM feature which makes managing sales on the go relatively easy. Seamless integration is another additive of using Freshsales and you will be able to make the most of your business when you develop the habit of using this CRM software.

    Harmony CRM
    This is a CRM software having a worldwide presence and can be used to manage a business with multiple needs. Some of the innovative features of this CRM software include thorough processing invoices which help you automate the collections. You can also manage your asset relationship with help of this software. Reliable finance automation, automatic generation of supplier payment and powerful contract management service are some of the other features of Harmony CRM which have made it popular among the users and increasing number of business owners are using it in the country.

    Dynamics CRM
    This CRM software from Microsoft is an adaptable business management solution which enables the users to make important business decisions with relative ease. Great design and product quality are some of the features of this CRM software which have made it popular among users. This CRM software is also highly customizable and a range of third-party apps also work on this CRM software. People who are in financial and wealth management business will find this CRM software to be of imminent benefit as it helps in streamlining of the business operations. Since this software comes from Microsoft, it is compatible with a range of features that Microsoft offers and integrates seamlessly into the MS platform.

    Check out any of the above listed CRM software for your business operations and reap the benefits that follow.


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  • Your living room deserves an amazing home audio system. If you have a comfortable couch and a big flat screen TV, the only thing you’re missing is a loud home audio system. It is the one thing that can change your living room into a home theatre or a music hall. If you are having a party, it can hardly be a success without music. But having said all of that, finding a home audio system that fits your room space and your budget is not very easy to find. So, here is a list of the top home audio systems in the market. If you are looking for a high end acoustic HD sound equipment to give you a theatre-like feel or a low budget one, you will find it on this list. Read along:

    • Best overall: Nakamichi shockwafe pro 7.1 400W 45” sound bar
      It is the best home audio system in the market right now, if you are not restricted by a budget. It does not give you any hassle of space as it does not have a full receiver, the sound bar is aesthetically pleasing and has an amazing audio output. It has a massive 7.1 channel 400-Watt output which is ideal for your living room, no matter if you are watching movies or listening to music. It might not blast music into the room, but it definitely gives you a rich sound experience. The bar has five sealed speaker chambers and six DSP chipsets, it creates an acoustic wideness that gives life to your media with DSP EQ modes. It sets up with 11 tuned speaker drivers as well as an included eight-inch wireless subwoofer.
    • Second best overall: Bose SoundTech 30 Series III
      Bose is known all over the world for its amazing sound quality and the enthralling atmosphere it creates around the room. It has the capacity to capture every single music tone, lyric, guitar strum, bass note and pin-drop from the music. This is a one-piece system so setting up is not an issue at all, and its patented technology is engineered to bring deep and robust sound quality to any room, large or small. These speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and can be added to other speakers, making your room a music blast. There is a SoundTouch app that allows you to connect to these speakers through your home Wi-Fi from your smartphone or your computer. And not just that, you also have access to music services like Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM in just one touch.
    • Best Budget: Sonos Play 1
      This speaker is by far the best speaker in its category, it earns the ‘best budget speaker’ title with ease. However, it only has a Wi-Fi support and no other connectivity, but that could also be seen as a blessing in disguise. It loses some marks on the design, but has amazing sound output and is complete value for money product. It is the cylindrical shape, but isn’t designed for portability as it is 4.7 inches wide, 6.4 inches deep and weighs 4.1 pounds. The setup for this product is really simple, you just need to download the Sonos app and follow the basic instructions. Although you might have to stick to the sonos app for the music as it does not support either Airplay or Bluetooth. You can still stream the music through all the music streaming apps. It is tiny, but it can power up an entire room with volume and sound all it requires is a wall outlet connector.
    • Best Under $75: Logitech surround speakers Z506
      This speaker is the most affordable speaker in the market, given the fact that it is priced below $75. It is a complete package with 6 speakers, wired two-channel sourced 5.1 and a 3D stereo surround sound system. Even if it does not have bluetooth connectivity, this speaker comes with enough sound to fill up a room with music and in some cases, rattle a few windows.
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  • Botox is widely used for cosmetic purposes. In order to hide fine lines and wrinkles, people often undergo Botox treatment. However, there are lesser known uses of Botox that do not involve any cosmetic treatments. Botox has been used for treating several medical conditions including chronic migraines.

    Medical conditions for which Botox is used for treatment include the following.

    • Blepharospasm
    • Cross eye
    • Overactive bladder
    • Excessive underarm sweating
    • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
    • Chronic migraine

    There are approximately 20 medical conditions for which Botox is used.

    Botox was never meant for treating migraines; the discovery of Botox and its effects on migraine was rather accidental. Professionals who were giving Botox shots learned about its effects on migraine when people with a chronic migraine reported a decline in their migraine attacks after the treatment.

    There are two ways doctors believe that Botox helps people with a chronic migraine. Muscles that are sensitive to pain are relaxed by using Botox and it blocks the brain’s pain signal to the nerves.

    Things to expect from your Botox treatment for migraine

    • If you are considering a Botox for treating your chronic migraine, there are many sessions which you will have to go through. There are approximately 31 injections that will be given around your head and neck for treating your migraine.
    • There is a strict protocol to follow for migraine and the administering doctor needs to inject the needle in the specific spots as per the instructions. Before undergoing the Botox treatment for your chronic migraine, you can ask your doctor to tell you the spots where you will get the injections. This will help you be more prepared for your Botox treatment.
    • Each session will take around 15 minutes and they will feel like a small prick. The injections that will be injected around your eyebrows and forehead will be slightly more painful than the rest of the injections.
    • Post your first Botox session, you will get an immediate headache or a migraine attack. You may even suffer from fatigue, nerve pain, and nausea. You must also expect any of the possible side-effects to follow during or post your treatment. To be better prepared, it is important to learn about all the possible side-effects.
    • As far as your results are concerned, it is important to know that the results vary from patient to patient. Some patients may see results appearing after the first session of the Botox treatment, while some don’t see any difference until the third session. However, if you are not able to see any improvement in your condition post the third session, you will have to consult your doctor regarding the same.

    Before you consider going for a Botox treatment for your chronic migraine condition, you must learn about every single side-effect. It is also important to undergo the treatment from an experienced doctor for the same.

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